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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 41 Recap

Wei Xiaobao gave Shi Lang an idea and asked him to go to the capital to explain the situation in Taiwan to the emperor, so as to stop the rumors of hundreds of officials. Wei Xiaobao also asked Shi Lang to send a message to the emperor. He wanted to stay in Taiwan to comfort the people. Shi Lang immediately set off for his return to Beijing.

Shi Lang quickly returned to the capital and conveyed to the emperor Wei Xiaobao’s thoughts about staying behind. The emperor solicited the opinions of civil and military officials. Suo Etu and Prince Kang suggested sending someone to reprimand Wei Xiaobao. The emperor suspected that they had benefited from Wei Xiaobao. Other officials He suggested that Wei Xiaobao’s knighthood should be won. The emperor sought Mingzhu’s opinion. He was vague, just not showing his attitude.

The emperor decided to accept Wei Xiaobao’s suggestion to allow Taiwan’s military and civilians to stay behind instead of migrating to the mainland. Shi Lang thanked the emperor Longen for Taiwan’s military and civilians. As soon as Wei Xiaobao took office, he pardoned the prisoner in the prison. The Taiwan military and civilians gave him the Wanmin Umbrella. When the emperor saw this umbrella, he was full of praise for Wei Xiaobao.

The emperor sent Zhang Kangnian and Zhao Qixian to pick up Wei Xiaobao to Beijing. The two of them did not dare to delay. They came to Zhigu day and night. They couldn’t wait to take Wei Xiaobao back to Beijing. Wei Xiaobao had to go and change a clean dress. He secretly wanted to sneak away. Zhao Qixian caught it on the spot. Wei Xiaobao bought the hawker’s torn clothes and followed them back to Beijing.

Wei Xiaobao deliberately came to the palace with a sullen face and gave his waist card to the guards. The eunuch hurried out to greet him. Wei Xiaobao pushed the door and entered the South Study Room. When he saw the emperor napping on the tower, he fanned him. The emperor was awakened and saw him. The ragged Wei Xiaobao was surprised and delighted. Wei Xiaobao reported to him in detail the hardships and hardships along the way. The emperor severely taught Wei Xiaobao and complained that he came back too late. Wei Xiaobao hurriedly confessed his mistake.

The emperor learned that Wei Xiaobao already had three children, and was also happy for him. He did not expect that Princess Jianning, who has always been spoiled, could give birth to Wei Xiaobao. The emperor asked Wei Xiaobao to turn around the Wanmin Umbrella. He was full of praise for Wei Xiaobao’s great achievements, Wei Xiaobao reported. Taiwan’s military and civilians lived and worked in peace and contentment. The emperor thanked him and Shi Lang for their strong recommendation, so that the Taiwan military and civilians were moved to the mainland without labor and money.

Wei Xiaobao took the opportunity to confess his mistake to the emperor. He could not do justice and loyalty. The emperor didn’t really want Wei Xiaobao to go to the world meeting. He gave Wei Xiaobao a gift. Wei Xiaobao hurried out of the palace to get it. He didn’t expect it was Duo Long who was assassinated by him. Wei Xiaobao was so frightened that he thought that Duo Long was here to kill him. He was so scared that he hid away. Duo Long chased him, and Wei Xiaobao knew that Duo Long was not dead. He was ashamed.

Duolong blocked Wei Xiaobao. He only remembered that he drank with Wei Xiaobao and was assassinated afterwards. Fortunately, Duolong only got his kidneys stabbed. Duolong escaped. Wei Xiaobao repeatedly claimed that he killed the assassin. Duolong was ordered by the emperor. Mentioning the past incident again, he took Wei Xiaobao to see Suo Etu, Prince Kang and Tu Hai and others. They reunited with Wei Xiaobao after a long absence, and their excitement was beyond words.

Prince Kang, Suo Etu and others brought Wei Xiaobao to a big house, which was built by the emperor for Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao came in and saw that the maid and servants were old old people. Even the little monkey was there. Wei Xiaobao was excited. extremely.

Wei Xiaobao looked around and found 108 pink lanterns hung in the house. He felt that he had returned to his hometown of Yangzhou. The emperor also ordered a boat for Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao remembered the time when he was a child when he bought lotus roots with his mother by boat. Afterwards, Suo Etu, Prince Kang and others accompany Wei Xiaobao for a drink.

Wei Xiaobao suddenly remembered that Zheng Keshuang still owed him 3.8 million taels of silver. Suo Etu promised to help him get it. Wei Xiaobao took out the blood book Zheng Keshuang wrote on the fan. Etu felt that there was too much money and was worried that it would cause others to criticize. Wei Xiaobao agreed to distribute the money to their old men and brothers.

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