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Dream Detective 潜梦追凶 Episode 2 Recap

Yuan Bujie’s and Chen Si’s consciousness are connected with Bai Lingxi’s dream. In Bai Lingxi’s dream, Jiangcheng’s scene is upside down, and it seems that her outside and inside are completely opposite.

Yuan Bujie led Chen Si into the emptiness and silence in Bai Lingxi’s dream, which is where her specific dreams were. Dreams and nightmares are unpredictable. He asks Chen Si to take good care of himself, which is actually protection. They pushed open the door of emptiness and became guests in dresses, entering a gathering place where guests danced.

Yuan puzzled invited Chen Si to dance, telling her her own judgment: the drug stimulated Bai Lingxi’s brain and made her master consciousness hide. They now want to find out who is her master and tell her that it is time to wake up. Bai Lingxi appeared at this time. Yuan puzzled by pretending to be Bai Menghai’s friend, and said that he made an appointment with her and Hai Gongzi to watch the lantern festival.

These words touched Bai Lingxi, her dreams were momentarily still, except for Yuan Bujie, Chen Si and Bai Lingxi, everyone was motionless. Yuan puzzled and told Chen Si that what caused Bai Lingxi to close her self was what happened at the lantern festival. They followed her to the dream and they could discover her self.

They walked out of the meeting place and came on the way to the lantern festival. Bai Lingxi tried to get rid of Yuan puzzled. When she ran away, gunfire sounded, and then another monster appeared, forcing Yuan puzzled and Chen Si. Chen Si drew his gun and shot, and the monster rushed over. She and Yuan puzzled and ran away. The monster hurriedly pursued, Yuan puzzled and asked Chen Si to recall the scenery of Bashu, so the two fell into a beautiful mountain and the monster disappeared.

There is a little girl standing in the mountains, this is when Chen Si was young. Yuan puzzled and immersed in the scenery with her. He needed Chen Si’s dreamland as a place to make himself peaceful.

In order to retrieve Bai Lingxi, Yuan puzzled and asked Chen Si to recall the appearance and smell of the sachet in Bai Lingxi’s boudoir, and reconnect with Bai Lingxi’s dream. The monster appeared in front of them again, but Yuan was puzzled by now roughly knowing what it was. He used the sachet to let it feel whether he was malicious or not. Like it, he and Chen Si wanted to protect the owner of the sachet. .

The monster is actually Bai Lingxi’s father, Bai Menghai. He took them to Bai Lingxi and told her that the person who bullied her is no longer there. Now she is very safe and can tell what happened.

Bai Lingxi took them to the scene of the lantern festival. Yuan Bu explained that Chen Si only had to catch Hai Gongzi and he would take Bai Lingxi to a safe place to wake her up. Then the scene at that time reappeared in the dream, Haifu handed a snuff bottle to Bai Lingxi, which was drugged.

At this time, Yuan puzzled suddenly became excited, and made the dream stand still, then rushed to Bai Lingxi and asked her whether Haifufu had said who gave the medicine, otherwise she would not remember when she woke up later. Bai Lingxi pointed to a person standing on a high place, and Haifu said that this person gave him the medicine.

The man was wearing a mask on his face, and Yuan Bujie ran over to pull off the mask, but at this moment the man was weathered and turned into fly ash. Because at this moment Bai Lingxi woke up from his dream.

Chen Si, who woke up with him, found Yuan puzzled still struggling, and then suffered a cardiac arrest. Fang Desheng rescued Yuan Bu, and he wanted to ask Bai Lingxi whether he remembered the person wearing the mask in his dream, but Bai Lingxi could not remember. Yuan puzzled and rushed outside and asked Director Xue about the situation of Haifu’s family, but he did not get any useful information.

Bai Menghai rewarded Yuan with a puzzle of Five Thousand Oceans, but Yuan puzzled and refused, saying that Bai Menghai owed him a favor, and would come to him when he needed it. Chen Si also wanted Yuan Bujie to give himself an explanation. Yuan Bujie just gave her a hug, but stole her police ID card. Yuan puzzled walking down the street, recalling his past.

The next day Chen Si and Guan Yunqi began investigating the floating corpse case last night. Forensic doctor Liu Ziren inspected, and the deceased was tortured before his death. Chen Si judged that someone might want to interrogate something.

The murder weapon is something like a shovel. The deceased may have entered the water at noon, but Guan Yunqi said it was impossible. At that time, there were a lot of police and it was impossible to be blind.

Chen Si later discovered that the police officer’s ID had been stolen from Yuan Bujie, but Yuan Bujie had already taken the police officer’s ID to pretend to be Chen Si and came to Haifu’s home and asked Haifu’s mother whether he wanted to seek justice for his son and found it to Haifu. Rich drug addicts. Haifu’s mother told Yuan puzzled that her son often went to a casino.

Yuan puzzled when he came to the casino, pretending to buy Haifu’s drug. The manager of the casino drove him out, but Yuan was puzzled. The manager asked him to go to the boxing ring and give him as much as he won.

Yuan puzzled and defeated his opponent in the ring. The steward still didn’t give him medicine, but instead hung him up and asked who sent him. Yuan puzzled insisted on buying medicine, and the steward took the medicine to him and dangled. Yuan puzzled the ingredients of Nanke Grass from the smell, which was proof that the person he was looking for was still alive.

At this time, Chen Si also found Haifu’s family, and then went to the casino from there. During the confrontation between her and Guan Guan, Yuan Bujie broke free and escaped. Chen Si subdued Guan Shi with a gun to help Yuan Bu get out of trouble, and arrested Guan Guan.

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