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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 20 Recap

Xia Ranran rushed home, took the inspection report in front of Peng Jing and asked why Xia Hongyuan had muscle atrophy under her meticulous care. Professor Chen said that if Xia Hongyuan took the medicine, there would be no such possibility, so Peng Jing every day What is it for Xia Hongyuan! Peng Jing took out the medicine and told Xia Ranran that she could go for a checkup and test. She had a clear conscience and took the medicine every day according to the doctor’s instructions.

Xia Hongyuan can testify. Xia Ranran made a big fuss. Xia Hongyuan also said that he and Peng Jing are no longer just married or not married. Peng Jing has taken care of him for four years and has been without status. She also gave him two children. They have already It’s a relative, and relatives can’t be jealous of each other. Xia Ranran was sad, they were relatives, what about her? Xia Hongyuan hoped that Xia Ranran would be steady, but her performance today was disappointing.

Suddenly outside the house came the voice of Peng Jing scolding the servant, saying that she was lazy and did not give Xia Hongyuan medicine. Xia Ranran satirized Peng Jing that she liked to shirk responsibility as before. Angrily, Peng Jing picked up the bottle and hit the servant, but directly hit Xia Ranran. Peng Jing saw Xia Hongyuan come out and pinch Xia Ranran. Xia Ranran pushed Peng Jing away, and Xia Hongyuan drove away very angry. The servant and Xia Ranran. As soon as Xia Ranran walked out of the Xia family’s gate, Shao Mingzhe rushed over worriedly, and Xia Ranran threw himself in his arms and started crying aggrievedly.

Xia Ranran and Shao Mingzhe went home for a walk. Shao Mingzhe felt distressed when Xia Ranran hit her hand just now, and saw another scar on her hand. Shao Mingzhe guessed that it might be related to Su Mo. Shao Mingzhe said that Xia Ranran owes herself a meal. She has let herself dove three times, and every time she puts other people’s affairs ahead of her, especially Lin Xiangan. Xia Ranran wanted to explain, Shao Mingzhe put his arms around her waist and asked her to erase the three words Lin Xiangan from the world, otherwise he would kiss her. Shao Mingzhe asked Xia Ranran what happened just now. Xia Ranran felt embarrassed and didn’t want to talk about it. Shao Mingzhe said that she was ashamed of herself, hoping that she would feel more comfortable and find her previous fighting spirit.

Xia Hongyuan told Peng Jing that she would try her best to satisfy her wishes, but Xia Ranran was her own daughter, so before they got married, don’t have things like today again. Peng Jing’s most important thing now is to protect her children.

After drinking the medicine Peng Jing and leaving, Xia Hongyuan called Professor Chen and sent him his medicine and blood samples, asking him to help him test the ingredients. Shao Mingzhe called Xia Hongyuan and said that Xia Ranran didn’t have to worry about being with him. Lin Xiangan called and Xia Ranran avoided Shao Mingzhe to pick him up. Lin Xiangan asked her and Shao Mingzhe was okay, Xia Ranran asked him to worry about his own affairs. Lin Xiangan said that Su Mo was not happy when he came back, and now she and Chen Luo are going to dinner. Shao Mingzhe grabbed the phone and told Lin Xiangan not to have any contact with Xia Ranran on the phone. Xia Ranran was speechless.

Shao Mingzhe declared his sovereignty again. Xia Ranran is now his woman and cannot have any thoughts about other people. Shao Mingzhe expressed his heart to Xia Ranran again. Doesn’t she know that she likes her? Xia Ranran was stunned, aren’t they just a cooperative relationship? Shao Mingzhe said that he fell in love with Xia Ranran when he was in the UK, and it was also because of her when he returned to China. Xia Ranran insisted on not admitting that he liked him, but was just abiding by the cooperation agreement.

Chen Luo sent a gift to Su Mo and apologized for what happened this afternoon, but Su Mo was very dissatisfied with Xia Ranran. Chen Luo explained that Xia Ranran had called the company beforehand, but Su Mo did not accept it. .

As soon as Su Mo wanted to leave, Chen Luo asked her if she and Shao Mingzhe had known each other a long time ago. She and Xia Ranran were far from disgusting each other as they seemed, but they were just afraid of hurting each other. Chen Luo told Su Mo that a girlfriend who could be with her forever wanted More valuable than a man. Su Mo disagrees, the person who said this must have never really loved.

Xia Ranran and Shao Mingzhe couldn’t sleep over and over again. Xia Ranran got up and made a supper, and Shao Mingzhe also came. Shao Mingzhe ate the noodles and asked how Xia Ranran and the lady fox met. Xia Ranran told the truth. She and Su Mo had known each other for one year, but the senior year in high school seemed like a lifetime.

Xia Ranran felt that he and Su Mo were of the same type, and both were children who lacked love. Shao Mingzhe felt that Xia Ranran was doing friendship, and Xia Ranran revealed that Shao Mingzhe had no friends at all, so what right do you have to say about her. Shao Mingzhe was speechless. Xia Ranran returned to the room and finally fell asleep at ease. Shao Mingzhe returned to the room and sent a greeting email to his friend.

Shao’s mother played a video to Shao Mingzhe early the next morning, urging him to get married and she could hold his grandson. After Xia Ranran got up, Mother Shao heard the girl’s voice and was very worried, thinking that Shao Mingzhe was with Su Mo again. Shao Mingzhe hurriedly pointed the camera at Xia Ranran, and the two had breakfast intimately under Shao’s mother’s gaze.

Su Mo kept dragging him away from work. He had to wait for Xia Ranran to come, so Xia Ranran could only return to the company quickly. Shao Mingzhe wanted to send Xia Ranran off and gave her a new set of clothes. The egg roll was stunned when Xia Ranran came out of Shao Mingzhe’s house, and he was caring.

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