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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 28 Recap

Joining forces and becoming a great battle, the generals of Chu, Han, Wei, Zhao, and Yan gathered together to pledge blood together. But in Lantian Camp, it was a different scene. Ying Zheng, Lu Buwei and Ying Sui and others came to discuss strategies. However, Lu Buwei was determined to ambush the enemy outside Hangu Pass, so he rejected Wang Jian’s proposal to lure the enemy into deep. Plan to go to Hanguan Valley personally to lead the troops into battle.

Yingzheng had no other way. He simply went back to Xianyang City to sit and watch the battle. According to the frontline report, he learned that the Allied Forces had arrived in Quwo. Lu Buwei divided the 700,000 army into three units, of which 400,000 fell outside the pass and 100,000 guarded. The other 200,000 were led by Huanzheng and stationed in the Yin and Jin Dynasties to support both inside and outside.

Now Wang Jian is transferred to the post army’s deputy by Lu Buwei, guarding to transport grain and grass. Just as Meng Yu and Lu Buwei are discussing the enemy’s situation, suddenly there is news that Pang Nuan led his troops into Puban and has crossed the river. Meng Yu believed that there was a Great Wall to the north of Puban, and he estimated that Pang Nuan would go south along the river from Yin, Jin, and Zheng County to Xianyang.

Lu Buwei passed that Huanjuan must reject Pang Nuan’s 300,000 coalition forces from the Yin Jin Dynasty, but he did not expect that the 300,000 coalition forces entering the pass would be divided into two groups. Chunshenjun Huang Xie led his troops to attack Hangu Pass, attracting the main force of the Qin army, while Pang Nuan led the elite troops of the Allied Forces, rushing quickly, crossing the Yellow River without passing through Hangu Pass, and quickly crossing into the hinterland of Qin. If it causes a large-scale chaos in the Qin State, the coalition forces can take advantage of the situation to occupy Guanzhong and completely destroy the foundation of Qin’s dominance of the world.

Sure enough, as soon as this move came out, the Qin army was in chaos, fighting fiercely during the day and taking a break at night. The successive wheel tactics left them with only 20 arrows and a tired body. Xiang Yan led 150,000 to entangle with Huanjuan in the Yin and Jin Dynasties, while Pang Nuan and Yan Taizi Dan led 150,000 to directly attack Xianyang. Xianyang was empty, and Huanjuan divided 50,000 troops to Qiang, and ordered him to stay at the must pass to Xianyang—Mincheng.

Now the people in Xianyang City are panicking. There is a rumor that Da Qin will destroy the capital and subdue the country. The Queen Mother Huayang and the Qin people get along with each other day and night. She knows that the Qin people are stubborn, tough and will not admit defeat, so she thinks that even if the five nations’ armies are doubled, I’m afraid It is also difficult to break Xianyang.

However, the arrows transported to the city can only be held for seven days at most, so Li Si suggested that the merchants of the six countries in the city proton be detained to prevent them from continuing to spread rumors and disturb the hearts of the people. Yingzheng ordered Yingsheng to protect the empress dowager and the clan, and the hundred officials retired to Yongcheng. After hearing the word, the hundred officials would not retreat, and even many people would defend Xianyang with Yingzheng.

Qin people from counties near Xianyang rushed to the city. In order to relieve the danger of the city, Wang Jian went alone to see Ying Zheng’s advice and suggestions. He wanted to select 20,000 people from the old Qin who had been disarmed and surrendered. He also escorted grain and grass. Five thousand soldiers, with a total of 25,000 people, rushed to aid the Yin and Jin Dynasties. As long as Huanjuan can break through Xiang Yan’s entanglement in the Yin and Jin Dynasties, Xianyang’s greatest city will be assured.

Upon hearing this, Ying Zheng agreed and handed over his Sanqian Lang official to Wang Jian. Later, Wang Jian broke into the central camp where the coalition troops were stationed in Yinjin and Jin, and assisted Huanjun to rush to the city. However, waiting for Huanjuan to arrive, Mincheng Feather Arrows were already scarce, not enough to meet the enemy, everyone had to fight hand-to-hand. Wang Jian and Fan Yuqi led their troops to break through the siege, swearing to kill a bloody road, which shocked Xiang Yanguan.

At this time, the large Qin army cavalry came from a distance like Mount Tai was crushing. Not only did they succeed in besieging the enemy and saving the city, they even forced Pang Nuan to order a retreat. Seeing that he was only one step away from taking Xianyang, in the end, Have to give it back. The defeat this time was equivalent to the death sentence imposed on the Six Nations. The Five Nations Allied Forces worked in vain, and even Huang Xie and others were ambushed by the Qin army on the way back.

In an instant, countless slabs of wood were shot from both sides of the hillside, mixed with violent arrow rain, and they frequently rushed toward the coalition forces, causing the opponent to collapse. With the earth-shattering shouts and killings, there were heavy casualties on the fire battlefield. Zhang Ping and Huang Xie wanted to take the opportunity to escape, but they did not want the carriage to roll over. The two in the carriage fell heavily. The ground, only under the cover of the soldiers, fled on foot.

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