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You Complete Me 小风暴之时间的玫瑰 Episode 15 Plot

Gao Shan took the drunk Lin Wo back to the room to rest. Gao Shan handed Lin Wo a glass of honey water to let her hangover. Lin Wo became more sober before he realized that he had drunk too much. He ran to Gao Shan’s room and kissed her strongly. When he thought of this, Lin Wo blushed and couldn’t believe that he could do such an embarrassing thing. Gao Shan asked her why she had to drink. Lin Wo said that he missed her mother, maybe because of too much contact with Qin Shengsheng recently.

Lin Wo recalled that when he was in high school, his father Qin Shengsheng and his mother divorced. In fact, part of it was due to conceptual reasons, but more probably because of Zheng Wanying. She was Qin Shengsheng’s secretary at that time, and the two were together every day. Work is ambiguous.

Mother doesn’t say anything, but she feels very painful. It was the divorce she mentioned first. Later, her mother took Lin Wo to a strange city, where she lived very well and happily. But five years ago, her mother She was found to have a heart attack, which was very serious.

She was also very stubborn and prevented Lin Wo from telling Qin Shengsheng. Until one day she asked to see Qin Shengsheng and planned to wait for him with one last breath, but Qin Shengsheng and Zheng Wanying were on vacation in Thailand. The last aspect of his mother. Since then, Lin Wo hated Qin Shengsheng and Zheng Wanying to death, and there was no way to forgive him. Gao Shan listened and felt that people who could easily forgive were because they did not understand hatred.

The two had similar sad things, the more they talked, the more speculative, Lin Wo spent a beautiful and romantic night with Gaoshan while drinking.

The next day, Lin Wo and Gao Gao appeared sweetly in front of Su Yuan. Su Yuan repeatedly couldn’t stand it. He received 10,000 critical hits in his heart. Gao Shan disclosed his relationship with Lin Wo, but he asked Su Yuan not to let him. Sun Li and Zheng Wanying knew that, after all, in terms of blood relationship, Lin Wo was Qin Shengsheng’s daughter, and Skyscraper was helping Dalong go public, so they didn’t want to be talked about by others.

Lin Wo is very clear about Qin Shengsheng’s personality. He can sacrifice anyone and anything for the benefit of him. Moreover, Lin Wo voluntarily asks to join the Yijia case. Qin Shengsheng can easily win her and increase the credibility of the acquisition. , Hitting his arms, wiping a gun and mischief and self-injury are two different things. Gao Shan also said that the key to the problem lies with Su Meihe.

As long as she can catch up with the shareholders meeting, then everything will have a chance to come back. Lin Wo has also asked As a senior lawyer, he is best at economic and civil disputes, and he has already contacted the workers who were present on the day of the accident, and believes that only by his negotiating ability and means, there will be good results soon.

At this time, Lin Wo received a phone call from a lawyer, saying that a worker was willing to let go, proving that the responsibility lies with the contractor, not Su Dong, and that the person is already at the police station, so several people hurried to go.

Gao Shan told Lin Wo that Dumei and Dalong’s relationship should not be told to Dong Su for the time being. He was worried that Su Dong would hate Dalong and anger Linwo. Lies would make people despicable. Gao Shan did not want Lin Wo to take risks.

Su Meihe told Lin Wo that Kang Ming had transferred all the lawyer resources around her. She is now suffering from the enemy. If it weren’t for their help, I don’t know how long it will take. As long as they can drive Kang Ming out of Yijia, Su Meihe is willing to consider holding hands. Selling shares in Da Long, but Lin Wo told her that Kang Ming is behind Da Long, so everything is a game. Lin Wo reminded her that with the current situation of Yijia, it is the best choice to choose to leave the market and will help her together. Uncovering the true face of Kang Ming, Su Meihe agreed.

Kang Ming called Zheng Wanying and said that Su Meihe had killed a carbine halfway. Zheng Wanying went to see Lin Wo angrily. Lin Wo told her that she already knew her relationship with Kang Ming. Zheng Wanying reminded Lin Wo not to undermine Dalong’s plan. The key to Yijia was the war between Su Meihe and Kang Ming.

Kang Ming sent someone to smash Su Meihe’s gallery. When Gao Shan was protecting Su Meihe, a group of paparazzi took photos secretly and posted them on the Internet, deliberately discrediting Su Meihe’s new love affair with Gaoshan. All this is a trap of Kang Ming.

Gao Shan’s identity transfers information to the Soviet Union, the United States and the United Lover in an attempt to annex the joint property of the husband and wife. Nowadays, there are many online keyboard heroes, and the public’s tone is one-sided.

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