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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 42 Recap

After eating and drinking, Wei Xiaobao rushed home to greet the seven wives. Unexpectedly, the emperor was in his house, leading his three children to play games, and gave the jade pendant to the children. Wei Xiaobao was grateful, the emperor. I am very envious of the happy life of Wei Xiaobao’s wife and children around his knees. He rarely has the opportunity to get close to his prince. Su Quan sighed, Wei Xiaobao reminded her not to talk nonsense, but Su Quan gave her a severe lesson. The emperor did not expect Wei Xiaobao to be too. People who are afraid of their wives can’t help laughing.

Before leaving, the emperor told Princess Jianning a thousand exhortations, and gave her a token, which could give orders to Wei Xiaobao, and also chop him first and then play. Princess Jianning was given the token to each sister. They gave Wei Xiaobao a lot of complaints and Wei Xiaobao complained. Not overlapping. The emperor called Wei Xiaobao into the palace, named him Lu Ding Gong, and commanded the three water armies to attack the northern ministries. The emperor made it clear that only victory is not allowed. Wei Xiaobao wanted to take the twins to the battle and bring the 500 rattan soldiers brought back from Taiwan. , The emperor fully agreed and asked him to take a look at his fief Ludingshan.

The emperor pleaded for Zheng Keshuang and advised Wei Xiaobao not to ask him to settle accounts. Wei Xiaobao was not convinced, but he did not dare to disobey the order. Princess Jianning and others also wanted to go to war with Wei Xiaobao, but Wei Xiaobao disagreed, and they left with anger. Soon afterwards, Wei Xiaobao led the Qing army to the north. He was asleep in the carriage, and the road ahead was narrow, so Wei Xiaobao had to go down and ride a horse.

Princess Jianning couldn’t get used to eating peppers, so she asked Su Quan for money to buy food. Su Quan refused to give it. Princess Jianning took out the token, but they ignored them and continued to talk about the wine. At this moment, Nine Difficulties sent someone in and gave Ake a book and a letter. Ake didn’t say anything to save them to find Nine Difficulties, but she had already disappeared. Ake opened the letter, feeling sad. Distressed.

As soon as Wei Xiaobao arrived at the front line, he collected materials from the local area, built high platforms with ice, condescendingly, shelled the enemy camp, and quickly won the first big victory. He used paintings to convey the battle report to the emperor, and the emperor happily closed his mouth from ear to ear. In front of Baiguan, he was full of praise for Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao took Shuang’er to visit Luding Mountain. Zhang Kangnian and Zhao Qixian followed closely. Wei Xiaobao and Shuang’er hurriedly came to the foot of Pinglu Dingshan, where the snow is white and the land is sparsely populated. There are many deer shuttled in the snow. Wei Xiaobao is not happy Win.

Wei Xiaobao endured the severe cold and finally came to Ludingshan with the twins. They lighted the torch and admired the beauty of Ludingshan. The twins took out the treasure map and Wei Xiaobao threw it into the fire on the spot. Wei Xiaobao returned triumphantly, and the six wives went out to welcome him together. The emperor ordered him to be a first-class deer daddy, and counted the credit for putting down Wu Sangui, killing Chen Jinnan and Feng Jizhong.

Wei Xiaobao could not wait to take his wife back to the mansion when he suddenly saw Mao Shiba guarding at the gate of the mansion. Mao Shiba shouted at him and wanted to kill him to avenge Chen Jinnan. Wei Xiaobao defended him repeatedly, but he didn’t listen at all, and stepped towards Wei Xiaobao. Pressing on, the seven ladies rushed forward to block Wei Xiaobao.

Mao Shiba never did anything with a woman. He yelled and threw the knife in his hand on the ground. The people onlookers believed it was true and cursed Wei Xiaobao for being a seller, and threw rotten vegetable leaves at him. Wei Xiaobao was so scared that he hurried back to the house and brought Mao Shiba in with him.

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