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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 42 Recap

Xu Xiulan opened her heart to Xu Qingfeng and regretted being too strict with him. She always imposed her own judgment on Xu Qingfeng and put too much pressure on him. Xu Xiulan decided to let him and Guan Yuqing live their little life at ease, never Xu Qingfeng was very touched to intervene in their affairs again. Thanks to Xu Xiulan for her selfless dedication over the years, the mother and son cried.

Guan Yuqing went home from get off work, Gao Jianling hurriedly cooked noodles, and specially poured old vinegar on Xu Xiulan. When Xu Xiulan saw the whole family finally reunited, she was touched by the scene, and tears filled her eyes with excitement. Guan Yuqing took the opportunity to photograph this unforgettable moment, a family of four.

Have fun eating sliced ​​noodles. Guan Yongnian saw the photos of Guan Yuqing’s circle of friends and was also happy for their family. Guan Yongnian also wanted the whole family to have a reunion dinner with He Meimei. Liu Shuqi took the opportunity to persuade him to take the initiative to find Guan Yuqing and reconcile him. Guan Yongnian didn’t want to block Guan Yuqing. , To ask Liu Shuqi about the progress and wedding date of Guan Yuqing and Xu Qingfeng’s house decoration, and when they learned that they had not yet obtained the certificate, Guan Yongnian began to think about it.

The more Guan Yongnian thought about it, the more things went wrong, and he quickly called Guan Yuyun to find out the situation. Xu Qingfeng and Guan Yuqing accompany their parents to choose clothes for the wedding. When Guan Yuqing saw Xu Qingfeng helping Gao Jianling to organize his suits, she couldn’t help but think of Guan Yongnian, feeling sad, Xu Qingfeng saw everything in her eyes. At this moment, Xu Qingfeng received Liu Shuqi’s message and hurried out to attend the appointment. Liu Shuqi told him about the car accident that year. Guan Zhenlei and Guan Yuqing were dying. Guan Yongnian found that the blood type matches Guan Yuqing’s blood type, and asked the doctor to rescue Guan Zhenlei first. He lost 600cc of blood to Guan Yuqing, and both of them survived. Xu Qingfeng found out the truth and felt mixed.

Guan Yongnian came to the bridal shop and asked the staff about the wedding time of Guan Yuqing and Xu Qingfeng, and learned that they had already completed the preparations, because the woman’s guests hadn’t arrived yet and there was no specific time. Guan Yongnian wanted to come to the guest list and found out There were no names of him and Guan Zhenlei on it. The staff quickly realized that they had made a mistake and brought another list updated by Xu Qingfeng. Guan Yongnian saw that his name was written first, and Guan Zhenlei was also on the list. He just thought I called Xu Qingfeng, but Xu Qingfeng would call him to meet him.

Guan Yongnian came to see Xu Qingfeng on time and thanked Xu Qingfeng for putting him and Guan Zhenlei on the guest list. Xu Qingfeng persuaded him to have a good talk with Guan Yuqing. If he does not appear at the wedding, it will be Guan Yuqing’s lifelong regret, Guan Yongnian Acknowledging that she owed Guan Yuqing a lot for so many years and felt she was not worthy to go to the wedding, I asked Xu Qingfeng to make up for Guan Yuqing’s missing love. Xu Qingfeng vowed to make Guan Yuqing happy, and Guan Yongnian urged Xu Qingfeng to obtain the marriage certificate as soon as possible and stop delaying.

Xu Qingfeng sent Guan Yongnian home and gave him a suit. He was kindly invited to attend the wedding. Guan Yongnian politely declined. Xu Qingfeng persuaded him to tell him about the blood transfusion given to Guan Yuqing in the past, so as to resolve the misunderstanding between them. Guan Yongnian asked Xu Qingfeng to conceal the matter. It was the pain between their father and daughter. Guan Yongnian admitted that he was sorry Guan Yuqing, Xu Qingfeng handed him the suit and invited him to the wedding again.

Guan Zhenlei and his companions rushed to the patient in time for pre-hospital first aid. The patient turned to safety. The patient’s daughter thanked them very much. Guan Zhenlei was deeply moved. They just wanted to leave. Meng Qiang and his wife suddenly rushed to thank Guan Zhenlei for saving them. Father, they also misunderstood the perpetrators of Guan Zhenlei’s incident and promised to return all the medical expenses he paid in advance. Meng Qiang also gave Guan Zhenlei a silk banner, and Guan Zhenlei was relieved immediately. Suddenly, the companion received a call from the emergency center, and they went into new emergency work without saying a word.

Guan Yuqing and Xu Qingfeng, Gao Jianling and Xu Xiulan went to get the marriage certificate on the same day. The wedding was scheduled for the 16th of next month. Liu Shuqi and Guan Yunyu saw Guan Yuqing’s marriage certificate and were happy for them. Liu Shuqi wanted to go home to clean up the house. At that time Xu Qingfeng would come to pick up her relatives at home, Guan Yuqing had decided to let Xu Qingfeng meet her at the expert apartment, and Liu Shuqi had no choice but to give up. Guan Yuqing casually talked about Guan Zhenlei’s recent changes, Guan Yuqing didn’t believe it, and quickly turned the topic off.

Liu Shuqi and Guan Yunyu went home together. Guan Yongnian couldn’t wait to come to Guan Yuqing’s marriage certificate photo. He zoomed in a little bit and found that Guan Yuqing was thinner. Guan Yongnian became happier as he watched, tears in tears.

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