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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 40 Recap

The emperor did not blame Wei Xiaobao for his past and asked Wei Xiaobao to come back to participate in his big wedding. The emperor sent Wei Xiaobao to eradicate the World Club and then went to fight Wu Sangui. He promised to marry Princess Jianning to him, leaving Wei Xiaobao in a dilemma.

Wei Xiaobao barely accepted the imperial edict, but he had already made up his mind to resist the edict. He sent Zhang Kangnian away. Wei Xiaobao explained his thoughts to Wang Jinbao. He can’t be an unfaithful person. Please ask Wang Jinbao to return to the emperor. Otherwise, he will With death apologizing, Wang Jinbao persuaded Wei Xiaobao instead, and Wei Xiaobao went there and asked Wang Jinbao to accompany him to roll the dice. Princess Jianning, A Ke and Su Quan are all about to give birth. They screamed in pain. Wei Xiaobao vowed to be a cow and a horse to repay their great favor. Shuanger hurriedly helped the three of them deliver their babies and gave birth to three babies. Wei Xiaobao was speechless with excitement. ,

Soon after, the emperor sent Zhao Liangdong to the island to see Wei Xiaobao. Not only did he fail to punish him, he was appointed as a nobleman. Princess Jianning couldn’t wait to return to the capital. Zhao Liangdong was only ordered to bring people to protect Wei Xiaobao and also sent food and supplies. Wei Xiaobao was tired of the boring life on the island, and offered to lead troops to attack Wu Sangui. The emperor had guessed Wei Xiaobao’s mind and asked him to eradicate the Tiandihui before attacking Wu Sangui. Wei Xiaobao had to stay on the island.

Zhao Liangdong returned to Beijing to return to the emperor, and the emperor was angry that Wei Xiaobao was trapped on the island for a lifetime. Wei Xiaobao has nothing to do all day long. He is bored. He looks up to the stars and can’t help but thinks of the emperor. He has mixed feelings. At this time, the emperor is also sitting outside the palace, thinking of Wei Xiaobao, who is far away on the island, until he is too sleepy to open his eyes before returning rest.

Three years passed in a blink of an eye. The emperor sent troops to attack Wu Sangui and quickly defeated him. After that, he sent Shi Lang to attack Taiwan. Zheng Keshuang retreated without a fight. The emperor finally fulfilled his wish to regain Taiwan. He summoned the civil and military officials to discuss how to deal with the Taiwan issue.

Prince Kang suggested that the local military and civilians should be moved to the mainland and the island of Taiwan should be abandoned. Suo Etu agreed with Prince Kang’s idea. Tou Hai did not agree to waste money in this area. The pearl was ambiguous and could not say a practical way. The emperor didn’t know how to make a decision for a while, so he had to come back to discuss with the Queen Mother, not knowing who to send to deal with the Taiwan issue.

Today is the death day of the Nine Difficulties. Wei Xiaobao came to the grave to worship and cried to him about the boring life on the island. Wei Xiaobao ate fish every day and he almost vomited. At this moment, Shi Lang rowed a small boat to pass the decree to Wei Xiaobao, and the emperor gave Wei Xiaobao an official title. Wei Xiaobao knew that the emperor’s wish was over. Knowing that he would never go back, he had to come to Chen Jinnan’s grave and cry.

When Wei Xiaobao learned that Shi Lang was ordered to go to Taiwan, he resounded through you and sent back his body to let him return to his roots. Wei Xiaobao enthusiastically greeted Shi Lang to eat seafood, and Princess Jianning served him food. Shi Lang was flattered, and Wei Xiaobao agreed. The emperor gave him a few words in front of him, and he would soon become prosperous. Shi Lang was so grateful that he immediately decided to ask the emperor for his order and let Wei Xiaobao go to Taiwan with him. Princess Jianning helped out and claimed that too long time would cause others. Regarding Shi Lang’s gossip, Shi Lang considered repeatedly and decided to take Wei Xiaobao to Taiwan immediately.

Wei Xiaobao sent someone to carry Chen Jinnan’s body onto the boat, and together they embarked on the journey to Taiwan. Wei Xiaobao was worried that the trip would be too bad, so he settled Princess Jianning and the children in Zhigu. Su Quan and Fang Yi were willing to stay to protect Princess Jianning. Shi Lang, Wei Xiaobao and others soon came to the Luermen in Taiwan. The officers and soldiers greeted them and brought Taiwan special fruits.

When the emperor learned that Shi Langdai and Wei Xiaobao had gone to Taiwan, he couldn’t help but secretly joy. Shi Lang received a secret letter from the capital and learned that it was the emperor, think about Taiwan to abandon, and worried that foreigners would take the opportunity to attack Taiwan. He came to Wei Xiaobao overnight for help and explained the importance of Taiwan to Wei Xiaobao in detail, and hundreds of thousands of people in Taiwan also There will be no peace.

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