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Seonbaenim, sunbaenim, I love you. Yeah, that’s right

‘Human Phytoncide’ and actor Onpurum suddenly intervene in the life of top idol Kim Sun, who fell into panic disorder due to the death of a member.

“I can sleep with you.”
“Can’t it really work? You just have to do it once, and you can decide.”

Young, modest, and a good man who listens very well.
Ok, fine. Everything is good… … .

When they say their wishes, they say’Can I hold your hand?’ How do you have sex without touching it?

“Senior, are you okay… ?”
“I’m not okay. So… You have to touch it.”

How can I gently sooth and eat this lamb like a lily?

The line that wanders at the distance between body and mind In the midst of that, panic comes from time to time like a seizure and strikes the line, and questions surrounding the death of former member Juwan are revealed one by one… … .

Associated Names: 함부로 순정하게
Genres: Boys’ Love (BL), Romance
Year: N/A
Status: N/A

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