How many people lose in the hands of the villain?

How many people lose in the hands of the villain? Remember these 3 tricks, let the villain respect you

When we are still in school, when we meet people we don’t like, or people with bad relationships, we can stay away from each other without disturbing each other. But in the workplace, too much involuntary. In the workplace group, we are no longer a simple individual. Numerous intertwined webs based on interests hold us firmly and continue to torture you until you smooth out your edges and corners.

After entering the society, we will meet more people who don’t like, and encounter things we don’t want to do, but at the right time, for the sake of the overall situation, we can no longer choose to fight to the end like on campus, but choose to compromise . Especially in the workplace, it is impossible not to meet a villain.

And if you want not to be framed inexplicably, the first thing is to learn to distinguish the villains, to be able to determine in time what they want to make insidious tricks, destructive tricks, and find ways to deal with them, so that the tricks of the villains are useless to us. Of course, this is not a long-term solution. The enemy is dark and I know, you can hide for a while, you can’t hide for a lifetime, you don’t know what the villain’s next move is, countless people are directly defeated by the villain. On hand.

The first measure: not deep friendship

When you know from the beginning that this colleague has done something shameless or is a villain, try not to have too much contact with him. On the one hand, you can protect yourself from being framed, and on the other hand, you won’t let other colleagues mistakenly think that you are on the line. If you are behind you will know the bad part of the other party. Then you can adopt a gentle policy.

To treat such a villain, we should adopt a cold treatment method, and maintain non-response, non-rejection, and slowly alienate his language and actions, so that even if the other party does not like you, it will not hold you hate. Retaliate severely. In this way, you also avoid a fight with the villain.

The second measure: a tooth for a tooth

In many cases, the villain is not the one you give in, and he will no longer trouble you. More often, he will oppress you even more vigorously. In the face of such a villain, you can only use his methods to counter him, let him understand your power, and prevent him from moving you anymore.

Because this kind of villain loves bullying and fearing hardship the most, the more you give in, the more he can bully you. You can only be pressed under his feet by him. And you are standing in an open and transparent environment. Once you are gradually blocked by the villain using your own strategy, and you can’t find a breakthrough, it will only make you more and more troublesome. In the end, you will suffer.

The third measure: do not look for interests involved

The villain has a common characteristic, that is, he likes to care about things. They are not particularly concerned about the interests of others, but they take their own interests very seriously, and they can’t wait to hold them in their arms and talk about them all day long. Even if you ask the other party for a little help, you have to ask for this favor as soon as possible to be relieved.

If you have to interact with the villain at work, then the best way is to keep a certain distance, limited to work handover. If you have anything to do in private, ask someone to help, don’t ask a villain to help. When there is a conflict of interest with the villain, you must be cautious and vigilant, so that you can remain invincible in the fight and getting along with the villain.

Summary: Facing the villain, we can use the above three tricks to make the villain dare not look down on you, but respect you. Do you have any other ways to deal with villains? Welcome to leave your valuable comments in the comment area and show them to others to see how you deal with the villain.