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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 28 Recap

Mrs. Rou seized this frustrated opportunity of Feng Xi and finally took action. When Dongyue came to give Feng Xi soup again, Feng Xi forced herself to vomit blood because she tried so hard to remember the past. Besides, Feng Xi is arrogant, and now he is giving the soup to remind him that he is a useless person with a damaged memory. Doesn’t that mean that he is making Feng Xi cheap, so this bowl of soup that Feng Xi loves was never given out.

The emperor was also anxious to get angry. It was from the left minister that Feng Xi was the remnant of the Ming family. Now that he has been reinstated for so long, there has been no progress at all. The emperor will revoke him when he draws a pen. Promise to find evidence within three days. Once back to the mansion, he first confided Chi Jinhai and asked him to search for Feng Xi’s unknown secrets. Chi Jin Haijing collected some Feng Xi’s Fengyue past, and it was of no use whether it was painful or itchy. As he was counting down, the third prince suddenly visited and said that he had a way to open Feng Xi’s mouth, and it only took a day.

So the three princes made an appointment with Dongyue and stunned her. Feng Xi had been looking for Dongyue for a long time, and she was already a little worried, but Chi Jinhai came to the mansion and asked him to talk to Zuo. At that time, he forgot Dongyue again. Zuo Xiang invited him to an other courtyard on the outskirts of Beijing. He also asked the emperor to listen at the door inside. Feng Xi saw Dongyue tied to a chair when he came, but he was indifferent. Huo answered his three questions. The first two questions Feng Xi admitted that Anhou and Yinshi were both harmed by him, but that can be said to be an abolition to the country. For the last question, Zuo Xiang asked him if he knew the remnants of the family, and who would admit that he was a remnant, Feng Xi naturally smiled and denied it.

Obviously, Dongyue could not threaten Feng Xi. He only found it boring, and then walked out of the other yard swaggeringly. The emperor was furious, but he had nothing to gain. The third prince immediately released Dongyue. She returned to Feng’s mansion and saw the blood-stained notes in the study. Feng Xi was still thinking about the things mentioned in these notes, thinking about vomiting blood. She admitted that the past was wonderful, but if she remembered that the price was Feng Xi’s life, then she would let go without hesitation. After making up his mind, Dongyue found Mrs. Rou and asked her to do something. She was leaving. On the last night of Feng Mansion, Dongyue remembered the notes one by one and burned them one by one.

She blew the white jade flute and left by herself. Feng Xi saw her leaving, and saw half a piece of paper blown by the wind at her feet. Madam Rou came here, and Feng Xi could not pick up the broken piece of paper. . The next day, Jiading drove Dongyue out of the gate of Feng’s mansion, and Mrs. Rou spread out her marriage repentance in front of everyone, announcing that Dongyue would leave the mansion. But Dongyue knew that it was not Feng Xi’s handwriting at a glance, but she still pretended to be disappointed until the door of Feng Mansion was closed, and she saw Feng Xi’s in the last bit of a narrow gap. Blank face.

Dongyue moved back to the small courtyard that Lu Chuan rented to her at the beginning. Maybe Feng Xi no longer has any weaknesses after she leaves, so she can not be harmed by others, and can live faster. The Xiyueji in the troupe was still singing, and Dongyue also came to listen, except that Feng Xi was no longer with Feng Xi, but a cold wall pillar.

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