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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 25 Recap

I heard that Dongyue was going to get married, Xiao Wenxin sent a little rabbit that she made. The bride had a gift but the groom had nothing. He asked for a few words and was scolded by Xiao Wenxin. It made a dignified face. . However, the child is so frank, much better than his father Wen Ye. Wen Ye has been collecting evidence of Feng Xi. There must be a conflict between them, but Feng Xi hopes that it is better not to involve Dongyue and Wen Xin.

The third prince found Fang Yuan, and now he is no longer a leftist, and it is convenient to dispatch him. The ordnance has been ordered to Wen Ye to be taken to the prison of the Criminal Ministry. By then, as long as Feng Xi comes to robbery, he will not escape. In the late night of Wenfu, Dongyue came to visit. Wen Ye didn’t want to ask her to come in to talk, but Dongyue said it was about the three princes, so he asked for half a chat. Please don’t bring down Feng Xi. Even if he succeeds, everyone will only think that he is the one party of the left. It was then that the three princes were really killed.

But Wen Ye asked himself to be innocent in the world, he had no shame in his heart, and was stubborn. He was afraid that he had forgotten Yin Lan back then, a wife who was born in fireworks was an indelible stain to Wen Ye. No one cared about her, causing her to die in depression. This stabbed Wen Ye’s pain point and backfired. Wen Ye was determined to transport the ordnance to the prison of the Criminal Ministry, and he would never give Feng Xi a chance. Without a lot of speculation, Dongyue had to say goodbye and returned to Feng Mansion. She was in a trance, remembering how coldly Wen Ye dealt with her on the day her mother died, and how she treated her mercilessly. Feng Xi was thinking about her. She didn’t even notice it in the room.

Knowing that Dongyue went to Wen Ye to intercede for him, Feng Xi originally thought she was suspicious, but after thinking about it carefully, how could Dongyue believe that he could ask Wen Ye to stop? She was curious about Wen Ye from the beginning. It’s weird, and evil is everywhere. After repeated questioning, I realized that Wenye is Wenxin’s father, and Dongyue is Wenxin. It’s just Dongyue’s father eight years ago. She came back eight years later. The reason why she can foresee the future is because she has indeed experienced it. .

Since it was Master Yue Zhang, he couldn’t count Murong Yi’s killing without mercy before. He had to stop Murong Yi before he killed Wen Ye. Riding a horse at night, just to block Murong Yi’s ultimate move, who knows that the mantis is behind to catch the cicada and the oriole, the leftist party has been waiting for a long time, Feng Xi has an arrow in the left chest, the situation is critical, and he released the mist bomb Separated from Murong Yi, not only took advantage of the chaos to steal weapons, but also saved Wen Ye’s life.

Dongyue waited for a long time, and it was the injured Feng Xi who was waiting for him to come back. He carefully prescribed good medicine for him. Feng Xi had to dress before going to Pingkangfang to do a full alibi. In front of the emperor the next day, the three princes said that Feng Xi had robbed the weapon, but he took all the evidence, and everyone in Pingkang Fang knew that Feng Xi went to drink wine last night, and Dongyue immediately slapped Feng Xi with a slap. The two began to flirt in front of the emperor. At this time Fang Yuan saw him and said that the assassin who hijacked the car yesterday had an arrow in his left chest. Just look at whether Feng Xi has an arrow wound on his body. A joke, how can a dignified man show his breasts, and who Fang Yuan is, he is not qualified to instruct Feng Xi to inspect his clothes.

Since Fang Yuan didn’t have it, the three princes always had it. He pulled off Feng Xi’s collar and saw the holly flower pierced on his chest. No one knows that this holly flower was pierced by Feng Xi last night after drinking, and Feng Xi’s chest can’t be touched except Dongyue. He took Dongyue’s hand and pierced a bunch of holly little by little. . But the assassin was injured on the left chest, and Feng Xi’s tattoo was also on the left chest. Whether it was too coincidental or not, the third prince continued to doubt, but Zuoxiang stopped his hands deliberately, saying that everything was a misunderstanding. Instead of suspicion, he spent his time trying to capture the real murderer. let’s go.

Emperor Nian devoted himself to Fang Yuan, and after serious consideration, he decided to resume his position as the right minister. Turning around, the three princes asked about the right counterpart, and then more cross-examination would be able to force Feng Xi to leak his feet, why he stopped. After all, the right phase has been in officialdom for several years, and he knows that it takes seven inches to fight a snake, and it doesn’t take Feng Xi how long to have a painless ordnance. It is better to consider it slowly from a long-term plan. Moreover, the emperor also knew that the court is now dominant, and it is time to regain control and balance with it.

The three princes returned to Yufeng Pavilion and felt sad again, thinking of all the past, the umbrella that was broken by the rain, the holly flower, and Dongyue’s worried expression for Feng Xi. At this time, Qing Xiao took the Qing Ci of the month, and the third prince looked at it. Without the next step, from now on there will be no more incompetent prince who can only transcribe Qing Ci. If he needs to write a pen, then At that time, he only wrote emperor and government decrees.

Today, when Dongyue was flirting and cursing in front of the emperor, Dongyue suddenly slapped it. Feng Xi was so incomprehensible to Dongyue at that moment, which made him puzzled. When Feng Ziyuan came to see him, he asked whether his appearance was aging. Feng Xi never cared about this, and now he asked Feng Ziyuan to help him pull out some white hair. Back to her room, Feng Ziyuan received a letter from Dao Le saying that he had arrived in Huainan, so Feng Ziyuan placed a paper crane in Huainan on the map. Feng Xi began to eat the bird’s nest. He always felt that he was aging quickly recently, and Dongyue would not grow old, and he was aging faster than Dongyue. This was a blow to him.

Wen Xin wanted to go out to play with the third prince and Dongyue. Wen Ye didn’t allow him, and Wen Xin contradicted him. Wen Ye ordered him to be locked into the small black room. Xiao Wen Xin stubbornly helped the door crack to get a glimmer of light. The helpless person was small and weak, and after all, she couldn’t hold her back, her fingers were pinched, and the pain caused her to shrink back. Dongyue in Feng’s mansion also immediately retracted her grinding hands.

Wenxin in the small black room was breathless, and Dongyue in Feng’s mansion was also breathing hard. Dongyue thought carefully, it must have happened to Xiao Wenxin, immediately Feng Ziyuan was sent to Wenfu to save people, but the door of the little black house was kicked open, and Xiao Wenxin had already fainted inside.

The reason why Wen Xin was afraid of the small black room was completely the shadow left by her childhood. The first time she was locked up was when her mother passed away. Wen Ye locked her in the small black room.

At that time, she was really helpless and lost since childhood. Mother was insecure, and she was even more afraid of it because she was abandoned in the small black house. In fact, Feng Xi was the same. He lost his mother when he was young, but he always remembered the story his mother told him. As long as he thought of this story, he felt at ease. But Dongyue’s mother doesn’t tell stories, she will only take her to fly a kite, so it is better to wait for Wen Xin to wake up and go to fly a kite.

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