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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 19 Recap

Shao Mingzhe told Xia Ranran not to run around at noon. He came to find it, but Xia Ranran was too late to refuse. Xia Ranran arranged for Xia Hongyuan to make an appointment with Professor Chen for a physical examination, and asked Chen Luo for help. Shao Mingzhe had a headache seeing Su Mo’s advertising photos all over the street, and at the same time received a takeaway, which Su Mo ordered according to his taste, and Shao Mingzhe threw it away in disgust.

Chen Luo accompanied Xia Hongyuan to check his body. Xia Hongyuan asked him why he hadn’t fallen in love in the past few years, and said Xia Ranran would like to thank him for being a good teacher and helpful friend. Xia Ranran went to the meeting, Su Mo confronted her tit-for-tat as soon as she came up, Xia Ranran ignored her. Everyone thought Su Mo’s plan was very good, but Xia Ranran said that this plan was not feasible and could not be passed. Su Mo thought she was retaliating and said that her plan had been discussed with Lin Xiaodong. Xia Ranran thought that Su Mo’s work had no soul. Su Mo exploded, and the two quarreled directly at the meeting.

As soon as Chen Luo returned to the company, he saw that the two were quarreling with each other, and did not persuade them to fight. Instead, they told them to continue, even intimately ordering takeaways for them. Chen Luo called Lin Xiangan to order two takeaways. When Shao Mingzhe came to Xia Ranran, he met Lin Xiangan who was here to deliver the food. Lin Xiangan took the takeaway into the office, and Chen Luo went out to chat about Su Mo, Lin Xiangan looked puzzled. Chen Luo was surprised to hear the argument between the two.

They really studied hard abroad, and Su Mo said that he would not quarrel with Xia Ranran. Xia Ranran had no appetite to eat. Lin Xiangan had been by her side to persuade her to eat, and apologized for Su Mo’s actions, but Xia Ranran didn’t want to hear the three words sorry at all. She had no idea about Lin Xiangan anymore. For her, Lin Xiangan was just a former classmate who had a good impression on her, so let him tell Su Mo these words, no one wanted to grab her boyfriend!

Shao Mingzhe swaggered to find Xia Ranran. As soon as he entered the office, he saw Xia Ranran being scalded by porridge. Su Mo and Chen Luo also saw the scene of Lin Xiangan’s concern. Shao Mingzhe gritted his teeth and asked if Xia Ranran’s porridge was good, and even kissed Xia Ranran in front of everyone. Su Mo was dumbfounded by watching. Shao Mingzhe ignored Xia Ranran and took Xia Ranran away. Xia Ranran quickly explained the scene just now, but Shao Mingzhe said domineeringly that Xia Ranran is now his girlfriend, and he cannot be too close to the opposite sex in public in the contract. Xia Ranran said he couldn’t help but Shao Mingzhe put a dinosaur phone case on her phone.

Shao’s mother went to the Xia family and proposed to Xia Hongyuan the idea of ​​letting Shao Mingzhe and Xia Ranran marry. Shao Mingzhe is the only one in the Shao family who is qualified and capable of inheriting the Shao family. The two came together and became relatives, and they can also have careers. A win-win situation.

Xia Hongyuan asked about Shao Yunzhe’s news. Shao Mingzhe said that he was recuperating abroad, and Shao’s mother faltered and said that he was healthy. Shao Mingzhe took Xia Ranran back home. Xia Ranran did not expect him to set up an office at home because of what he had to do in broad daylight. The egg rolls and others were busy in it.

Su Mo was distracted by the kiss between Shao Mingzhe and Xia Ranran. Egg Roll and Shao Mingzhe let Xia Ranran put on clothes to help model their products. Shao Mingzhe is very optimistic about the sportswear market. Hongyuan and Shao didn’t fully understand the market, so he can still get in, or at least grab a bite to eat. This brand has half of Xia Ranran’s shares, which is Xia Ranran’s dividend in 3D technology, and Xia Ranran’s smile instantly solidified. After the shooting, Xia Ranran sneaked back to the company and was caught by Chen Luo.

Although Xia Ranran was no longer his intern, Chen Luo still asked her not to have this kind of meeting and open halfway to fall in love. Su Mo waited for her for three hours. Xia Ranran wondered, she called the company and said that the afternoon meeting had been cancelled. Su Mo was the most impatient. After waiting for Xia Ranran for three hours, he would definitely blow up. Xia Ranran was very worried.

Xia Ranran and Chen Luo went to the sales department to check the data, and the sales of the new series of products were very good. The sales of Shaw’s new products were not satisfactory. Shao Yunping was very angry and asked Shao Kai to find a way to remedy it. Shao Kai came to Shao Mingzhe but was told that he had gone to the mall. Chen Luo wanted to meet Xia Ranran for dinner, but Xia Ranran first agreed to Shao Mingzhe’s invitation.

Chen Luo moved Su Mo out, but Xia Ranran didn’t want to have any contact with her outside of work. Professor Chen called Xia Ranran, and Xia Ranran hurried home immediately after learning the results of the examination. Because Chenchen was unwilling to play the piano and act like a baby with Xia Hongyuan, Peng Jing asked Xia Hongyuan to pick a wedding invitation together, and Xia Hongyuan let Peng Jing decide. On the way, Xia Ranran told Shao Mingzhe to cancel the dinner appointment tonight and she was going to expose Peng Jing’s true face.

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