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Bride on a rainy day


“An orphan like you cannot find a job as a maid.
If you want to starve after being kicked out of this house, do whatever you want.”

A child abandoned at the door on a rainy day.
So, Hilde has to endure the miserable maid life.

“Do you dare wear my dress and go to the ball without my knowledge?”

The sweet deviation that was once only ended with a nightmare.
One day when I wanted to end my terrible misfortune
A miracle meeting that suddenly came.

“I came to propose to Hilde.”

Archduke Francis, the hero of the kingdom, finds her.
For Hilde, who has lived in fear of being abandoned all his life
An unfamiliar hand of salvation.
Happiness that was swaying dangerously on top of anxiety
Claudia, the old master who is jealous of Hilde, is in crisis.

‘He said he saw the back of the woman who left you.’

Defeating the jealousy and deceit between the two. Can love be kept?

Bride on a rainy day
Associated Names: 비 오는 날의 신부
Genres: Romance, fantasy
Year: N/A
Status: N/A

List of Chapters:

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