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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 20 Recap

Now all companies are unwilling to cooperate with Xinyi Technology, and everyone is at a loss. Li Luoshu asked Niu Siyi to meet those companies to talk about. He wanted to fight for it again, but in the end only attracted 3 million investment.

On this day, President Han announced the appointment of Li Chuyao as the deputy director of the project department. Chuyao was surprised to hear that, but the next words of President Han made her even more surprised. It turned out that Longtian terminated all cooperation with Xinyi Technology. Now it is Long Xiang. A good opportunity to buy Mind at a low price. Since they have invested in Feiyi Technology, they are now acquiring Xinyi Technology to prevent similar products that compete with Feiyi Technology in the market. He made Chuyao take charge of Xinyi Technology.

Chuyao wanted to refuse to say that he was not competent, but Han always insisted on holding her responsible. Then Chuyao came to Xinyi Technology. She told Luo Shu that she was here to discuss the acquisition with him. Long Xiang decided to invest in Feiyi Technology. Now he wants to help Feiyi Technology clear the obstacles in the industry, so she wants to acquire Xinyi Technology. , She showed the contract to Luo Shu. Luo Shu felt very heavy, and the partners couldn’t help but surround themselves when they heard it.

Niu Siyi couldn’t help but feel dissatisfied when he only gave 5 million yuan. When they did telemedicine, it was not only the price, how could it be cheaper after a round of rotation. Zhou Lin felt that it could be sold, but Niu Siyi did not agree to sell it, and the company was gone after she sold it. She asked Luo Shu to think about what he had told them before Dale left.

Chuyao knew that Luoshu didn’t want to sell Xinyi Technology. She encouraged him to keep the company with him. She also told Luoshu that a person would make way for him as long as he had a dream and all difficulties. Luo Shu felt very warm after hearing Chuyao’s words. Later, Chuyao returned to the company to report to Mr. Han that Xinyi Technology refused to purchase. Mr. Han was very dissatisfied. He thought that Xinyi Technology wanted more money, so he asked Chuyao to tell them that 5 million is the highest price this time. Disagree, the price will be gone in the future, and he asked Chu Yao to solve the problem within a month.

Han Zimo went to Luoshu after hearing his father talk about this. He persuaded Luoshu to agree to the acquisition, and the 5 million yuan could be used as the start-up capital for a comeback in the future. Luo Shu feels that it is not a matter of money. He still has a wish for this project, and he will not give up easily. Zimo couldn’t help being frustrated when he saw Luoshu not wanting to sell it. Chu Yao was responsible for this project.

His father said that if Chu Yao didn’t make a big mandarin duck, he and Chu Yao would be separated alive. Luo Shu was surprised to hear that Chu Yao was the person in charge of this project. Yesterday she persuaded him to persevere. Zimo said that Chu Yao was for the sake of Luo Shu, and persuaded him to think about it for his sister and himself.

The next day Li Luoshu came to Longxiang. He handed the signed acquisition contract to President Han. President Han was very surprised how he suddenly figured it out. Luo Shu said that the conditions offered by President Han made him unable to refuse. When Chuyao heard about it, he hurriedly found Luo Shu who was waiting for the elevator, and asked him why he suddenly gave up Xinyi Technology. Luo Shu said that in this situation, he has any reason to refuse to buy their technology for 5 million. Chu Yao felt that he did not think so. Yes, but Luo Shu told her that she thought so.

After leaving Longxiang, Luo Shu called Siyi and said that he had signed the acquisition contract and asked everyone to divide the money. After Xinyi Technology was disbanded, he hung up the phone.

Zimo told Lin Yu and Qin Yun about this. He didn’t know if Luoshu was doing this for money or for people. Qin Yun told him that Luoshu would not sign early or late, but he signed after knowing that Chuyao was the person in charge. The contract, he did it for Chuyao. Lin Yu Kua Luoshu, this child is really affectionate and righteous.

Zimo heard this but became more concerned. At night, he called Chuyao and said that he could take care of her mother’s illness. Why should Luo Shu take care of him? Chuyao angrily said that Luo Shu is her brother and he is her boyfriend. , The identities of the two of them did not conflict. After speaking, she hung up the phone angrily. These words happened to be heard by Luo Shu who passed by the door, and his mood became even heavier.

Dad heard from his daughter that Luoshu’s company had collapsed and sold. He felt that the family had dragged down Luoshu for too long. He wanted to find a suitable reason for Luoshu to leave this environment and concentrate on his own business. Later, Zimo Yueshu met and asked him if this family is really so important to him. He gave up his company, career and dreams for it. Luoshu felt that it was difficult for him to let Zimo understand the importance of this family to him.

And he will not give up his dreams and career. Zimo felt that Luo Shu had done enough for this family, but he was not Chuchen after all. He also said that he is in love with Chuyao now, and he will take care of Chuyao’s parents. It is not appropriate for Luoshu and them to be like this forever. He hopes that Luoshu can focus on his career. Luo Shu understood what Zimo meant, and then he looked around the house and planned to move out of the house to rent a house.

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