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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 39 Recap

Shi Lang sent people to invite two gods crossbow generals to kill Feng Xifan, Chen Jinnan and others. Chen Jinnan persuaded Shi Lang to return to Taiwan and restore the previous dynasty together. Shi Lang resolutely refused to do it and explained that they would be killed in fifteen minutes. Chen Jinnan overpowered Shi Lang with lightning speed.

Feng Xifan was angry about killing Shi Lang. Chen Jinnan didn’t want to kill the innocent. Feng Xifan became angry. He gave an order, and the four assassins rushed up together and surrounded Chen Jinnan. Chen Jinnan knocked them all out without a few tricks. Zheng Keshuang flicked back and forth, stabbing Chen Jinnan in the chest.

Wei Xiaobao was so angry that he rushed up to fight Feng Xifan desperately. The six wives rushed up to fight Feng Xifan. They were not Feng Xifan’s opponents at all. They could only retreat into the cave. Wei Xiaobao also hurried to follow up. Zheng Keshuang set fire at the entrance of the cave. Wanting to smoke out Wei Xiaobao and others, Wei Xiaobao came out with two guns, Feng Xifan and Zheng Keshuang kneeled in fright and begged for mercy.

Wei Xiaobao handed the two guns to Shuang’er. He immediately rushed to see Chen Jinnan. Chen Jinnan was dying because of his injuries. He ordered Wei Xiaobao to send Zheng Keshuang and Feng Xifan back to Taiwan, otherwise he would die. Chen Jinnan would die without saying the last word. Wei Xiaobao was so sad that he wanted to kill Zheng Keshuang. Zheng Keshuang was so scared to beg for mercy to remind Wei Xiaobao not to disobey his master’s orders. Wei Xiaobao forced him to repay ten thousand taels of silver. Zheng Keshuang actually wanted to pay off with Akko. Akko committed suicide.

Princess Jianning urged Wei Xiaobao to save A Ke. Because A Ke was pregnant with a child, Wei Xiaobao rushed forward and begged A Ke to stay by his side, promising to be good to both of them forever. A Ke had to admit that the child was Wei Xiaobao, Wei Xiaobao. Surprised and happy, somehow persuade Ak to come back.

Wei Xiaobao buried Chen Jinnan and asked Feng Xifan and Zheng Keshuang to kowtow at the grave. They promised to spare them their deaths. Zheng Keshuang must pay 3.8 million taels of silver. He also forced him to write IOUs on Chen Jinnan’s fan with blood from his fingers. Zheng Keshuang had to do so, and Wei Xiaobao asked Su Quan confirmed that they were correct and let them go. Feng Jizhong stopped Feng Xifan and Zheng Keshuang and wanted to kill them to avenge Chen Jinnan, but he was not Feng Xifan’s opponent, so he called Wei Xiaobao aside.

Feng Jizhong persuaded Wei Xiaobao to send Zheng Keshuang to the capital. The emperor would certainly not blame him for his past. Wei Xiaobao never expected that he was the emperor’s undercover agent. When the two of them were discussing countermeasures, Feng Jizhong and Zheng Keshuang had already escaped in a small boat. Up. Not reconciled in the wind, let Wei Xiaobao take over as the chief steward of the Tiandihui, lending Chen Jinnan the opportunity to go to the funeral, to wipe out all the disciples of the Tiandihui, and then go back to the emperor. Wei Xiaobao didn’t want to do such a conscientious thing. Pregnancy is not suitable for long-distance labor, and agreed to take a long-term plan.

Feng Jizhong held Wei Xiaobao, and Shuang’er and others came upon hearing the news and drew their guns at Fengji. Fengji forced her to put down the gun. Otherwise, they would kill Wei Xiaobao. Shuang’er had to follow suit and Fengji picked up the pistol. , Forced the six people in front of him to put down their weapons. Fengji found that one person was missing. Su Quan shot Fengji in the back. Princess Jianning picked up the pistol on the ground and found that he did not pull the trigger. Knocking down, hit Feng Jizhong’s back, he died instantly.

Shi Lang returned to Beijing to return to the emperor. The emperor was relieved to learn that Chen Jinnan was dead. He wanted Wang Jinbao and Zhao Liangdong to be held accountable. They were so scared that they knelt down and pleaded guilty and admitted that they had released Wei Xiaobao. The emperor sent them to lead a soldier.

Search for Wei Xiaobao’s whereabouts on one island. Wang Jinbao soon discovered Wei Xiaobao’s whereabouts. He was very pleasantly surprised. He ordered the officers and soldiers to surround him and circle him. Wei Xiaobao was so dizzy that he was dizzy. Princess Jianning came in time and taught Wang Jinbao severely and wanted to take Wei Xiaobao back. .

Wang Jinbao asked Zhang Kangnian to read the imperial decree. Wei Xiaobao opened the imperial decree. When he saw the tearful painting made by the emperor, tears filled his eyes. Zhang Kangnian took out the secret decree given to Wei Xiaobao by the emperor.

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