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You Complete Me 小风暴之时间的玫瑰 Episode 14 Plot

Lin Wo came to Gao Shan and told him that Cumming’s deputy and him should have some problems. Each of their photos did not maintain an appropriate safe distance. He suspected that the relationship between the two of them was very close. In other words, Kang Ming and Su Mei He Zhi This is not a model couple like what the outside world says. The two of them are likely to have problems long ago. Lin Wo is very confident in his headhunting profession and relies on psychology to take the initiative.

At the same time, Lin Wo persuades Gaoshan Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, and don’t pay too much attention to the eyes of others. Just be yourself. Two people are now grasshoppers on the same rope. They need to trust each other to solve the problem together.

Gao Shan feels that if Lin Wo’s analysis is correct, then Yijia may have a major earthquake next, and Kang Ming and Su Mei and the two people may divorce. So far, Su Mei and Su Mei hold 35% of Yijia’s shares. Only holding 17%, Su Meihe has an absolute advantage in the general meeting of shareholders, but Kang Ming has been able to take so many shares with his bare hands in the past ten years. The method is not to wait for idlers. Su Yuan is here. People started a discussion together.

Gao Shan mentioned the press conference mentioned by Su Meihe. It is said that many well-known media will be present at the Yueshan Hotel. Kang Ming and Su Meihe will also attend together. Then they will find ways to get in touch with them and gain more room for negotiation. .

The next day, the three men disguised as temporary waiters and mixed into the hotel. Gao Shan found Su Meihe and reminded her that the press conference should be terminated immediately, because the press conference was a Hongmen banquet set up by Kang Ming in advance, and Kang Ming also secretly used means, but Su Meihe didn’t believe it, thinking that Gao Shan was alarmist.

Lin Wo was knocked down by a fake employee and locked in the hotel warehouse. Fortunately, Gao Shan arrived in time and saved her. At this time, the sound of fighting attracted the media. Lin Wo told everyone that there was a bucket of paint hidden in the gift. It turned out that there was an accident when Yijia was building a store on the outskirts of the city last year.

The contractor was the son of the wounded who ran away with money and made trouble, especially the one who was planning to splash Su Meihe, saying that he wanted to teach her a lesson and help her father He took the opportunity to retaliate. At this time, the police also came to the scene. It is said that someone reported that there was a gray transaction between Su Mei and the contractor and needed to cooperate with the police investigation. Someone posted on the web forum. Gao Shan and Lin Wo guessed everything was Kang Ming’s ghost.

In this way, Su Meihe was so angry that it was difficult to stay on Yijia’s board of directors. At this time, it was just a chance for Kang Ming to show off his fists. He was really too nasty, so he calculated his wife.

Zheng Wanying came to Lin Wo and said that she and Gao Shan had messed up the matter. Kang Ming was very angry, so Dalong lost all the advantages and hovered on the verge of being kicked out. She informed Lin Wo that she was no longer the person in charge of the Yijia M&A case. , Zheng Wanying took over.

Back at the hotel, Gao Gao urged Lin Wo to take a good rest, but Lin Wo didn’t want to lose to Zheng Wanying just like that. Gao Shan said that everything was on him.

Gao Shan received information from Si Yang and found that Zheng Wanying and Kang Ming were eating together. Only then did Gao Gao understand that the so-called Yijia M&A was a scam from beginning to end. In short, Kang Ming wanted to divorce Su Meihe and then sold it.

However, this will affect Yijia’s share distribution, so it must be approved by Su Meihe. In order to make the plan successful, Kang Ming has done some tricks. He found Dalong and reached an agreement privately to help Dalong To purchase Yijia’s scattered stocks, when Dalong was listed on Yijia’s board of directors, the shares held by both parties surpassed Su Meihe and then took the initiative. At that time, Kang Ming would sell his own shares and leave.

Dumei Fund is the name of the fund established by Dalong for the purpose of acquiring scattered stocks. In order to conceal people’s eyes, this information is sufficient to prove that the funder behind Dumei is Dalong, so Dumei and Dalong have negotiated for a long time. Sumei and Dalong are possible at any time. Lost control of Yijia.

Gao Shan wanted to tell Lin Wo of the discovery, but Lin Wo was not in the room. Gao Shan and Su Yuan looked for her everywhere and found that she was drunk and staying by the pool.

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