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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 27 Recap

Zhao Yu mistakenly advocated female tricks and almost committed the crime of adultery. Even though he knew that the other party deliberately planted and framed him, the many followers around him could be witnesses. If the news reaches Zhao, it will not only be difficult to regain the throne, but for fear that his life will be lost. Guarantee.

In the end, Zhao Yan returned to the country smoothly. On the day he arrived in Handan, he was kneeling in the Longtai Palace as a clan. In front of the ministers of civil and military affairs, Zhao Yan treated Zhao Yan as the emperor and corrected himself with tears.

After ten days, Zhao Wangyan disregarded the opposition of his officials and set up a female palm inner palace. His son Zhao Qian was also the prince of Chu. In the Qin State, there were still courtiers who divided into parties and formed factions. Ying Zheng secretly announced that Ying Yi entered the palace, frankly discussed, Ying Yi promised to bring Ying Yi to help.

At this time, common people in various places in the Chu state began to do nothing. Most of the people in Guandong fled to the Qin state. A group of Chu troops were ordered to hunt down. When they reached the border, the situation changed abruptly, and the two armies became a confrontation. The appearance of the Qin army was like a god descending. The people felt relieved and immediately wailed and wailed. Under the protection of the Qin army, they claimed that they had no fruit for their hard work and would rather be a Qin.

Due to the sudden incident, which caused heavy losses to the three kingdoms of Chu, Han, and Wei, many nobles expressed grievances against Qin. Zhao General Pang Nuan advised Zhao Yan to issue orders as soon as possible to unite the five countries to send troops to Qin. However, Guo Kai believes that the State of Qin has not deliberately provoked and provoked at present. Moreover, Zhao is bloody and vowed not to enter Qin, so there is no need to initiate war.

In the courtroom, Guo Kai and Pang Nuan were in a dispute. Zhao Yan thought that Qin and Zhao had already accumulated blood and deep enmity. Now is a good time. If the tiger wolf Daqin is not eliminated first, I am afraid that he will fight back in the future. After some discussions, Zhao Yan agreed to Pang Nuan to go to Chu State to lobby quickly. As long as Chu State can agree to the vertical, I believe that other countries will send troops one after another.

Li Si learned that Qu, Jing, and Zhao had frequent private exchanges, which seemed to be a secret plan, so he immediately went to discuss with Lu Buwei. Originally, Lu Buwei wanted to use Zhao Tong’s stone to make a ripple. He never thought that the stone would sink too far without seeing any waves. Thinking that the five countries are becoming more rampant, and the one after another, Lu Buwei was deeply upset, and simply decided Enter the palace three days later.

Today, above the Chu court, Huang Xiejian said that the current situation is not at fault with the common people, but with the three families of Qu, Jing, and Zhao, because too many refugees have affected farming and military strength, and excessive labor has made Chu people overwhelmed, so Had to abandon the fields and leave his hometown to flee to Qin.

Huang Xie believes that in order to solve the problem fundamentally, it is necessary to study this deeply. After Chu Wang Mi was furious, he reprimanded his officials for patronizing the hoarding of fields and occupying land, never considering going abroad. Now they are helpless when encountering major events, and he is so angry that he wants to stop the throne on the spot.

Earlier, I heard that Lu Buwei’s daughter buys the word, but I didn’t expect that no one would dare to modify the content. Li Si felt that “Lu Shi Chun Qiu” was not without problems. Even if someone saw the problem, due to the high status of the state, he still dare not dare. Squeak. Li Si was not pleased with the power of the ministers, and took the opportunity to suggest weakening the power of Lu Buwei, but the result was rejected by Ying Zheng.

Huang Xie hosted a banquet to entertain Pang Nuan, but during the banquet he did not mention the incident of conquering Qin. Pang Nuan was tasteless and left angrily. Xiang Yan hurriedly pursued and stopped Pang Nuan, saying that the three families of Qu Jingzhao had already asked Mi to get together, and believed that things would turn for the better.

The Zhangtai Palace discussion came as scheduled. Lu Buwei led the important ministers and the clan to discuss. Several people had suggestions, but none of them were advisable. Instead, Li Si came up with a good strategy and planned to fabricate Qin Guo’s overwhelming self-care due to internal troubles and spread it as a rumor Outside, and sent people to fan the flames of the old nobles of the six countries, and strengthen their heart of indulgence.

Lu Buwei agrees with this plan and is also preparing to encircle the coalition forces outside Hangu Pass. Ying Zheng felt that it would be difficult to fend off the enemy outside the customs to close the net, so he might consider introducing it into the valley. However, Lu Buwei worried that the risk would be too great. If it could not be eliminated in time, it might endanger Xianyang. Even Yingnai and others felt the same.

After the rumors were released, it was rumored that Ying Zheng was at odds with the Queen Mother Zhao Ji. Sure enough, other nations believed it to be true, especially Wei Wang Jingzeng, who entered the Qin Dynasty when he was young, and knew his tiger wolf well, so he hesitated whether to join the unity. Until Wei Zhanzi asked to go to Korea, he first looked at the attitude of Korea before making a decision. Outside the Xiangfu Gate, Zheng Huo was ordered to drive away the envoys of Han and Wei and accelerate the integration of the six countries again, only to wait for the six countries to jump into the pit and be wiped out in one fell swoop.

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