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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 18 Recap

Xia Ranran raised objections to the photographer’s shooting, so he gave Su Mo a new look, and started taking pictures of Su Mo by himself. The photographer also found inspiration from her. Chen Luo asked Xia Ranran to write a review. She committed a big taboo in the studio today. She should not be nosy. As the future heir of the company, she should not talk to her subordinates like that, nor should she talk to Su Mo like that. Chen Luo asked Xia Ranran if she really liked Shao Mingzhe. Xia Ranran didn’t answer. They were working now and said that this matter was not appropriate, but Chen Luo wanted to know.

Shao Mingzhe’s plan was killed, but he still insisted on designing the egg rolls, and his admiration for him grew spontaneously. Shao Mingzhe asked what happened between Xia Ranran and Su Mo, he wanted to know everything. Su Mo came to Xia Ranran to apologize, but his attitude was not very good, and Xia Ranran didn’t bother to pay attention.

Su Mo did not leave after finishing work. Chen Luo told her that Su Mo would be the designer of the Nanjiao cultural and sports project, and they would cooperate in the future. Xia Ranran was a little angry, because Chen Luo concealed herself, not Su Mo, and Chen Luo’s concealment made her sacrifice trivial. Xia Ranran regarded Chen Luo as his teacher and friend, but Chen Luo said that he only wanted to be a person to protect her.

Peng Jing told Xia Hongyuan that she might be pregnant, but she felt that the child came at an untimely time, but Xia Hongyuan’s attitude was very resolute, why not his child. Xia Ranran was very angry when she heard the news, and the egg roll helped her to make an idea for Xia Ranran and Shao Mingzhe to marry, Xia Hongyuan would definitely give her way.

Xia Ranran was a little embarrassed, thinking of what happened last time, a little unhappy, after all, Shao Mingzhe still has an ex-girlfriend that can’t be forgotten. When Lin Xiangan called Lin Xiaodong, Su Mo also had a few words. Su Mo took the opportunity to mention the Nanjiao cultural and sports project. Lin Xiaodong asked her to meet and talk tomorrow. Su Mo was very happy.

Su Mo was busy designing in the middle of the night, and Lin Xiangan caringly handed her a glass of milk. Su Mo looked at him with a complicated heart, and ran to Shao Mingzhe’s house while running at night, looking forward to seeing him. Shao Mingzhe was upset and frustrated, Su Mo had already left when he opened the curtains. Shao Mingzhe hesitated to turn on the surveillance at Xia Ranran’s home, and found that Xia Ranran was sitting next to the camera and talking to herself that she could not peek at herself. Self-directed and self-acted staged a scene in which Shao Mingzhe fell in love with her about to get married. Shao Mingzhe looked at Xia Ranran talking to herself and laughed very happily. Xia Ranran couldn’t make up anymore.

She lay on the bed and said that Miss Dinosaur only knew today that she was the only one standing in place. If you don’t pull out the needle in your heart After coming out, her wound will never heal, others will only find her pitiful and ridiculous. Everyone likes the beautiful Miss Fox, no one likes the crying Miss Dinosaur, she can’t get anything. Xia Ranran secretly made up his mind to be a brave young lady dinosaur who strode forward. Shao Mingzhe sent a message to Xia Ranran, stating that he would go to her at noon tomorrow.

Shao’s mother asked Shao Mingzhe why she didn’t tell herself that Su Mo had joined the Hongyuan Group. She was afraid that Su Mo would tell Xia Ranran his feelings with Shao Mingzhe. Shao Mingzhe said that he would tell Xia Ranran about this sooner or later. Shao’s mother strongly opposed, and asked Shao Mingzhe to marry Xia Ranran as soon as possible. Shao Mingzhe hoped that Shao’s mother would no longer control her life, but Shao’s mother was bent on letting him become the heir of Shaw.

Xia Ranran proposed to participate in the project of the Southern Suburb Cultural and Sports Center. Peng Jing’s face was ugly. Chen Luo also disagrees with this matter. She suggested that Xia Ranran go to the branch to exercise. Xia Hongyuan did not listen to him, and asked Xia Ranran to participate in the project in the name of the company’s vice president and let her use her own office. Xia Ranran knew that Chen Luo was helping him. Chen Luo said that every decision in the company had Xia Hongyuan’s meaning behind him. He strongly recommended Xia Ranran only to be counterproductive. Xia Hongyuan never trusted anyone easily, but Xia Ranran was very Easily trust others.

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