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Became a translator of the tyrant


Michael, the tyrant who is more lonely than anyone else,
Leticia, his only understanding.

For being the only one to understand the emperor
Leticia, who worked with him for ten years as a translator.
He declares his resignation to live a second life… … .
The state of the tyrant who barely spit out only mystery words is strange!

“please. Please stay by my side.”

I was deceived!

“Why did you do that?”

To Leticia, who cannot wake up with shock and betrayal
Michael slowly opened his mouth.

“Because it was the only way to keep you by my side.”

Became a translator of the tyrant
Associated Names: 폭군의 번역기가 되어버렸다
Genres: Romance, fantasy
Year: 2020
Status: 119 chapter (Completed)

List of Chapters:

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