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An Interrupted Song (2020) 情歌半首

An Interrupted Song (2020)
Other Title: 情歌半首, Half a Love Song , Qing Ge Ban Shou , Ching Go Bun Sau

Genres: drama
Release Date: 
Dec 9, 2020 – Dec 17, 2020
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  • Cui Yu Xin
  • Hong Yi Ke

In a coincidence, Mu Xiaoxi met Kong Chenyi, the male god of music. Mu Xiaoxi originally thought that they would never meet again, but the school celebration party once again narrowed the distance between the two. As their understanding of each other deepened, they turned from friends to ambiguous and finally sublimated into lovers, and began a flare-like love. After graduating from university, Kong Chenyi chose Beidiao, and Mu Xiaoxi followed Kong Chenyi to Beijing without hesitation.

In the staggering life of Bei Diao, they experienced the growth and love of young people together. The problems of work, life and reality were also before them one after another. The original sweet days were full of quarrels, troubles and contradictions. Finally, Mu Xiaoxi chose go away. At an event many years later, Mu Xiaoxi and Kong Chenyi met again. The two still had a good impression of each other, but they didn’t have the righteousness to hesitate. Where will their love ultimately go.

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