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You Complete Me 小风暴之时间的玫瑰 Episode 16 Plot

Lin Wo brought Gaoshan to the house that her mother secretly bought back then to cook for him and comfort him not to worry about the scandal. After two days, he will be overwhelmed by new hot spots. Su Yuan is also actively trying to solve it.

Su Yuan told Lin Wo that the current situation is not very optimistic. Kang Ming has been destroying Su Meihe’s reputation outside. He wants Su Meihe to cede the position of chairman. Now that the speculation is hot outside, he waited for Gaoshan to come out and explain. Lin Wo worried that the proud Gaoshan would be slandered as a junior, and he would feel very uncomfortable, so he planned to go to Dalong to get information and try to help Gaoshan.

Lin Wo came to Zheng Wanying and found that she was printing out the statement materials, saying that Gaoshan has nothing to do with Dalong, but this is clearly arguing, but Zheng Wanying said that she does not look at the process and only looks at the results. No one cares about the truth. Long’s reputation, Dalong can’t take the blame for Gao Shan, but this would be tantamount to hammering out the rumors. Gao Shan is dead. Lin Wo tore up the statement angrily and asked Zheng Wanying to give her two days to solve the problem, Zheng Wanying Yes.

Lin Wo called Su Meihe. Su Meihe told her that she had received an unfamiliar call, stating that there were videos and photos that could prove her innocence with Gao Shan, but she could not distinguish between serious and false, and she planned to meet in a place for a detailed discussion.

Lin Wo took the place of Su Meihe to get the information, but found that the information was bought first. The buyer was Wu Dongna. Wu Dongna contacted Kang Ming and said that he had something he would be interested in.

Su Mei and Yue Gaoshan Linwo met, expressed their apologies to Gao Gao, and decided not to wait and die. Kang Ming moved a lot of hands and feet with her on his back over the years, and has been collecting evidence since he noticed it, but Kang Ming is really cautious and the key evidence is not It’s easy to find.

I plan to produce some data to prove that he has invaded the company’s property. For the image of Yijia, the board of directors of the company will force her to give up. So Su Meihe wants to delay time and fight back. But Gao Shan thinks this method Too risky, you can try other methods to persuade shareholders to get more bargaining chips, isolated and helpless Su Meihe is very urgent.

Lin Wo felt that Su Meihe was framed at the previous press conference, and now coupled with the peachy news, it should be stimulated by Kang Ming’s series of methods, so now he can’t wait to get revenge, Gao Shan thinks twice and decides to accept Su Meihe’s proposal.

Gao Gao received a call from Sun Li. He planned to let Gao Shan avoid suspicion and hand over the rest of the project to Su Yuan. He returned to Guangzhou early tomorrow morning. Lin Wo felt that Sun Li took advantage of the fire and robbed him. He was the person in charge of this merger and needed Gao Gao to stay. Come down to deal with it, but now the Skyscraper is controversial, Sun Li has an excuse to refuse Dalong’s intervention.

Su Yuan approached Wu Dongna and asked if she had bought the photos and got caught up in the mountains. Wu Dongna felt that life and work should be separated, and they were both competitors in terms of work.

Lin Wo found out that Gao Shan had met with Kang Ming. Gao Gao told Su Meihe about Su Meihe’s plan to make false data and agreed to the conditions of cooperation with Kang Ming. Lin Wo was very angry with him and felt that he betrayed Su Dong, but Gao Shan felt that his personal emotions never Not within the scope of my own consideration, as long as I can win, everything can be betrayed, including integrity and conscience, I have been forced to the precipice, there is no other way.

But after some analysis, Lin Wo guessed that Gao Shan had deliberately let himself know that he was secretly connected with Kang Ming, but actually wanted to help Su Meihe and deceive Kang Ming.

At the general meeting of shareholders, Gao Gao appeared and pretended to cooperate with Kang Ming. Kang Ming told the directors that Su Meihe had prepared some falsified data and wanted to frame himself for embezzling the company’s property and thus lose the trust of shareholders. It was logical to expel him from the board of directors. In the evidence, everyone found that it was not fraudulent data, but proved that he and Su Meihe were innocent.

Moreover, Kang Ming is the initiator of the fraud, and the company’s capital flow and business dealings can also prove that in recent years, Kang Ming has been secretly diverting Yijia’s business to the company under his own name, taking the opportunity to annex Yijia resources and destroying the company’s business. , The shareholders were very angry and demanded that Cuming lose money.

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