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You Complete Me 小風暴之時間的玫瑰 Episode 12 Recap

At this time, Wu Dongna also rushed to the hospital. Lin Wo felt very strange why Wu Dongna was involved in this matter. Mr. Wu Dongna said that Mr. Wan’s wife was her senior sister. She had given herself a lot of help in school before, so at this moment, she decided to come here to help. Through Wu Dongna’s introduction, Mrs. Wan’s wife finally believed Lin Wo is not a bad person, he is also a victim of this incident.

The key to this matter may be the Lin who came to ask them to dig Mr. Wan and go to Jinshi. This Mr. Lin is probably pretending to be someone else. The other party has already figured out that Lin Wo’s company is a small company. There was no network to verify the authenticity of this matter, so I took advantage of the handover of Jinshi’s Lin and found a fake person to play when there was no relevant information about him on the Internet.

President Lin deceived Lin Wo to do this. His purpose was to capture the news of Mr. Wan’s contact with other companies, and then use this as evidence to prove that Mr. Wan had betrayed the company and prevented him from being a director. Seat, and the person who has a stand to do all these things is bound to be Sun Li.

But the two believe that there must be Sun Li’s spy in the group. Who is this person is a very important matter. Su Yuan feels that he has been favored by Mr. Wan, and many want to help with this matter, Wu Dongna reminded him You can check the surveillance that night. Who was in contact with Mr. Wan? Maybe he disclosed this important data to the other company. Su Yuan felt that Wu Dongna made sense, but after he investigated the surveillance, It was discovered that the person who worked overtime with Mr. Wan that night was actually Gao Shan.

Su Yuan persuaded himself that he should never doubt Gao Shan, but he still had a grudge against Gao Shan. He told Lin Wo about this. Although Lin Wo refused to believe it, he felt that with Gao Shan’s ingenuity, he must be able to do so. To hide this matter without leaking, Su Yuan suddenly learned a very important clue. Gao Shan and Sun Li both lived in an apartment.

That day Gao Shan suddenly drove back to the apartment. Sun Li thought the matter was absolutely. Not simple, he took Lin Wo and followed Gao Shan with him. Sure enough, Gao Shan met Sun Li in the apartment. The two talked about things related to Mr. Wan. Lin Wo firmly believed that this group of traitors was Gao Gao. .

Lin Wo feels that Gaoshan is no longer a reliable person. She must solve this problem by her own means. Now Mr. Wan’s situation is very urgent. Medical expenses are a huge expenditure, and Mrs. Wan is obviously fundamental I couldn’t pay the price, so I had to find his father. His father said that he could support his 500,000 medical expenses, but the request was that after the matter was over, Linwo must sell the company and enter his company.

Long had an internship for five months. Lin Wo had no choice but to agree to his father. When she came to the hospital to pay the medical bill, the nurse told him that a man came over in the morning and had already paid 200,000, but Lin Wo didn’t know who that person was. Lin Wo secretly guessed who wanted to help Mr. Wan’s wife.

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