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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 26 Recap

I said I was going to fly a kite together, but Feng Xi suddenly had some official duties to deal with, so she temporarily left Dongyue and Xiao Wenxin to rest in a sugar shop on the street, and came to pick them up an hour later. But Dongyue waited for a day and didn’t see Feng Xi, so she had to send Xiao Wenxin back to Wen’s house before dark. Wen Ye was very old-fashioned. When he saw Dongyue sent back to Wen Xin, he first questioned how Wen Xin ran out. Yes, I feel that Dongyue loves to ask him about Wen’s family affairs too much. Even the kite Dongyue gave to Wenxin is not allowed to her accept, so she dragged her daughter into the mansion.

Feng Xi stayed in Feng Mansion yesterday, but couldn’t find Dongyueren. At the moment, seeing Dongyue come back, he asked. Dongyue is also strange. Feng Xi said yesterday that after an hour, they would be picked up to fly a kite. The two of them waited for a day in the sugar shop. However, Feng Xi didn’t have any impression of what to wait for, what to fly a kite. Dongyue brought the kite he personally prepared, but Feng Xi couldn’t remember it.

Xiao Wenxin went to the field. She liked the kites soaring in the sky very much. There were many children flying kites in front of them. Suddenly the kites fell and Wen Xin ran to help them pick them up. Unexpectedly, these little children were not grateful, but also said she was a wild child without parents. Just when everyone was talking about her, Feng Ziyuan came with an exquisitely made butterfly kite, followed by Lu Chuan. They came to apologize for Feng Xi, and they missed an appointment with the child yesterday. So I gave her a unique kite and Chidou Lantern Festival as a gift.

There were a few more free figures in the field. Lu Chuan held the kite high, and Feng Ziyuan helped Xiao Wenxin tie the string. She just left the spool and ran freely, everything looked free and interesting. Finally, Xiao Wenxin was relieved. After returning to the mansion for business, Feng Ziyuan worried about another matter. Daole hadn’t sent a letter back for a long time. Even Feng Xi asked about it. This matter became more worrying. . Just then there was a letter sent, Feng Ziyuan was very happy, and he could open the letter, which contained a paper crane with blood. When she asked her to meet at Pingkangfang, Daole must have something wrong.

Sure enough, Chi Jinhai was waiting for her here, saying that if she wanted to save Dao Le, she would trade Feng Xi’s life in exchange for asking her to betray Feng Xi. It happened that Feng Xi was going to Lu Yuantong at the Zhuming Station tomorrow. He ordered Feng Ziyuan to go with him, and by the way, he informed Fu Yuanshan to take action early. Sooner or later, the ordnance in Lu Yuantong’s hand would be a scourge. Only by taking this opportunity to destroy it would he be safe. Feng Ziyuan informed Chi Jinhai of the matter, so the left minister also came to Zhuming Station the next day, searched the storehouse of the station, and found that the ordnance was mixed in the tea pile. The evidence was conclusive. This time, the left minister was bound to win.

Lu Yuantong was drinking tea in the inn, and suddenly the door of the room was kicked open by the left. This posture made it clear that he was here to cure him. Feng Xi also came to the station at this time. It was good. I was worried that he would not be able to catch it all at once. There was evidence in the station storehouse. The leftist was also confident with one enemy and two, but a sudden loud noise made him panic. How did he know that Feng Xi came with Fu Yuanshan, and he came to deal with Zuo Xiang, Fu Yuanshan took advantage of everyone’s lack of preparation to light up all the firearms and weapons, and said to Lu Yuantong that he would rather destroy it than fall into Zuo Xiang’s hands. , So no one can blame him.

Feng Ziyuan sneaked into Zuoxiang’s Mansion and rescued Daole single-handedly. She was injured in an arm and jumped out of Zuoxiang’s mansion with Dao Le. After the doctor of Feng’s mansion, Feng Ziyuan was relieved. This time, thanks to Feng Ziyuan’s news, Zuo Xiang made a fool of herself. When Feng Xi and Feng Ziyuan talked about Zhuming Station that day, Feng Ziyuan was hesitant to tell Chi Jinhai to threaten her with Dao music. I told Feng Xi that Feng Xi could play a play with Feng Ziyuan and trick Zuo Xiang to Zhuming Station.

When Dao Le woke up again and saw Feng Ziyuan dozing off at the end of his bed, it must have been too exhausting to take care of him. This time going out to do errands is different. This time Dao Le has expectations, looking forward to sharing with Feng Ziyuan, looking forward to the situation when we meet again. Feng Ziyuan knew Dao Le’s thoughts and soothed him to rest, but when he left the room, there was some unnoticeable sadness in his eyes.

The incident of the ordnance explosion reached the emperor’s ears yesterday, and Feng Xi was still able to make his own explanations in the face of the left’s doubts. He also went to investigate the ordnance after receiving the tip. After all, it is understandable to prove his innocence, and Lu Yuantong rushed back because of the bandits in the suburbs of Beijing. Although he made some fuss, it was better than being put on a hat of treason. The emperor gave Lu Yuantong a small punishment, and ordered him to think about it in a mansion on the outskirts of Beijing, so that he could detain him for a while.

For Feng Xi’s cunning tactics, Dongyue had already practiced the skill at a glance. He provoked Lu Yuantong to oppose the emperor and Zuoxiang, but he was not guilty of anyone. As the two came to the gate of Yueyuan Garden together, Feng Xi couldn’t remember the intention of deliberately typosing when seeing the plaque with a profound meaning, and she missed some craftsmen.

Feng Xi forgot about the past and soon became known by Daole Feng Ziyuan. They deceived Feng Xi to speak out, and just use the expression and face to persuade Feng Xi, and only then invited the doctor to treat him, in order to prevent Feng Xi from spreading. For fear of old age and indiscriminately go to the doctor, the doctors Dole and they invited are covered with their heads.

Several doctors treated for a long time, and concluded that Feng Xi had no memory problems, and he was still in the mood to ask the doctor for some prescriptions for eternal youth. At the end of the symptom development, Feng Xi directly regarded Dongyue as a servant. After thinking about it carefully, Feng Xi has no memory of other things, except that Dongyue is forgotten. Perhaps only Dongyue can heal him.

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