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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 30 Recap

Dongyue came to Lu Yuantong’s mansion quietly. He was originally to spy on Lu Yuantong. Unexpectedly, he heard Zuoxiang’s plan to go to Qianqiumen by mistake. Moreover, Zuoxiang was sitting in the carriage of the three princes. Could the three princes also be involved Among them, she decided to follow up and have a look. Zuo Xiang ordered Chi Jinhai to transfer some outstanding assassins from the eagles, and kept lying in ambush at Qianqiumen, waiting for the ambush.

Feng Xi went to face alone and saw Lu Zhengming’s son and the copy of the letter of surrender. He was just waiting for him to return the letter of surrender to Lu Zhengming when the people of the left minister killed him. These people did not care about Lu Zhengming’s life and death. The knife saw blood, if Lu Zhengming died, this life Lu Yuantong would definitely be counted on Feng Xi’s head. At this moment, Feng Xi had to take care of Lu Zhengming’s life and death in addition to self-protection. At this time, Dongyue threw down a firearm and drove a carriage to pick up Feng Xi and Lu Zhengming while the smoke was everywhere.

Although Feng Xi didn’t catch it, the left-hand party insisted on picking a fake witness from Ying Xiao, Lu Kang. He told the third prince that it was Lu Zhengming’s personal guard, and the third prince only had a witness, so he took Lu Kang. He went to see the emperor and accused Feng Xi of murdering his son, so the emperor ordered the search for his son and arrested Feng Xi.

As soon as he saw Feng Xiluo, he was in a hurry to get down, but was stopped by the three princes. He was very indifferent to the inflicting behavior of the three princes. On the contrary, he also hated the indecision of the three princes. Lu Kang is a fake from Yingwei, so Lu Zhengming must not be allowed to come back alive. At the same time, he has to hunt down Feng Xi and return the book.

Lu Zhengming was seriously injured. The carriage was running around for fear that he could not bear it, so Dongyue Feng Xi temporarily stopped in the deep forest. Feng Xi wanted to ask Dongyue’s name, but she did not want to say Dongyue in front of a Feng Xi who could not remember her. , He named himself Chaolu. After that, Dongyue was obviously in the left and right, Feng Xi was suspicious at first, deliberately let go of the book drop box at night to test Dongyue. At this moment, they were chased and killed suddenly behind him, and they couldn’t be thrown away. It’s better to end them.

When Chi Jinhai came, the bonfire was still bright, and the carriage was empty. Unexpectedly, three firearms exploded under their feet. Everyone was killed without guarding them. Afterwards, Xiang Zuo came and saw that Chi Jinhai, who had followed him for so many years, hadn’t looked down on him, he wanted to smash Feng Xi into pieces.

Feng Xi and the others drove their horses all the way to Yang Qin’s garden. Few people came here. It was strange that after Yang Liu’s death, Yang Qin was still very respectful towards Feng Xi. Calling her Dongyue, she hurriedly declared herself as Chaolu. Yang Qin’s younger brother, Yang Kui, was exquisite in medical skills. He came here to save Lu Zhengming. After diagnosis and treatment, he barely saved Lu Zhengming’s life. The top priority is to send Lu Zhengming to Lu Yuantong as soon as possible, but there are mostly left-handed eyeliners on the way back to Beijing. It happened that Yang Kui sent the herbs to Beijing soon, and no one paid attention to him. If this matter is left to him, Lu Zhengming can be delivered safely.

Feng Xi brought Dongyue the quilt, and accidentally found the mottled jade plate, and Dongyue immediately took it. Seeing him so worried about the jade card, it must have been left by the person who never forgets. No matter who he is, Feng Xi will surely let her forget her deceased completely in time. Feng Xi even ate her own jealousy, even what she said was exactly the same, Dongyue felt amused.

The next day, after Feng Xi sent away Lu Zhengming, he did not relax for a while, and was searched by soldiers. Fortunately, Yang Qin had a cellar for Tibetan vegetables, barely enough to hide two people, so the officers and men searched for nothing. Dongyue and Feng Xi were crowded in the small cellar. At this moment, Dongyue hopes that the officers and soldiers will be late. After walking a little bit, she can stay here with Feng Xi. Feng Xi looked at the person in front of her, and for some reason she only felt so kind.

In the evening Feng Xi heard the sound of the flute and looked for the sound to see Dongyue playing the flute alone by the water. She looked melancholy, afraid that she was thinking about the old man again. But the sound of her flute is so familiar. I heard that the song is called Jinxi He Xi. Feng Xi seems to have heard it in a dream. Then continue to dream, listen to the song in it, and then play it down. Dongyue holds the flute and blows it down. Listen quietly.

Feng Xi’s hand was injured before and was a little awkward when sweeping the floor. Dongyue looked at it and stepped forward to hold his hand, just like Feng Xi was holding her hand a long time ago. The picture is extremely familiar. Feng Xi increasingly wanted to know who the morning dew in front of him was and what he had experienced, but before he deliberately tried it with the Shu Shu, he himself did not believe in the morning dew, so how could he ask the morning dew to tell him everything.

Turning around, Dongyue saw Yang Qin worshiping her deceased wife, and that question resurfaced in her mind. It was because of Feng Xi that Yang Liu died, so why Yang Qin was grateful. In fact, it was Yang Liu who knew his fate not long ago, so he asked Feng Xi to repay him with this method. Feng Xi is a traitor in the eyes of the world, but in Yang Qin’s heart, it is not true. Although he has been infamous by the world, he is doing things to save the world. If Dongyue is as short-sighted as the world, then it is true. Live in Feng Xi.

There is an eagle flying by the sky. It is the eagle of the left. The left is still searching for their whereabouts. It is not suitable to stay here. So Feng Xi took Dongyue to an inn with him. The owner stubbornly served the hospitality. Yue looked suspicious, but she saw the knife marks on the table in the next moment.

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