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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 40 Recap

Gao Jianling made Xu Xiulan’s favorite noodles and added Shanxi vinegar specially. Xu Xiulan said that the taste was not right after a bite. Gao Jianling hurried to fry the chili oil. Xu Xiulan wanted to chase him away. Gao Jianling was uneasy and told her a lot. Before leaving, Gao Jianling downloaded a game of Xiaoxiaole for Xu Xiulan to relieve her boredom. Xu Xiulan ate the familiar noodles, and tears filled her eyes. Guan Yuqing and Xu Qingfeng went home from get off work and were full of praise for Gao Jianling’s noodles. Xu Xiulan didn’t want to listen, so she hurriedly found excuses to go back to the house.

On the way out of the car, Guan Zhenlei saw a motorcycle rider hit an old man and escaped. Guan Zhenlei wanted to go and save him. He was worried that he would be ruined by the old man, but he could not help but call 120 first aid. Guan Zhenlei followed the 120 ambulance to Yanxi Hospital. The old man was still in a coma. The old man’s sons and daughters rushed over and insisted that Guan Zhenlei had hit his father. Guan Zhenlei desperately explained that he did not hit anyone, but they didn’t believe it at all. Guan Zhenlei asked them to call the police.

Xu Qingfeng learned that Guan Zhenlei was in trouble, and hurried over to see what happened. Guan Yongnian and Liu Shuqi came afterwards. They both believed that Guan Zhenlei had hit someone with a car. Although Guan Zhenlei defended in every possible way, they didn’t believe it at all and discussed compensation with the elderly’s children. The problem, Guan Zhenlei was very distressed, Xu Qingfeng saw everything in his eyes.

Xu Qingfeng couldn’t go home for a meeting. He wanted to order Xu Xiulan takeout, and Xu Xiulan wanted to solve it by himself. Gao Jianling bought a lot of fruits and vegetables to see Xu Xiulan and made delicious noodles for her. Guan Yuqing hurried home to cook for Xu Xiulan as soon as she got off the plane. Unexpectedly, Gao Jianling had done it. Guan Yuqing asked Gao Jianling to stay and eat together. Xu Xiulan disagreed. Gao Jianling had to leave. Guan Yuqing found that Xu Xiulan had taken three sets of dishes. Knowing that she still has Gao Jianling in her heart.

Xu Xiulan finally recovered from her foot injury. She returned to the dance training room for class. Xu Xiulan just wanted to dance with classmate Ding. Guan Yongnian tried his best to make Xu Xiulan and Gao Jianling dance together. Xu Xiulan couldn’t bear to see Gao Jianling alone without a partner, so she agreed to join him. Dancing, the two people cooperated tacitly and danced gracefully on the dance floor. Guan Yongnian took the opportunity to photograph this unforgettable moment.

At the end of the dance, Gao Jianling revealed one thing to Xu Xiulan. He contacted Guo Yan, his rumored girlfriend of the year, and wanted Guo Yan and Xu Xiulan to explain clearly. Xu Xiulan suddenly became angry, and left without looking back. Guan Yuqing discussed with Xu Qingfeng and wanted to bring Gao Jianling and Xu Xiulan back together. Xu Qingfeng persuaded Xu Xiulan to see Guo Yan, but Xu Xiulan never let go.

Gao Jianling came to see Xu Xiulan and brought Guo Yan with him. Xu Xiulan turned them away. Guo Yan wanted to explain to Xu Xiulan the misunderstanding 30 years ago. Xu Xiulan would not listen at all. Gao Jianling begged Xu Xiulan to give him a chance. , Xu Xiulan reluctantly agreed to let them in. Guo Yan utterly recounted the unbearable past. Her husband derailed and abandoned her cruelly. Guo Yan fell in love with Gao Jianling, who treated him, and chased him.

Gao Jianling was not moved, and Guo Yan took it. She went to see Xu Xiulan with the pregnancy test report of her sister and forced her to divorce Gao Jianling. The family found that Guo Yan had mental problems and sent her to a foreign country for treatment. Guo Yan later married and had a child. Recently, he received an email from Gao Jianling. Xu Qingfeng is about to get married, and Gao Jianling wants to give his children a complete home, and Guo Yan returns to China.

After Xu Xiulan heard Guo Yan’s statement, she yelled with anger. When Xu Qingfeng was just over one year old, she divorced Gao Jianling. She raised Xu Qingfeng by herself with hard work. She did not expect that it was a misunderstanding. Xu Xiulan told Guo. Yan hated her for ruining her home. Guo Yan couldn’t help but fell on her knees to get Xu Xiulan’s forgiveness. Xu Xiulan sent her away with hatred.

Xu Xiulan turned through the album and found the picture of Gao Jianling that she had cut off, feeling mixed. When Xu Xiulan woke up and saw Gao Jianling sleeping on the sofa, she silently stood by his side. Scenes from the past flashed before her eyes. Xu Xiulan’s heart was filled with mixed feelings, and she cherished the life before her.

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