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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 23 Recap

In the evening, Han Zimo called Li Chuyao to take her parents to climb the mountain on the weekend, and Chuyao happily agreed. Then Zimo told his parents about this, and wanted them to meet with his in-laws. Because Chuyao’s mother had post-traumatic stress disorder and regarded him as Li Luoshu, Zimo asked his parents to act in a play with him. Because Luoshu’s mother was remarried, then Mr. Han would be the stepfather.

Seeing Zimo calling his stepdad, Han always was very upset but agreed for the happiness of his son, but he asked Zimo to promise him one condition. He hoped that Zimo and Chuyao would travel abroad to get married. Their old couple would be married to Zimo and Chuyao. The main purpose of going with Yao was to deepen the understanding between Zimo’s mother and Chu Yao, and Zimo readily agreed.

On the weekend, Chuyao and his parents changed into casual clothes, carrying travel bags, and set off in Zimo’s car. After climbing the mountain, Zimo took them to the reserved restaurant for dinner. When Chuyao and his parents walked into the restaurant, they saw Zimo’s parents waiting for them. Chu Yao was surprised, and asked Zimo in a low voice what he was doing. Zimo smiled and said to his parents. Chuyao told his parents that this was Zimo’s surprise for them. The meeting was indeed a bit hasty. Chuyao’s parents were unprepared, and they were a little uncomfortable seeing themselves dressed in casual clothes.

During the meal, Chuyao’s mother asked Zimo’s mother when she remarried. Zimo’s parents were stunned, and Mr. Han responded with a smile a few years ago. Zimo’s mother sandwiched an egg for her son. Chu Yao’s mother was so scared that she immediately stopped her, saying that Luo Shu was allergic to eggs. Zimo’s mother hurriedly took the egg to her husband, and Mr. Han said that he had taken Luo Shu to a foreign country for desensitization treatment, and the allergies had been cured. Zimo smiled and showed it to her. He grabbed a piece of egg and ate it in his mouth. Chuyao’s mother couldn’t help but smile happily when he saw that he was okay.

At this time, Shan Yi’an and Luo Shu were chatting in the cafe. He knew that there were others in Luo Shu’s heart, so he persuaded Luo Shu to boldly confess. If the confession is successful, his sister can give up. If not, there is hope alone. .

In the evening, Chuyao went to see the young couple Lin Yu. When she got to the place, she quickly walked towards them, but Lin Yu and Qin Yun waved to her to stop, and Chuyao immediately stopped and looked at them in surprise. Lin Yu asked her to look at the screen next to him. Chuyao saw that the words on it turned out to be Zimo’s marriage proposal. At this time, Zimo smiled and walked towards her with a rose in his hand. He asked her to marry him and kneeled on one knee. Taking out the ring, Chuyao agreed, and Zimo happily picked her up in a pleasant circle.

After the party, Chuyao returned home and found Luo Shu was waiting for her. At this time, both parents were asleep, and they went outside to chat. Luo Shu confessed to her that he liked her. Chu Yao told him that she knew about it when he was drunk that time. Luo Shu asked why she didn’t tell him. Chu Yao said she was frightened and didn’t know how to face him. For him, afraid of losing him. Luo Shu said that he had had such concerns, but now he didn’t want to regret it for a lifetime, he told her that he loved her. Chu Yao said that it was impossible for them. She showed him the ring in her hand and said that she had agreed to Zimo’s marriage proposal.

Luo Shu was surprised that she wanted Zimo to wait. Chu Yao said that she did think that Zimo was a bit sloppy when she said that marriage was a bit sloppy. I agreed with my heart. Luo Shu asked if she had never liked him before. She said that she had never liked him. She couldn’t help falling tears when she said that she turned and hurried towards home, and Luo Shu stood there sadly behind.

Early the next morning, when my mother saw that Chuchen was not in the room, she was surprised that he didn’t come back last night. Why did he leave so soon? Is the son so busy with his studies? She wanted to go to school to see that Chuchen was stopped by the father and daughter. , Chu Yao said what can happen to his brother when he is so old, and his wife said he took the time to see his son. In order to divert her mother’s attention, Chu Yao told them that Zimo had proposed to her. Parents were very happy to hear that.

Then Chuyao and her father went to work, and Li’s mother felt that she should tell Chuchen about this, so she just called and asked her to come home. Soon alone came, Li’s mother asked her to accompany her to the school to see Early Morning. He hurriedly called Luo Shu. At this time, Li’s father was talking to him at his new home. Luo Shu heard that his mother was going to school to see him, so he hurried home with his father.

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