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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 17 Recap

Peng Jing said that as long as Su Mo is willing to come to the Hongyuan Group, no one will interfere with her. She will provide all the conditions. No one knows her grievance better than her. Su Mo is a little inexplicable. In what capacity did Peng Jing talk to her? Su Mo said that the problems between himself and Xia Ranran are not affected by other people’s affairs, and his work is not interfered with by outside factors. Xia Ranran summoned up the courage to attend the opening reception with Shao Mingzhe arm in arm. Shao Mingzhe asked Lin Xiangan to introduce each other well.

After all, the identities of the last meeting and this time were different. Su Mo came and hurriedly separated the hands of Xia Ranran and Shao Mingzhe. Shao Mingzhe asked about their wedding and said that he would attend with Xia Ranran. Su Mo said that he had not decided whether to hold the wedding. Shao Kai suddenly came to this table. Su Mo and Lin Xiangan got up and left. Shao Kai said strangely that he envied Lin Xiangan. He had such a father and wife. Xia Ranran could see clearly, after all, those things were the same.

When Lin Xiangan spoke, he told the story of being together with Su Mo. Shao Mingzhe hugged Xia Ranran to show his comfort, but Su Mo was not listening to what Lin Xiangan was saying. The porridge he said was made by Shao Mingzhe back then. .

This is also the cause of this shop, Miss Su’s shop, this is his promise to Su Mo, doing everything possible to make her happy. Su Mo hurriedly recovered and entered Lin Xiangan’s arms. Xia Ranran bitterly asked Shao Mingzhe to pour a glass of water for herself, and then wanted to get up and leave. But the high school classmates suddenly came forward and wrote Xia Ranran, Su Mo and Lin Xiangan. The letter was given to them, which the teacher asked them to write when they graduated. Su Mo snatched it over and read out Xia Ranran’s letter in the crowd. Her wish was to become Lin Xiangan’s girlfriend. Xia Ranran collapsed a little, seized the letter and left.

Xia Ranran left desolately after being humiliated in public. The scenes from four years ago are still in sight. Chen Luo hurriedly led Xia Ranran across the road. Xia Ranran’s heart hurts so much that Su Mo told all the things about her family in front of so many people. Upon seeing this, Shao Mingzhe hurried forward to pull Xia Ranran, Su Mo who wanted to catch up became even more angry. Chen Lola refused to let Shao Mingzhe take her away with Xia Ranran, and Shao Mingzhe simply carried her up. This was the first time she cried for another man in her arms, hoping it would be the last time.

Shao Mingzhe took Xia Ranran home, and Xia Ranran cried for a long time. Shao Mingzhe asked her if she still loved Lin Xiangan, Xia Ranran replied that he was a person he liked for ten years, but since he and Su Mo went to England, Xia Ranran knew that she should not like it anymore, because she would change More pathetic.

Today Xia Ranran went with a sincere heart, and never thought of robbing Su Mo with Lin Xiangan, but why did she humiliate herself in public! Shao Mingzhe sighed, maybe Su Mo didn’t come for Xia Ranran. Shao Mingzhe asked Xia Ranran if he had ever been moved by others. Xia Ranran shook his head quickly. Shao Mingzhe said that he wanted to tell Xia Ranran what he didn’t say in the UK this time. He liked Xia Ranran. Shao Mingzhe kissed Xia Ranran, and Xia Ranran pushed him out of the house distractedly, wiping his mouth like a puff.

Peng Jing realized that Chen Luo liked Xia Ranran, and asked him to meet him. Lin Xiangan asked Su Mo to call Xia Ranran. She did too much of this matter, but Su Mo felt that Lin Xiangan privately invited Shao Mingzhe and Xia Ranran to test her, so she was very angry, and Lin Xiangan hurriedly apologized. Su Mo didn’t know what to do if he said he still loved Shao Mingzhe and Lin Xiang’an, but Lin Xiang’an just gave her the letter he wrote back then.

The letter was written to Su Mo. He hoped that the future Su Mo would have someone to replace him to cover him. Rain, even if that person is not him. Su Mo didn’t write a word in the letter to himself, so Lin Xiangan wrote a few more words for her. He hoped that Su Mo would be happy and happy in the future and be a lucky one. After reading the letter, Su Mo was moved and decided to sign with Hongyuan Group. Of course, he had his own purpose in doing so. Su Mo wanted to be a designer to participate in Nanjiao Sports. After all, modeling is just her sideline, and Xia Hongyuan agreed to her terms.

Shao Mingzhe returned home with some food, only to find Xia Ranran was gone, leaving only a note saying that she would not remember what happened in the afternoon. Lin Xiangan asked Su Mo why he didn’t go to Shao’s. Su Mo replied that since he didn’t want to see Shao Mingzhe, he could help Xia Ranran by going to Hongyuan Group. Lin Xiangan was very happy after listening. Shao Mingzhe put forward new ideas at the company meeting, but Shao Yunping and Shao Kai disagreed. Grandpa even called and said that the time and plan for the launch of the Star series could not be changed. Shao Kai ran to say that Su Mo had signed Hongyuan Group, and was even more dissatisfied with Shao Mingzhe.

Su Mo was shooting at Hongyuan, and Xia Ranran’s work was becoming more and more perfect. Chen Luo was surprised by the progress. Peng Jing called Xia Ranran to send coffee to the studio. Chen Luo was very worried, but Xia Ranran went to the studio confidently, wondering who stimulated whom. In the studio, Peng Jing took Chen Luo to the side and said that she knew he didn’t want to do it with herself, so she let him do the last thing and set him free. Peng Jing didn’t want Xia Ranran and Shao Mingzhe to be together, and Chen Luo liked Xia Ranran, she could help. Xia Ranran raised objections to the photos taken, and Peng Jing told her not to point fingers.

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