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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 25 Recap

The huge city of Xianyang now has three sides withdrawing from each other. Foreign guests, clan and Chu family are all in this whirlpool, especially concerning the life-long events of King Qin. The most hostile people are the two in the inner palace.” Queen Mother”. After all, the status of the Queen Mother Huayang is respected, even if it is not what she used to be, she is still the Queen of the Pre-Qin Dynasty after all, and will suppress Zhao Ji everywhere.

Now Zhao Ji took the initiative to find the Queen Mother of Huayang, and she was so angry that she simply bet with her that if Ying Zheng marries Mi Hua, the Huayang Palace ban will be released. If it is changed to the Qiu Princess, then the Huayang Palace is subtracted. Half a cost. However, the Empress Dowager Huayang didn’t care about the cost issue at all. What she cared about was how to bring down Yingzheng, so that even Zhao Ji didn’t care about it.

In Zhangtai Palace, Qin Wangzheng forcibly detained Li Si and ordered him to make plans to resolve the matter of marrying his wife, otherwise he was not allowed to leave without authorization. As a minister of the Qin Court, Li Si shouldn’t have been involved in the affairs of men and women in the palace, but now he is forced by Ying Zheng’s prostitution, so he can only kneel down in front of the case with a frown, complaining repeatedly in his heart.

After some searching, Li Si proposed to marry the two together into the palace. Since it was for the beloved, he should not anger Zhao Ji, and thus cast a reputation for unfilial piety. Ying Zheng thought about it, but thought that there was nothing wrong with it. However, getting a wife was easy and difficult, and there were a lot of chaos in the harem.

Ying Zheng came up with a good strategy, and he urgently needed the support of Lu Buwei and Ying Sui, so he could go to Ying Su to explain the reason, but the responsibility of persuading Xiangbang would fall on Li Si. It can be said that the king wants his minister to die, and the minister must die. The meaning of death.

The prince of Chu, Jing Han, visited the Xiangfu in person, and then attacked on the side to find out that Zhao Ji had appointed a marriage partner for Ying Zheng. The other party was the princess of Qi, and his identity was definitely not comparable to Mi Hua. Mi Qi wondered whether Yingzheng was obviously affectionate for his daughter and why he would accept this arrangement. However, Prince Chu bluntly stated the problem and confirmed that Yingzheng was not in power.

Mihua stood by the window and saw her father and Prince Chu leave in a hurry. She felt very uneasy in her heart, but she still forced her composure. She even said that everything needs to be done with the flow. If Ying Zheng is determined, she will definitely come to pick her up.

At this time, Mi was overjoyed after hearing that the Queen Mother of Huayang wanted to establish a woman surnamed Mi. Even if the State of Qin engages in close and distant relations, it will never be possible to attack the country of in-laws. But when Huang Xie learned from Huang Xie that Princess Qi had arrived in Qin, Mi suddenly turned happy to worry, and immediately went to Xin Huayang, asking her to make sure that Mi Hua entered the palace, it was related to the safety of Chu country.

Guo Kai told Zhao Yan about the recent situation of Qin. Considering that Qin Qi would be disadvantaged by Zhao, he simply wanted to marry Zhao Yan’s sister to Ying Zheng, but Zhao Yan was scolded and angrily claimed that Zhao’s women were absolutely unique. Will not marry Qin people.

Li Si took the initiative to find Lu Buwei and persuaded him to support Yingzheng’s decision to marry a wife with the story of “three lice contending”. Lu Buwei is a wise man and naturally understands the meaning. If he truly marries the two daughters of Qi and Chu, he will not be guilty of each other, and he will be able to restrain each other, so that the queen will not be the queen.

Lu Buwei was successfully persuaded, and Li Si’s mission was completely completed. He hosted a banquet at the mansion that night, inviting all the classmates to have a good drink, and then began to discuss which one belonged to the long-term strategy. Li Si believed that the legalists applied to govern the country. As a result, Chunyu Yue had to entangle Confucianism with rituals and laws. It was not until Mu Ge interrupted the endless controversy that Li Si immediately urged Li Si not to forget Han Fei in the future.

Zhao Ji wanted to make Mi Hua embarrassed in public, and retired when she saw the difficulties, so she went to persuade her to stand on her side and held a banquet in the name of the clan to meet Princess Li Qiu, and asked Mi Hua to participate. Yingzheng sent people to ask for wins several times and was rejected. The meaning was self-evident, but it did not hinder his next plan.

On the day when Zhangtai Palace held a banquet, the officials came one after another. Mi Hua hadn’t seen Ying Zheng appearing for a long time, and wanted to go out and search, but unexpectedly met Zhao Ji head-on. Mihua has a straight-tempered temperament, and he is not humble, and he looks like Zhao Ji when he was young. Zhao Ji feels that Yingzheng sees people with similar eyesight to him, but it is a pity that such a beautiful woman came from Chu.

Because Mi Hua was repeatedly humiliated by Zhao Ji at the banquet, and the princess Qi was generous in the autumn, she was so intelligent and clever not to lose the man, so that she was a little embarrassed and ran away on the spot. Seeing this situation, Ying Zheng confessed a few words to everyone, and hurriedly chased after him. Zhao Ji was worried that Ying Zheng would be deceived by Chu women again and was about to stop him, but Lu Buwei did not expect that Lu Buwei would directly hold her.

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