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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 24 Recap

Li Luoshu heard from the phone that his mother was coming to the school to find him, so he hurriedly took a taxi home with his father. My mother was very happy to see her son coming back, but when she saw her husband, she wondered how he came back without going to work. The wife said it was his son who called him.

Mr. Han and Chuyao chatted. He asked her mother if her mother was happy yesterday. Chuyao thanked Mr. Han for cooperating with her mother so hard. Mr. Han smiled and said that this is not a family anymore, and he also said that he has contacts in the hospital, so that Chuyao Don’t be polite with him. He told Chuyao that he wanted to open up foreign markets and planned to take Zimo out to see and open the branch first. He hoped that Chuyao could go out and help Zimo when the time came. Chuyao thanked Mr. Han for taking her so seriously, but her family situation is quite special now, Mr. Han asked her to go back and think about it.

Li’s mother asked where Luo Shu had gone last night. Luo Shu hadn’t spoken yet, so she said that he was definitely not studying or playing in the middle of the night. Chuyao was about to get married, so she asked him to come back to help her.

Mr. Han called Wu Yajun and asked him to make a social and social financial report as soon as possible. Wu Yajun said embarrassingly that their company’s financial statements were still far from the expectations of Longxiang’s board of directors. Mr. Han gave him a trick Just polish it up and just increase the number of downloads. Wu Yajun asked him how much he wanted to increase, and Mr. Han said that he could increase his share in Longxiang at a high price.

In the evening Li’s father listened to her wife’s dream of chanting Chuchen’s name, so he helped her tuck the quilt and went to the living room. He saw Chuyao sitting on the sofa preoccupiedly. He told his daughter that her mother wanted Chuchen to move back, but He couldn’t open this mouth to Luo Shu, and Chuyao comforted his father to try his best to delay first.

Chuyao went back to the room and called Luo Shu, thank him for being back today, and let him tell her if he has any concerns, they are still a family, and my mother can’t live without Chuchen. On this day, Zimo sent Chuyao home. He wondered why she bought such a thing. Chuyao told him that Luo Shu moved back to live. She bought him some delicious food. Zimo wondered why he came back again. Said that his mother was reluctant to bear him, the soft and hard foam brought him back. Zimo discussed with her to move out and live, anyway, they are about to get married. They will renovate after buying the wedding room, and move in when the decoration is complete. Then the two of them went around to inspect the house, and finally they chose a set.

As soon as Luo Shu packed his luggage, Chang Dale and Niu Siyi arrived. Luo Shu asked how Dale had found the evidence. Dale sighed and said that he was about to get the evidence, and he was upset by the kid from Huayang. Luo Shu told them that he had a new plan, and Dale and Siyi couldn’t help but become interested.

After seeing the house, Mo sent Chuyao home. He wanted to go in and talk to her parents about the house, but Chuyao saw Luo Shu sitting near the house from a distance, so she let Zimo go back first. Chuyao walked to Luo Shu and asked him why he didn’t go in. If he still felt uncomfortable, she would try to find a way with her father and let him go in and say hello to her mother before leaving. Luo Shu said it was okay, got up and returned home with the suitcase. Mom was very happy to see him back.

At the beginning of the evening, she wandered at the door of Luo Shu’s room. She held the doorknob and wanted to go in. At this time, Dad quietly walked behind her and shook his head at her, so she let go. Luo Shu in the room saw the door through The figure who came out walked over, and he put his hand on the doorknob, hesitated and did not open the door.

When I heard that Zimo was buying a wedding house in China, Lao Han firmly disagreed. He had arranged for them. The two of them would travel abroad to get married, and then invest and immigrate overseas. Then, whatever kind of house they could buy. Zimo asked what Chuyao’s mother would do, and Lao Han said this was not something he wanted to consider.

Zimo knows that her parents are more important to Chuyao. She would not agree to do this. Chuyao would not go out unless he went abroad. Old Han said angrily that he would not give any money for the house. . Then Lao Han went back to the room and called someone to get out as soon as possible, and asked that person to help him transfer a sum of money out.

Luo Shu brought Dale and Siyi to the new office. Dale felt that the environment was a bit rudimentary, but Luo Shu felt that it was very industrial, and it should be good to clean up. The three shouted for cheering together, and they were full of hope for the future.

When Mr. Han learned that Zimo had told Chu Yao, he asked her what she thought. Chu Yao said that they decided to stay in Hangzhou. Hangzhou has a very good development prospect that is no worse than abroad, and both parents are in Hangzhou for them to take care of. Mr. Han sees She resolutely said that since it was so decided, let’s do it. Suddenly he covered his waist with a painful expression. Chu Yao hurriedly asked him if he was okay. He said that he might be out of breath, and he waved his hand to let Chu Yao go to work and leave him alone.

Shan Yi’an knocked on his sister’s door early in the morning. He told her that Li Jiayouxi hadn’t woken up yet, and he was very happy to see Mo Xiang Chuyao’s proposal to Mo Xiang Chu Yao.

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