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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 24 Recap

Ever since Ying Zheng and Mi Hua were separated in the Li Palace, they often stay alone in the dormitory and feel lost. Not seeing this young emperor sharing the thoughts of the state and politics, he expresses the lovesickness of idiotic men and women to the fullest. Dong’er saw that her heart was like a knife cut. The days and nights from childhood to adulthood have made her have a secret love for Yingzheng. However, he has a deep affection for her concubine, but Lang has no intention of treating her concubine, even as a sibling.

In order to prevent Ying Zheng from continuing to indulge in decadence, Dong’er told Zhao Ji the truth privately and hoped that she would return to the city to deal with it as soon as possible. Zhao Ji was worried that the Queen Mother Huayang had another plan. Considering that the envoy of Qi State came to discuss marriage, she decided to marry the princess from Qiuqiu to Yingzheng. This can destroy Huayang’s tricks, so that Yingzheng can be relieved, and it is also convenient for consolidation Qi and Qin have diplomatic relations.

However, when the Queen Mother of Huayang learned that Zhao Ji was about to return to the city, she knew that she was uncomfortable, and she could take this opportunity to advance the plan, so she ordered Mi Qi to send Mi Hua to leave on the day Zhao Ji returned to the city, be sure to let Ying Zheng know , As for what to do next, let’s first see what choice Yingzheng makes.

Before returning to Xianyang City, Lai Lu summoned all the temple maids and warned them to keep their mouths tight and refrain from revealing the secrets of the Dazheng Palace. Hearing about the civil strife in Qin Ting, Zhao Qi even hopes that Zhao Ji will return as soon as possible. As long as he is entangled in political chaos, he will have no time to take care of others, and he will have the opportunity to return to Zhao.

The Minister of Civil and Military Affairs was waiting for Zhao Ji to drive at the gate of the city. Unexpectedly, Zheng Huo led a group of attendants to carry out a few large wooden boxes, and then put out the “Lu Shi Chun Qiu” compiled by Lu Buwei for six years. Lu Buwei was delighted and invited all his ministers to appreciate it, and said that whoever can change a word can reward a thousand dollars. Everyone admired this, and Lu Buwei personally copied the new book for Ying Zheng Yu Lan, and even set up a few upper rooms in the Prime Minister’s Mansion for everyone to read this book, no matter the day or night, it seems meaningful between words.

At first, Ying Zheng was about to go out of the palace to meet Zhao Ji, but when he learned that Mihua had set off to return to China, he simply diverted to chase and blocked the forward team. Mi Hua found that Ying Zheng had already seen through the conspiracy of the Queen Mother Huayang, so he didn’t want to embarrass him, so please resign. Unexpectedly, Ying Zheng suddenly got up to hold Mihua, and even revealed Madam Han Ni’s sincere affection for Ying foreigners, in order to retain Mihua and promise to marry her as his wife.

When the car arrived at the city gate of Xianyang, Zhao Ji did not see Yingzheng and was quite disappointed. She asked Lu Buwei why Yingzheng hadn’t come to pick him up. Lu Buwei knew nothing about it and was blamed. Zhao Ji told her to return to Ganquan Palace first, and she followed Lu Buwei to Zhangtai Palace to find Yingzheng.

At this time, the voice of a child was heard in the car, and the ministers heard the reputation, only to see two young boys actually got out of the wooden box and looked around. Seeing this panic, the woman hurriedly jumped into the car, closed the curtains, and drove into the city, but everyone’s suspicion was still inevitable.

When Ying Zheng returned to Zhangtai Palace in great interest, Zhao Ji had been waiting in the main hall for a long time. Lu Buwei and Yingzai sat on both sides, their expressions solemn and suffocating. Facing Zhao Ji’s inquiry, Ying Zheng bluntly said that he wanted to marry a woman going abroad, and told frankly about the identity of the woman going abroad and the purpose of coming to Qin.

But even so, Ying Zheng still loves her deeply, and believes that Mi Huasheng is pure and kind and will never help the Queen Mother Huayang. However, Yingzheng persuaded in every possible way, but Zhao Ji’s idea was still not changed, and she insisted on arranging marriage for Yingzheng, claiming that Princess Qi would arrive in Qindi in the near future.

Whether it is in consideration of the political relations of Qi State, or Zhao Ji’s deterrence and Zhong’s father’s power, the current Ying Zheng is like an ant trapped in the throne, which is controlled by others, it is difficult to break free from resistance, and there is nothing to do. Ying Xi looked at Ying Zheng in a daze, and couldn’t help but feel a lot of emotion. When did he also fall into the helplessness of the royal power, anyone who came over would experience this involuntary.

That night, Ying Zheng passed an oral order to Zhao Ji, claiming to be a “man”. Zhao Ji suddenly realized that she called Dong’er the next day, wanting to understand the situation from her mouth. She never expected that Dong’er had been with Yingzheng for many years and had never been called by him to go to bed. Seeing Dong’er unable to cry, Zhao Ji was a little soft-hearted, promising that she would be promised to Yingzheng in the future and get her due status, but she still needs to plan to let Yingzheng accept Princess Liqiu first.

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