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Dream Detective 潜梦追凶 Episode 4 Recap

The masked man appeared in the prison where Wu Chu was held and killed a prison guard surnamed He. Guan Yunqi waited to arrive the next morning and learned that Wu Chu had disappeared. He concluded that he had killed the prison guard and escaped. But Yuan, who came afterwards, was puzzled and said that it was not Wu Chu who did it.

Chen Si didn’t understand why Wu Chu was so important to Yuan. Yuan was puzzled but told her not to have anything to do with me.

Wu Chu is an important clue for Yuan puzzled to find someone, and now that Wu Chu disappears, Yuan puzzled can only be angry and helpless.

Guard He’s death was caused by a cut in the neck artery, but with this kind of cut, people would struggle before death and splash blood around, but guard He did not. It seems that the deceased was waiting calmly for his death. A strange symbol written in blood was also left on the wall of the prison.

Chen Si inspected Wu Chu’s items left at the police station and smelled a familiar smell. She remembered Yuan puzzled again, and asked the police officer about his situation.

Yuan puzzled at this time, recalling that he had come to the Rumeng Theater, when the theater was giving porridge and rice to the poor. He met a young girl, Zeng Yun. At that time, Yuan puzzled to do something in the theater, but he was not believed, including Zeng Yun.

But Yuan puzzled and really started doing it, just as a dream interpreter. Also familiar with Zeng Yun.

At that time, Yuan puzzled in Jiangcheng, going in and out of the gathering places of the upper class, only to find that Zeng Yun was stealing things from the rich.

Zeng Yun is robbing the rich and helping the poor, maintaining funds for charity activities. Yuan puzzled her very much, a thief, a liar, very good match. Zeng Yun pushed him into the water, not wanting Yuan to be puzzled and could not swim, Zeng Yun had to rescue him again. The emotions of the two people just escalated with joy.

But Zeng Yun still didn’t believe that Yuan Bujie understood dream interpretation. Yuan puzzled and invited her to enter the dream with himself. Zeng Yun came to a fairy tale situation, with fantasy butterflies flying around.

But Mengjing quickly transferred to a battlefield hospital, where Zeng Yun worked as a nurse, which was her previous occupation. Zeng Yun woke up from a terrible dream, Yuan puzzled and invited her to become the manager of the Dream Theatre. At that time, the theatre was booming for a while.

But disasters soon came. Yuan puzzled once when he was helping people interpret a dream, he saw a person wearing a mask in his dream. He stepped forward and took off the person’s mask, only to find that the person’s face was distorted and blurred, and he himself felt very painful and suddenly woke up from his dream.

Yuan puzzled and hurriedly left the dream interpretation place, but he felt that there were people around him, and found a dying person in the trunk of a car with a ticket to the Dream Theater in his bloody hand.

Yuan puzzled and hurried back to the theater. The staff inside was dead, and all the audience died in a posture. Behind the curtain of the stage, Zeng Yun was hung in the air, bloodstained on her body, her breath was dying. Yuan Bujie took Zeng Yun to the hospital, Fang Desheng rescued her, but ultimately failed to save her. Yuan puzzled that he was decadent since then.

Chen Si found Yuan puzzled and told him that she had not found Wu Chu, nor Wu Chu’s body. She also read the case files of the Dream Theater and found that all the dead had no signs of struggle before death, and no body was found. The ingredients of any drug addiction are the same as the prison guard who was killed this time. Based on the smell of Wu Chu’s clothes, and Yuan puzzled that he lost control of a smell in Bai Lingxi’s dream, she asked Yuan puzzled that it was Nan Kexiang that fascinated Bai Lingxi, right? So do you think that the family who supplied Wu Chu was the murderer who killed Zeng Yun?

Yuan puzzled that he wanted to rush Chen Si out, but Chen Si reminded him that Wu Chu was a member of the Tang Gang. The Tang Gang was very powerful in Jiangcheng. Yuan puzzled that she could not deal with it alone, and needed help from her and the police, just as she needed him. same. Yuan does not explain that if he finds that person, he must be killed. Chen Si said that if she finds that person, she will do her best to prevent Yuan puzzled from doing so.

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