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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 22 Recap

Li Chuyao just came to the ward and asked her to take good care of Li Luoshu and she went home. Sitting on the side of the hospital bed and holding Luo Shu’s hand, hoping that he would wake up quickly, he was surprised to hear Luo Shu call Chuyao’s name in his sleep. The next day Luo Shu woke up and saw Shan Shan, and asked her if she took care of him all night last night. She just said who else besides her, Luo Shu thanked her for letting her go back to rest.

At this time, Chuyao was sitting in Han Zimo’s car. Seeing her unhappy, Zimo asked her what she was thinking. She said she was thinking about Luo Shu. Zimo said she thought he might as well call him, and Chu Yao said no, she was just taking care of him. Zimo Tucao they were dating her but they were thinking about other men. Chu Yao said Luo Shu was her younger brother, and Zimo said he was a fake brother. He moved out and she ran towards him. People who didn’t know thought they thought they were. Is it a fake show? Chu Yao was very annoyed when he heard that he was talking nonsense, and Zimo admitted that he was jealous.

Then Zimo asked Lin Yu and Qin Yun to complain to them about their troubles. Lin Yu asked Zimo to treat Luo Shu as his younger brother like Chu Yao. Zimo said that he could not do it. Lin Yu asked him if he still wanted She didn’t want to marry Chuyao. Her words inspired Zimo. He excitedly said that he was going to marry Chuyao.

Chu Yao had a meeting with people from Wu Yajun’s company. She had different opinions on their plans. Wu Yajun knew that she had always wanted to talk about her brother’s company and told her not to bring personal emotions to work. Chu Yao denied his statement. Chu Yao went back to report to Mr. Han. Mr. Han said Mr. Wu’s plan was okay. He asked Mr. Chu Yao to focus on Wanhe Real Estate’s projects afterwards, leaving Feiyi Technology alone.

When Chuyao returned home, he ignored him when he saw that Zimo was there, and Zimo asked her to stop being angry, and he also graciously served her with vegetables. After eating, he tried the physical therapy tape for Li’s mother. He didn’t expect to master the usage. Li’s mother’s leg turned red and was burned by the low temperature. Li’s father quickly took a wet towel and applied it to her. Zimo hurriedly apologized to Li’s mother. His mother said it was okay and he was kind. Then Chu Yao sent Zimo out, Zimo proposed to her to get married, but Chu Yao said they were not ready yet, Zimo was very frustrated.

He just went to Luoshu, and he hurried to the gym without having to chat with her. Only by following up did he know that he had not given up on research and development and was still collecting data. Huayang joined Feiyi Technology, and Wu Yajun asked him to work hard. If he dared to go round and round, he would not be as easy to talk as Li Luoshu.

Just stopping Luo Shu this day, she didn’t understand why he didn’t want to go to work in her brother’s company. She sadly asked him if he only listened to Sister Chuyao, saying that she was going to call Li Chuyao. Luo Shu told her to stop making trouble. He just said that he was not making trouble. He didn’t need to avoid anything. He obviously had different expressions when he mentioned Chu Yao. He told the truth that he was allergic to him when he was hospitalized by sister Chu Yao.

Luo Shu asked her why she lied. She simply said that she didn’t want him to know that Chu Yao had been to the hospital. She liked him. That night when Luo Shu was in a coma, she grabbed her by the hand and called Chu Yao’s name. Does he understand how she felt at that time? . Luo Shu told him that he could not accept her feelings alone and he had someone he liked. After that, she went to see Chuyao alone. She asked Chuyao if she felt sorry for Luo Shu. Chuyao thought she was very strange today, so she told Shan Shanzimo to propose to her. She asked if she agreed, and Chuyao shook her head. Marriage is a lifetime agreement, she didn’t want to make a hasty decision.

Chuyao knew that he only liked Luo Shu, but only said that he already had another girl in his heart, and this girl was Chuyao. He was surprised when Li’s father passed by them heard this. Just ask Chu Yao what his feelings for Luo Shu, the kind of love between her sister and her younger brother, or the kind of love between lovers, Chu Yao didn’t know how to answer for a while, she had never thought about this question. I just hope that if Chuyao doesn’t love him, he will tell him earlier to let him give up and not to keep him in pain. Chuyao assured him that she would find a chance to tell him clearly. She asked him to take good care of Luo Shu in the future, the family owed him too much.

Zimo brought Chuyao to chat with Lin Yu and his wife. He originally wanted them to help him persuade Chuyao to accept his marriage proposal, but Lin Yu and Qin Yun kept arguing. Zimo’s father went to the hospital to check his body. The doctor told him that he had found something bad in his body. At this time, Chu Yao and his father were accompanying their mother to check in this hospital. His father told Chu Yao that he had heard her talking with Shan Shan.

He asked her how she felt about Luo Shu. Chu Yao said that he only had affection for him. The father and daughter were chatting, and Chuyao couldn’t help but be surprised to see President Han walking past with great heart.

She went to find Luo Shu again, and she told him that Zimo had proposed to Chuyao. Although Chuyao did not agree, she only believed that she would agree. She advised Luo Shu to be more aware of reality, she knew he couldn’t let go but she would wait for him. Then Luo Shu received a call from her mother, and she wanted him to go home on the weekend and the family would get together and lively. In the evening, Zimo called Chuyao. He wanted to take his parents out to play on weekends.

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