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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 27 Recap

Dongyue called everyone to rehearse a shadow play together, just like Xiyueji, but more real than Xiyueji. It was about everything he and Feng Xi had experienced along the way. Maybe Feng Xi watched this play. Can remember. So Dongyue really served Feng Xi like a maid, asking her to sit down and watch the show. It’s just that Lu Chuan Daole and the others didn’t rehearse the play well. Feng Xi found it boring. Dongyue ran to count the people who were still arguing behind the scenes. Then Lu Chuan and Feng Ziyuan came to the stage, and they played Feng. The conversation between Xi and Dongyue.

It’s just that what Lu Chuan said was not what Feng Xi had said at the time, but the situation and the scene were very familiar. Feng Xi remembered it all at once, and remembered it all back to his mind. He finally remembered it. In the past few days, the time he can think of Dongyue is getting shorter and shorter, just now he was only a servant girl. But tomorrow Feng Xi will forget him again. Dongyue is very worried, but Feng Xi feels that it doesn’t matter. Forgetting it once does not mean loving him again. Even if he loses his memories, Feng Xi is not afraid, he is afraid that Dongyue is not in his body. side. So the two waved their shadow puppets together, played the holly blossoms when they first met that day, and finally kissed each other.

Daole discovered that Feng Ziyuan was a little worried recently, for some reason. The fireflies were slowly around them that night, but she was unwilling to catch one in her hand, saying that she was looking at it from a distance, and Doraku couldn’t understand what she was talking about. I saw Feng Ziyuan hurriedly leave, returning to the room to lock herself in. Later that day, Jinhai looked for Feng Ziyuan to prevent her from having ulterior motives and gave her poison. After the incident, there will be an antidote. If something happens, she will die within a month. As a result, she ruined the Zuoxiang’s plan. There is no antidote to nature. Why do you still give Daoraku unlimited hope if you know you are going to die? She took off the red string, this time she might be missing the appointment.

Feng Xi stared at Dongyue every day and painted her every bit. There is a picture of Dongyue painted bloated and fat, Dongyue is not happy, and the inscription on the side is Feng Xi is the big fat man, and the two of them play like this. Make a noise. Afterwards, Feng Xi’s study room was filled with a lot of papers, covering the entire roof, and each one remembered a little thing about the winter moon, from the red bean lantern festival to the tattoos. There were all their memories hanging there. After Madam Rou and the two went to the study, they also saw these notes.

Daole used the wine to dissipate his sorrows and happened to meet Lu Chuan. She was acting with Feng Ziyuan. The love and affection of the acting was very intoxicated. Only the roots of his teeth were itchy. Now that Lu Chuan was caught, the two of them fisted and guessed the wine. When Dao Le came back to find Feng Ziyuan, his eyebrows were already red and swollen. He said that the bee was stung, and then he took Feng Ziyuan to the outskirts of the woods. Taking advantage of the night to release a bottle of fireflies, Feng Ziyuan obviously likes it very much, but suddenly he pretends to be indifferent as if being imprisoned, and only tears in his eyes when Daole is not paying attention.

The next day Daole asked Feng Ziyuan to watch the sunset. Feng Ziyuan said that he would not go away, so Daole went to the street to buy medicine for her, but she met Feng Ziyuan here. She was looking at a pair of earrings in a daze. , Seems to hide from him and deliberately called sick. Daole handed the medicine package to Feng Ziyuan and left. Feng Ziyuan had a headache. Chi Jinhai didn’t lie, and she might not have much time to take the medicine. Since this is no longer a drag on Dao Le, only more hate can completely break his attachment.

Feng Xi invited a painter to make a portrait of them to commemorate the dress she wore when she saw Dongyue for the first time. When the neck of Dongyue Station became sour, Feng Xi ordered the painter to come back tomorrow, and she would never let Dongyue suffer any grievance. In Feng Ziyuan’s room, Daole came to give her earrings that day, but she insisted that she didn’t like the earrings. Not only did she dislike the earrings, but she didn’t even wear the red string that Daole gave. This obviously meant something like this. Le is still entangled, that is ignorant of etiquette. In this way, she resented Daole’s kindness and left herself in tears in the room.

In the garden of Feng Mansion, Daole saw that Feng Xi’s pursuit of Dongyue was so clever. He locked her between the stone table and her arms and kissed her lingeringly. He couldn’t help feeling that he had learned it. So he also asked Feng Ziyuan to come under the flower tree, ready to take advantage of the beautiful scenery of this good day to give a kiss, but Feng Ziyuan pushed him away, wondering why Feng Xixing could not.

The semi-finished painting has yet to be completed. Feng Xi was about to record a note to remind himself, but he forgot about it halfway through the writing. He anxiously remembered that he was so anxious that he vomited blood, which really frightened Dongyue.

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