When is the child’s rebellious period?

here is really no specific law about this. One afternoon when my little daughter was just in sixth grade, I picked her up from school. “Mom, our teacher said that our age has reached puberty, and that will be my rebellious period.”

I didn’t dare to answer right away. When she saw that I didn’t say anything, she asked: “The teacher also said that some parents talked to the teacher and said that they could not control their children. Are you right?

The daughter asked again, “Can you control me?”

The first reaction, the child is to test me.

I can’t be silent anymore, I’m going to have a good chat with her

“There are no parents who can’t control their children, just don’t care, there are ways. At least there are no children who can’t be in our family.

Daughter: I want to fight you, what do you do?

Me: Let’s first look at why you are against me. If we disagree, who is right?

Daughter: I’m adolescent, and I deliberately pissed you off.

Me: I will reason with you. I know that you are a sensible child and will not deliberately anger your mother.

Daughter: I did it on purpose. I’m adolescent.

Me: Adolescence is not that all children begin to be rebellious. Adolescence is due to physical and psychological changes. After adolescence shows that children have grown up, some children will learn to study hard and become more sensible in adolescence.

Daughter: The teacher said that when the child is older, some adults may not be able to beat the child. I am taller than you, can you beat me?

Me: I can’t beat you, and I won’t fight you. If you really are the kind of child who is ignorant, beats your mother and scolds the old, and does anything against your parents, I can’t control it, so I will send you to the juvenile management office for discipline. .

I thought my daughter would be anxious after saying this, but her daughter laughed.

Daughter: Why do you say the same as the teacher? The teacher also said that there are no children that parents can’t control. I have such a good and reasonable mother. How can I be rebellious?

Me: Adolescence is just a change in physical and psychological development. It shows that when a child grows up, puberty is only a stage of physical, psychological, and mature development.

Daughter: I understand

Children don’t necessarily understand everything when they understand. They have a vague understanding of things at their age. During adolescence, not all children begin to rebel. Some children may be impulsive due to lack of self-control and go wrong. If the child is more rational and confronts psychological problems, guards against arrogance and rashness, and cherishes the good times of puberty, he will pass puberty smoothly.