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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 29 Recap

The third prince looked for Dongyue for a long time, and finally remembered that she had lived in this small courtyard at first, and then he found it, and Dongyue was indeed here. He said that Yufeng Pavilion would welcome her anytime, but Dongyue was stubborn and unwilling, and he couldn’t force it. Feng Xi heard the sound of the flute yesterday, and asked Mrs. Rou but couldn’t make it clear, he only felt that he was lost. Everyone knew about Dongyue’s existence, but they all concealed it from Feng Xi, not only others, but Dongyue herself deliberately disappeared.

The previous Kyoto chat talks about Feng Xidongyue’s deep affection, so Dongyue asked Lu Chuan to recycle and deal with it, and Daoraku also came to help. Daole flipped through the collected books and found Feng Ziyuan’s book. A lot of Lu Chuan was still thinking about Feng Ziyuan, so Daole raised his hand when he saw Lu Chuan.

Feng Xi came to Lu Yuantong’s mansion tonight and informed him of the good news that Lu Shizi has assembled an army in Liyun, and now he only needs a righteous name to do the east wind to make a big thing. In fact, Dongfeng was already in hand, and Haoshan Kingdom’s Shushu was in Lu Yuantong’s hands. By this incident, the emperor, the faint king who killed his loyal ministers, was justified. When Zuo Xiang and him were still under the command of General Ming, Haoshan Kingdom’s letter of submission was replaced by a fake letter through his hands. After half a month, Lu Shizi brought the letter to Beijing, and success or failure would be the result of this.

After Dongyue read Xiyueji and went out of the theater, Feng Xi went out of the Hou Mansion after discussing the major event. The two of them passed by like this, but they didn’t even know it. Dongyue looked forward to it while frustrated. Feng Xi really forgot her. . The chopped jade pendant was patched up and patched, and the past portrait painted by Feng Xi was held in his hand. The past seemed to be vivid, and Dongyue was turning over it, leaving her sad.

I asked the artist to paint the portrait before, and Madam Rou hung it in Feng Xi’s study room, but it was Feng Xi standing shoulder to shoulder with Madam Rou in the portrait. The painting was changed, but Feng Xi did not know. It just felt wrong intuitively, so he ordered someone to hang the painting in Madam Rou’s room. When sleeping at night, Feng Xi habitually touched under the pillow, but there was nothing. He vaguely remembered that he had pressed a book under the pillow and had a holly flower tattoo on his left chest. He went to ask Daole. Daole decided to hide it for Dongyue, so he said that this was a tattoo for Mrs. Rou.

Now, there are only Madam Rou and Feng Xi in the house. Feng Xi, who has a memory loss, would have missed such a good opportunity, picked a more revealing dress, and went to Feng Xi’s room. Snuggling in his arms after a few words, Feng Xi always felt something weird, saying that he had liked Madam Rou before, but why did he feel so indifferent to Madam Rou. Madam Rou failed to seduce her twice and had to leave.

Daole looked for a faceless wooden sculpture in the grass and trees in the garden. The maid who cleaned up the room saw that the wooden sculpture was extremely ugly. She thought it was Daole’s unnecessary and picked it up, and was stopped by Feng Ziyuan. Only he knew that this was because Dao Le hadn’t finished carving, so she took over and went back to the room and carve it into the night. Now she has started coughing up blood, but still insists on carving the wood.

Lu Chuan sent holly flowers to relieve Dongyue’s boredom. Her skill in cutting flowers and arranging flowers is really bad. The strange holly flower basket is not even satisfactory to her, so Xiao Wenxin wants to take her to the flower fair. As long as you bring a pot of flowers, you can enter the flower fair. In fact, Xiao Wenxin values ​​the cakes there more. So this potted flower came to the Flower Fair, and the three princes also came, not to mention that Feng Xi and Madam Rou also came.

Xiao Wenxin was lively, and accidentally broke a pot of flowers. One of the twelve flowers was missing, and he couldn’t care about so many in a hurry. Lu Chuan put the flowers of Dongyue as a substitute on the table of the flower conference. No one would vote for such an unstructured flower arrangement, but someone who knew it would appreciate it. Madam Rou was very dissatisfied with this person, but it was Feng Xi who unexpectedly made her feel embarrassed. Feng Xi was also surprised. Didn’t she say that Madam Rou liked holly flowers? Why was she so angry at the flower fair.

The three princes sent Dongyue a new pot of holly flowers, the flower arrangement style is exquisite and beautiful. There is another thing. Lu Yuantong’s forces are mobilizing and ready to go. At this time, it is less than three months before the Dingyuan Rebellion that Dongyue said.

Today, despite the imperial decree, the Zuoxiang also came to the Hou Mansion to discuss important matters with Lu Yuantong. He told Lu Yuantong that Feng Xi was a descendant of the Ming family. They secretly exchanged the surrender book to attract the Ming family to be wronged. Now Feng Xi will do everything possible to deceive the family. The book finally proves the innocence of the Ming family. The most important thing at the moment is to prevent Feng Xi from getting the letter from Lu Shizi. They decided to use the book as bait to lure Feng Xi into the bait. At this moment, Feng Xi also swears in front of the relatives of the clan that he will get the letter of surrender at that time, and he will avenge the grievances, and then he held a seal high.

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