Lotus Stem (Water Lily) Benefits


Lotus Stem (Water Lily) or Bua Sai (สายบัว) in Thai

5 benefits lotus flowers, various food properties

Bua Sai, although this name may not be familiar, but when talking about the menu of curry saub Fried Shrimp with Lotus Seed Boiled coconut milk May cry out without knowing it Is part of the stem of the lotus line That are popular to eat as food In addition to being compatible with other ingredients that are used for cooking It also provides the following health benefits

  1. Excretory excretion

Lotus is a plant that is rich in fiber. When eaten, it increases the fiber in the intestines and eliminates the problem of excretion. Suitable for people who suffer from constipation and don’t like eating green leafy vegetables. If you try to eat the fibers from the lotus flower, you may be fascinated. Until giving it a favorite plant

  1. Strengthen bones and teeth.

Many people have a problem drinking milk. Because it is not very cheap with milk Eating Phosphorus-rich lotus. Which is a mineral that acts in conjunction with calcium Contribute to strengthening bones and teeth Stimulate the work of the nervous system to work efficiently.

  1. Healthy menu for a beautiful figure

In Bua Sai, it contains 90 percent water and only 6 calories in it, and if used in a menu, it may contain a little more calories. Recommended healthy menus such as boiled and dipped with chili Or use it to make soup with lotus flower. And certainly do not add weight

  1. Eye care

Alleviates agar deterioration When we saw the picture, it was black hard to float in the air. It may be a warning sign of deterioration in the health of the eyes. Working with your eyes too much Using a computer and fixed on the screen may cause eye fatigue. Blurry and have deterioration Eating lotus flowers that are rich in vitamin A. Contributes to the maintenance of eyesight Can relieve the symptoms of jelly in the eye.

  1. Hot in thirst

Lotus flower, one of the succulent plants Can be used to make dishes to quench your thirst and relieve internal heat. May be made into food or added to beverages. Will help cool down the heat, stimulate the freshness as well.

The stem of the lotus flowers. Which has a variety of colors, including red, white and pinkish white But the lotus line from the white pink lotus flower is soft and delicious than other colors. Sai Bua can be eaten both fresh and boiled with chili paste. Or to be fried with meat Make sour soup or boil mackerel soup, it is delicious. Because the lotus flower has a soft, juicy meat

Bua Sai (Lotus Stem (Water Lily)) is 97.6% water and 100 grams of lotus root contains 15 mg of vitamin C, 0.4 mg of vitamin B3 and 0.4 g of dietary fiber. But Sai Bua Sai has medicinal properties, such as nourishing the womb, diuretic, and reducing body heat.

Bringing lotus flowers to eat Just rinse thoroughly, peel off the thin outer shell and cook. But when exposed to heat The rubber inside the lotus flower will make the lotus flower dark, unappetizing. A simple trick is after cutting the lotus flower into pieces. To soak in salt water And season with salt instead of fish sauce or soy sauce Will help the lotus flower color is not dark

In addition to being used for cooking Bua belt can also be used to make desserts. Kanom Sai Bua is a traditional dessert. But nowadays it is rarely seen The way to do it is not complicated. Ie, peel the lotus bark out, expose to the sun and cut into shredded Squeeze the water out and pound Mixed with rice flour and tapioca flour Massage with coconut milk Add a little sugar and salt. Scoop into the banana leaf krathong. Sprinkle with grated coconut. Then steamed until cooked The stalk of the red lotus flower will give the dessert a beautiful color and texture. Eat better than other colors of Bua Sai.