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Dream Detective 潜梦追凶 Episode 1 Recap

During the period of the Republic of China, the huge lanterns made by the people were pushed into the moat during the lantern festival under the night of Jiangcheng. As everyone watched, a man helped a young girl who seemed drunk to leave in the crowd. This scene was seen by a woman in a boat on the river. She felt wrong and quickly waited to track her. At this moment, a floating corpse was found in the water next to the Baijia Lamp.

Police officer Guan Yunqi and his subordinates were investigating the corpse when they heard gunshots nearby and hurried over. I saw that the woman who came ashore was chasing the man who took the girl away, and quickly captured him. At this time, Guan Yunqi and the others rushed to catch the woman. The woman fought with Guan Yunqi. The last two confronted with guns, and the woman revealed her identity: the new Jiangcheng Police Inspector Chen Si.

Chen Si was still tortured to the police station, and a large group of people came to see her who had defeated Guan Yunqi. It turned out that she discovered that the man had drugged the girl and brought it to a secluded place to behave indecently. She fired a warning shot, and then the police arrived.

At this time, the warlord Bai Menghai rushed to the hospital to see the girl who was stunned. She was his daughter Bai Lingxi. Doctor Fang Desheng at the hospital told Bai Menghai that Bai Lingxi had been taken an unknown drug and was unconscious.

Dr. He He suggested to Bai Shuai that a local person might be able to help Bai Lingxi wake up.

At this time, Guan Yunqi verified Chen Si’s identity and unlocked her handcuffs. Police Chief Xue rushed to the bureau and passed Bai Menghai’s order. Everyone went out to find a dream interpreter called Yuan puzzled.

Yuan puzzled was playing drums in the theater and won applause. He told the audience that what he dreamed last night was that the performance failed. This made him feel it was time to change.

Chen Si, Guan Yunqi and their subordinates went to a Dreamlike Theater, and their subordinates introduced that Yuan puzzled that they could enter people’s dreams and discover the good and bad of others.

Yuan puzzled and told the audience in the theater that the most important person in his life was about to appear. When Chen Si and the others entered the Dreaming Theater, they saw nothing but desolation and ruin. The era of playing drums is already in the past tense for Yuan puzzled, and now he is already in a downturn.

Chen Si and the others saw a man with a disheveled hair and a beard like a tramp. After identification, this was Yuan puzzled by the red.

Chen Si and others took Yuan Bujie back to the police station, and Director Xue hurriedly took Yuan Bujie and the suspect who attempted to infringe on Bai Lingxi to see Dashuai Bai, even the floating corpse that had just been sent back to the police station was ignored. . Chen Si objected to Director Xue’s doing this. Director Xue said that many people die in the moat every year, and this may be another person who drowned by swimming. Yuan puzzled that it was not drowning at all. Chen Si also explained that the deceased had no characteristics of drowning at all, and was obviously dead before entering the water.

Director Xue still brought Chen Si and Yuan Bujie to Bai Menghai’s home. The suspect also brought him. His surname is Hai and he is the son of the owner of a textile factory. Bai Menghai asked about the origin of the drug. When confronted by the boss who begged his son, Bai Menghai first asked Director Xue how many years should he be sentenced for his behavior?

Director Xue caters to Bai Menghai, but he can only be sentenced to 30 years. Bai Menghai told Hai Gongzi that it would be better to join the army as a soldier, and he would not need to go to jail. Yuan puzzled and said to Hai Gongzi that it was not fun to be a soldier, but Hai Gongzi only asked not to go to jail, and he was busy agreeing to the soldiers. As a result, Bai Menghai asked his subordinates to insult women and how to deal with them according to military law. The subordinates immediately shot Hai Gongzi.

Yuan puzzled admiring Bai Menghai’s punishment for being so evil and willing to help his daughter get out of the plight. He also specially asked Chen Si to be his helper.

In Bai Lingxi’s boudoir, Yuan Bujie dismissed all the idle people, leaving him, Chen Si, and Bai Lingxi.

Chen Si didn’t believe Yuan puzzled at all and warned him not to make tricks. Yuan puzzled and unhurriedly, lit a thing called Nan Kexiang, the breath of which filled the nose of him, Chen Si and Bai Lingxi, and the two of them entered a dream state.

Chen Si seemed to be still in the same place in a trance, but Yuan puzzled his appearance, dressed neatly, and his face was clean. Bai Lingxi disappeared in an instant. Yuan puzzled open the door of Bai Lingxi’s boudoir in his dream, and took Chen Si to find Miss Bai who was awake.

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