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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 26 Recap

Lu Buwei intervened and reminded Zhao Ji not to forget her duty. The so-called duty was naturally that she had a humble background and was able to sit as a queen mother only by Yingzheng. If you are aware of current affairs, you may be able to enjoy your old age. Moreover, Zhao Ji is not foolish. It is natural to understand this simple reason. For the time being, he can only tolerate for the time being and know how to change.

Mihua intends to avoid trouble by herself, but it happens that she is able to speak well and coaxes her to the banquet, and her decision to marry her two daughters is clear. Speak to the public, and use the principles in “Lu Shi Chun Qiu” to persuade everyone that the promulgation of the new law will never stand after.

When Lu Buwei heard Qin Wangzheng praise his book, he must have laughed from ear to ear, and agreed. Ying Xisi and Wang Wan had previously entrusted them to immediately understand that they could only agree with Ying Zheng’s ideas. It is precisely because the Xiangbang Zonghou has no objections, and the other ministers also follow the trend. Even if Zhao Ji is reluctant, he still has to accept this result.

Soon, the Zhangtai Palace held a big wedding ceremony as scheduled, and hundreds of civil and military officials stood on the left and right sides of each station to congratulate together. The whole city was still immersed in joy, but Li Si did not slack off, and then went to Lu Buwei to plan and win the championship. According to Qin’s previous ritual system, the crowning of pro-government requires preparations for half a year in advance. Lu Buwei expressed hesitation and put it aside for the time being because of his impatience.

Now Chunping Jun is very eager to return to the country, and he can’t wait to write his mind on his face. Lu Buwei and Li Si rarely reach an agreement, and they are happy to hear about the chaos in Zhao’s country. No matter who is the king, it will inevitably end in the country. However, Li Si was still not right in front of Lu Buwei. After all, the two generations of the pre-Qin kings were weak and short-lived. Afterwards, he suspected that Zhao had other means, and all the inconveniences were inconvenient to talk to Xiang Bangming, and he simply hid it in his heart.

As Li Si expected, Zhao Wangyan wanted to attack Qin with an army. Zhao Deng went to Lubuwei’s house to confess his desire to return to the State of Zhao in the name of congratulating Yingzheng on his wedding. He took this opportunity to promise Lu Buwei that if he was sent back to China, Zhao Yan would be dissuaded from raising troops. , If you ascend the throne in the future, you can pass the city out.

As a result, Lu Buwei didn’t respond when he heard the words, but frowned. Zhao Ye saw his pierced look and couldn’t help but froze in place, thinking that the city alone could not satisfy the opponent. At the time when Zhao Yu’s thoughts were lost, Lu Buwei was unexpectedly turning his head and threatening to send soldiers to help him seize the seat. The truth was that he was pleasantly surprised and deeply honored.

Under Lu Buwei’s arrangement, Ying Zheng personally summoned Zhao Yu. Seeing that the arrogant prince of Chu, he has learned to look at people and is extremely humble. He even speaks with fear, especially that he has been allowed to return to the country. Can not help but bow with tears.

In Handan City, Zhao Yan heard that Zhao Tong was about to return from the journey, so he wondered how to deal with it. Many doctors in the dynasty are secretly collaborating with Zhao Tong for subversion. Zhao Yan couldn’t do anything about it. Guo Kaiku had no good plan, and he advocated a woman to take the opportunity to propose a plan to subdue Zhao Tong, but after the matter was over, Li Qian’er was the prince. Zhao Yan was forced to help but only agreed.

Chunping Jun Zhao Tong set off on a daily basis and was escorted all the way by the Qin Army. Just as he was still one day away from Handan, he suddenly saw a maid walking in the distance and actively invited Zhao Tong to go to Zhulin for the appointment. Zhao Yu didn’t understand the reason, and simply followed. Unexpectedly, there was a light gauze tent in the bamboo forest, and a woman’s sweet voice came from the tent, bewitching him to drink two milk wines in succession.

After getting drunk, Zhao Yan only felt hot and unbearable. After seeing the gauze tent, the shadows were hazy and he did not know his appearance. Advocating women seems to be good at guessing people’s minds, frequently guessing Zhao Tong’s true thoughts, and then giving him one last shot. Seeing the jade lotus root in front, it was so tempting, Zhao Yan was confused, and rushed forward to throw him down, seeking comfort, but was scratched by the advocating girl.

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