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I will leave the villain’s station


Carmilla gets married because she loves a man.
Thought he was the main character of this love… … .
In fact, she was a villain.

“Just because I love Bern, I want to be with you… Black… … .”
“Reina, what are you talking about. Why are you, the bad thing is me!”
“Your child is dead, how do you look like that.”

Even if he has children or a miscarriage, his gaze
I was facing the woman, not me.

On my way home, I got lost in a wagon accident and opened my eyes
I came back before I married my husband.

“I want to stop getting married. No, I can’t.”
I never wanted to throw my body into hell again.
I tried not to throw it… … .

“Do you keep me off guard and try to kill Reina?”
The moment he raises his hand again,
He raised his hand as hard as he could and sharpened his cheek with all his might.

I will leave the villain’s station
Associated Names: 악녀 역에서 퇴장하겠습니다
Genres: Romance, fantasy
Year: 2020
Status: 117 (Completed)

List of Chapters:

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