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Dream Detective 潜梦追凶 Episode 3 Recap

Yuan Bujie, who had several broken ribs, was chained to a hospital bed and tried to steal alcohol. Because he was considered a suspect in a gang case, Chen Si prepared to take him back to the police station to make a transcript after he recovered.

At this time, the police found the identity of the floating corpse. It was Liu Jinxin, a Taoist priest of Baiyunguan, who was said to be able to change the sex of the fetus in the womb of a pregnant woman. This looks like superstition, but the pregnant women who had eaten his Zizidan, indeed gave birth to boys.

Bai Lingxi came to the hospital to visit Yuan puzzled, just to see him stealing alcohol again. Lingxi gave him the wine and thanked him. He also said that he could be transferred to a better ward, but Yuan puzzled and refused, asking her not to treat herself as a benefactor. But Bai Lingxi remembers that Yuan puzzled in his dream is a very good partner, and hopes to dance with her in life.

Liu Jinxin’s Pills for Sending Zi have been tested, and they are all common medicine ingredients, so how can they have the legendary effect?

Chen Sizheng was puzzled, and his subordinates came to report. A new murder occurred. The deceased fell in a room with his aorta cut off. It was initially judged that he died in the middle of the night before.

Chen Si and Guan Yunqi judged that the murderer and the one who killed Liu Jinxin were the same person. Chen Si noticed that the straw around the corpse had been moved, and there were blood stains on the open windows. Someone should have entered and exited from here. Chen Si felt that there were more than the murderer and the dead at the scene last night. She took the police to check outside and found a coma on the nearby river bank, and rushed him to the hospital.

The identity of this person was quickly identified as a midwife named Wang Zhaodi. She is called Wang Po.

The mother-in-law drowns for a long time and suffers brain damage, and may die, so the police will not be able to obtain evidence. Chen Si also thought of Yuan puzzled, who understood the dream, but Yuan puzzled him to allow himself to enter the dreamland of Wu Chu, who was the manager of the casino. Chen Si didn’t want to agree, because Wu Chu was a prisoner in custody and Yuan puzzled that he was not qualified. But Yuan puzzled and insisted. Chen Si finally agreed that the dream of entering Wu Chu must be carried out in prison, and he must be present. Yuan puzzled and could not run out of control like in Bai Lingxi’s dream. Yuan did not answer.

Yuan puzzled to the police to learn about the whole story of the Lantern Festival case. At the same time, he asked Chen Si to go to Wang Po’s house and take a small bag of plant ash used by pregnant women during labor. They are the things Wang Po knows most frequently. The identity of the second deceased was also found, Wang Po’s friend, Dr. Li from Guangji Pharmacy.

Yuan puzzled to light the ashes of plants and trees, and the smell entered his and Chen Si’s breath again. The two fell into a dream and came to a gloomy environment. Inexplicable children haunted them with strange smiles.

The two came to the Niangniang Temple nervously and heard Wang Po and Doctor Li flirting. The two of them walked into the temple gate and found that Wang Po and Doctor Li were about to find pleasure. Suddenly someone killed Doctor Li from behind. Wang Po panicked and fled from the window. The murderer chased after him, and Wang Po jumped into the river in a hurry. Then the murderer disappeared from Yuan Bujie and Chen Si. They only saw the murderer’s back.

At this time, there was another child near Yuan Bujie and Chen Si who was talking: “Some stayed, but not lost.”

A little wooden man was thrown into the water and floated. The other wooden figures were placed on the ground and lined up. Chen thought about the rumors of Liu Jinxin changing the sex of the fetus reported by his subordinates, and the scene of the prince giving birth flashed before his eyes. Suddenly he had a splitting headache and called to take me out of here! Yuan Doujie realized that Chen Si had mixed her dream with that of the Wang Po, and hurriedly took her to her own dream.

After Chen Si yelled for a while, “She killed them”, she calmed down and told Yuan puzzled that there was no such thing as an elixir. Liu Jinxin took medicine from Doctor Li to the pregnant woman, and then sent the pregnant woman who took the medicine. Go to Wang Po. According to Jiangcheng’s custom, only the midwife is present when pregnant women give birth, and other people cannot watch it. The prince took advantage of this custom.

If a pregnant woman gave birth to a baby girl, she would be killed by her and replaced by another boy’s baby. Then she would throw the dead baby girl into the river, just like the little wooden man floating on the water. But it is inevitable that some baby girls’ bodies will be discovered.

Yuan puzzled and asked Chen Si, is this case still going to be investigated? Because Liu Jinxin, Doctor Li and Wang Po are all deserved.

Chen Si believes that no one can decide the life and death of others, otherwise, what is the difference with Wang Po? So she still has to catch the murderer.

At this time, they were still in Yuan’s puzzled dream, seeing him playing Go with his master as a teenager.

The boy Yuan was puzzled and said to the master that he had a nightmare last night and was trapped in a theater with no one. He couldn’t get out. Following his narration, adult Yuan Bujie and Chen Si were also forced to enter the theater, which became the Dream Theater.

The curtain opened, and a woman’s shadow came to Yuan puzzled. He immediately did it, letting himself and Chen Si leave the theater and fall into a piece of water. Chen Si already knew that something happened in the Dream Theater three years ago, but Yuan puzzled and didn’t want to tell her the truth, and he was very angry.

At this time, the kid who said “some of them stay, and none of them lost” finally showed up and asked Yuan Bujie and Chen Si: Who am I? Yuan puzzled looking at the child and said, you are the prince. The child said yes, do you know who I hate the most?

Yuan puzzled and answered: Your parents are also inferior to men and women, thinking that men can provide for the elderly and girls are the water to be thrown out. You are dressed in tatters, because they don’t want to spend more on you. You carry a sickle and help your family with farm work since you were young. So what you hate is your parents.

Wang Po smiled and made an adult voice and said, “You made a mistake.” At this time, a bunch of vines bound Yuan Bujie and Chen Si, and the ground under their feet immediately collapsed. Wang Po said in a child’s voice that if Yuan didn’t understand the mistake three times, he would go to Naihe Bridge with her.Chen Si then said to Wang Po, it’s your brother.

When Chen Si was in Wang’s house, he found a puppet doll full of needles. Wang Zhaodi’s name indicated that his parents still wanted a younger brother. Therefore, Wang Po hated his younger brother who was favored by his parents, and cursed with a villain. Wang Po admitted this time. She hated her younger brother. At the age of sixteen, she was forced to marry a rascal by her parents, just to give her younger brother a bridegroom to marry a wife.

When the adult prince killed the baby girl, according to her reason, it was just to let these baby girls get rid of them earlier, so as not to suffer like themselves. Wang Po said that the person she missed the most was gone, and she didn’t think about it even when she was alive. She asked Yuan not to understand them again, who is my favorite?

Chen Si replied, it was your lost child. Chen Si found a pair of silver bracelets in Wang Po’s house, which were very old but often wiped off, indicating that Wang Po cherishes them. The bracelet is so small that it is impossible for an adult to wear it on the wrist. It can be seen that the prince bought it for the child.

Wang Po also admitted that her child died of smallpox at the age of three. Men wear gold, women wear silver, and silver bracelets indicate that Wang Po’s child is also a girl. She wants to take her daughter up, not to go her own way. However, there is no such opportunity.

When Chen Si said that the new concept would replace the concept of salvation, Wang Po turned into an adult and said that she couldn’t wait for that day. Yuan puzzled and asked who she saw killed Doctor Li, but Wang Po yelled to the sky, Xiu Niang, I am here, and I owe you back! Said it dissipated in the air. Yuan puzzled and Chen Si woke up. Wang Po was already dead on the hospital bed in front of them.

Chen Si found Xiuniang, a fifteen-year-old woman who married a wealthy Jiang family. She became pregnant nine months ago. Doctor Li diagnosed her pulse. Xiuniang was in a hurry to give birth to a boy. Doctor Li recommended that she go to Liu Jinxin and spent a lot of money to buy it. Send Zidan, but the prince gave her a baby girl who was killed by the prince.

Chen Si and Yuan puzzled boarded a boat, which was the same boat that Chen Si had taken the night they arrived in Jiangcheng. The boatman is an old man. And Xiuniang’s father is the boatman.

The scars on Liu Jinxin’s body were not caused by torture. It was caused by friction with the reefs at the bottom of the river when his body was tied to the bottom of the boat to be transported out of the river city. It was this friction that caused the rope to be disconnected. The body floated to the surface.

Xiuniang gave birth to a daughter, who was killed by the prince. Xiuniang was also divorced by her husband and returned to her natal family, where she died of illness. In order to avenge her, her father killed Liu Jinxin, Doctor Li, and Wang Po. He planned to kill the husband who abandoned Xiuniang, but the police had already arrived.

The legend of Liu Jinxin being able to help give birth to boys is based on the murder of many girls. In fact, many people know what happened, but no one will expose the secret of this evil.

After closing the case, Chen Si kept his promise and decided to take Yuan puzzled to the prison to see Wu Chu the next day. However, that night, a man with a mask appeared in the prison where Wu Chu was being held. What was he going to do?

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