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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 21 Recap

In the evening, Li Luoshu discussed with his family that he wanted to move back to the school. Chu Yao was surprised when he heard it. His mother felt very suddenly and worried that he would not be able to eat or live outside. Seeing her mother disagrees, Luo Shu explained that she was about to take the exam, and it was not convenient to run back and forth. Dad also persuaded her not to keep the children under their wings, and let them exercise their wings to harden them. Mom reluctantly agreed when she heard them say this.

After that, Chuyao was walking outside and saw Luo Shu sitting on a chair in a daze and asked him if he really wanted to return to school. She was worried that he would become depressed because of his mind and technology, and moved out for fear of causing trouble to the family. Luo Shu smiled and said that it was a failure of entrepreneurship, the big deal will start all over again. Chu Yao felt that he didn’t need to move back to school, but Luo Shu wanted to change his environment to refresh his mood. When Chuyao saw that he was quite optimistic, she was relieved, and she asked him to go to the school to take care of him.

The next morning, Niu Siyi took a taxi to pick up Li Luoshu, and his parents and sister reluctantly watched him leave in the car. After coming to the new home, Si Yi was also curious about why he moved out. She teased whether he was going to be a single nobleman. Luo Shu laughed and said that now there are Sister Chu Yao and Han Zimo in the family, it is time for him to move out, Si Yi sees His new home is so close to Li’s home that he still feels reluctant. Luo Shu asked her what Chang Dale was doing lately. Si Yi said that he had suffered for him in Wu Yajun’s mutual assistance social activities in Beijing, and she planned to see if his tickets had been bought.

When it was time for dinner, Li’s mother had forgotten that her son had already returned to school, and she still habitually placed Li Chuchen’s dishes on the table. Chuyao and his parents were eating and chatting. Then Han Zimo came. He heard Chuyao say that he had returned to school in the early morning, so he told Li’s mother that he would use the bowls in the early morning, and he would eat the leftovers and let her not take them. When he is an outsider, he will be his own son, and he is always waiting for anything when he asks. At this time, the takeaway ordered by Luo Shu at his new home arrived. He took the takeaway to the table in the living room and sat on the sofa in deep thought.

When Siyi came to Beijing, Dale was very happy to see her, but she was surprised to hear that Xinyi Technology was sold. He told Si Yi that he would get the evidence soon, and when he won the lawsuit, he would go to redeem his mind and science and technology to redeem the Luoshu. But Si Yi felt that it was irreversible, because Xinyi Technology was already Longxiang’s, and Dale believed that the technology was theirs, and it was entirely possible for Lishantou to start again.

Luo Shu went to see Li’s mother as soon as she was okay. Li’s mother was very pleased to see that he was very caring about Chu Yao after he was busy, but she still couldn’t help but miss Chu Chen. Seeing her mother crying in the early morning room, Chu Yao comforted her that she would take time to see her brother. It was Saturday that Chuyao came to Luoshu’s school. The aunt of the dormitory told her that Li Luoshu had not returned to school. Chuyao was surprised to hear that. She called Luo Shu and asked him where he was. Luo Shu said that in the dormitory, she asked him to have lunch with him.

After hanging up the phone, Luo Shu hurriedly searched for his clothes in the suitcase and went to the restaurant at the entrance of the school happily. When Chuyao met, he asked him why he lied to her. Seeing that she already knew that she had not returned to school, Luo Shu admitted frankly that now the company is gone, and he needs a certain amount of space to think about what he should do in the future. Chuyao respected his decision and asked him to take good care of himself.

Chu Yao and Zimo were chatting with her mother in the living room that night, and suddenly heard someone knocking on the door. Chu Yao opened the door and saw that she was alone. She eagerly asked if Luo Shu was at home, and Li Mu smiled and said that Luo Shu was there. Han Zimo asked Shan Shan what was wrong with him. Only then did he remember that Zimo pretended to be Luo Shu and I don’t know what to say. Chu Yao hurriedly made the excuse that she was going out to buy things and let Shan Shan go with her.

When he left the house, Chuyao told Shan Shan Luoshu that he had moved away. He hurriedly asked why, Chuyao said that he might want some space to concentrate on starting a business. She asked her to take care of him, let him eat well and not stay up late. Then he came to Luoshu’s new home with nothing but food. Luo Shu was curious about how she found this place, and only told him that she had gone to his house just now, and Chu Yao told her that he had moved.

She asked Luo Shu if he moved because of Han Zimo. Luo Shu explained that there were many reasons for leaving home. On the one hand, he does not want to be the emotional barrier between his sister and Zimo, and under the care of them, his mother’s mood is relatively stable. This is the most suitable time for him to leave this home, and he has been doing a lot of work recently. The problem, he also needs a certain space to think about the future direction of development. Although their technology was acquired, he really didn’t want Xinyi Technology to disband. The last reason is just what he said to him, he also wants to know whether he is Li Luoshu or Li Chuchen.

Early that morning, she bought a lot of vegetables and came to Luoshu’s house. She filled his refrigerator with things, and went to the kitchen to make noodles for him. Luo Shu told her that she could not eat eggs by herself, so she only used noodles.

Put green vegetables in it. Luo Shu praised the noodles she made delicious, but after a few bites, he felt uncomfortable and itchy on his body, so he asked her if there were eggs in the noodles. She was surprised that she didn’t put eggs in the noodles. She went to the kitchen and picked it up. The package of dried noodles had the word egg written on it and couldn’t help but regret it.

At this time, Chuyao and Zimo were shopping in the supermarket to send them to Luoshu. They simply called her and said that there was something wrong with Luoshu, so they hurried to the hospital. The doctor told them that it was fortunate that it was delivered in time, otherwise a major accident might happen, but egg allergy should not be taken lightly. Luo Shu’s fever has gone away and now he is asleep. He will stay in the hospital for observation tonight. Shan Yi apologized to Chuyao, but Chuyao walked into the ward without saying a word and closed the door.

Kan Shan Shan was shut outside by Chu Yao, Zimo explained to her that Chu Yao was too anxious. Later, he persuaded Chu Yao to be kind. Chu Yao said that Shan Shan didn’t even know that her brother was allergic to eggs. She was afraid that she would go wrong if she just went in. Zimo saw that Chuyao was so jealous about Luo Shu, and the two quarreled a few more words. At night, Chuyao stayed in front of Luoshu’s hospital bed.

She wanted to put his arm in the quilt, but he held her hand. He called her name in his sleep, and Chuyao looked at him with a mixed feeling. At this time, just came with something to eat, Chu Yao apologized to her for what he said before was a bit heavy, and just smiled and said it was okay, if it weren’t for her Luo Shu, he wouldn’t be lying here.

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