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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 29 Recap

Chu prince Ji Dan was panicked and chose his way. He never expected to meet Qin Jun. Even though he was wearing a soldier’s armor, he was directly recognized by Fan Yuqi. Not considering that Ji Dan and Yingzheng had exchanged old times, he was simply released on the spot and gifted to Liangju. Ji Dan was very moved by seeing this, so he wrote down the gift of Marx and Man.

Now that he defeated the North, Qin’s situation is growing stronger day by day, and he is proud of all countries. Zhao Yan was incompetent and furious, and then left Pang Nuan indifferently. Although he was unwilling to do anything, he still needs to consider how to protect himself; Chu is suffering from the enemy, and at the suggestion of Chunshenjun Huang Xie, the only way to move the capital to Shouchun is the Chu land; In addition, other countries such as Yan and Wei are seriously injured, and I am afraid that they will not attack Qin again within ten years.

In the city of Handan, the courtiers admired the courage and courage of Qin Wangzheng, and the Chinese people also praised him, hoping that he would take charge of the government as soon as possible and lead the Qin people to calm the world. Ying Zheng wanted to raise the matter of pro-government, so under Li Si’s arrangement, he personally hosted a banquet for the royal family, and they should always mention it.

Straw mat wood case, fat sheep Guoguo, a family banquet for the rest of my life, everyone present has their own thoughts. After the dance was over, the clan praised Zhao Ji for Yingzheng, hoping to arrange pro-government as soon as possible. Zhao Ji was very pleased for Yingzheng’s growth, but considering that Lu Buwei was in power, she simply put it aside for the time being because of the importance of the matter, and planned to inform Xiangbang to make a decision in the future.

Lu Buwei gathered with the ministers for a drink, and until the end of the night, the wine was gone, but he never expected that the huge Xiangbang Mansion could not keep anyone. This group of underprivileged scholars heard that the crowning ceremony of Qin Wangzheng was approaching, and worried that Lu Xiangbang had no real power. Even if they didn’t remember the old friendship of writing books, they should have left a bit of shame. As a result, the number one hundred and ten asked to resign, which was truly ruthless.

The next day, Zhao Jixuan Lu Buwei entered the palace and proposed to him the crowning of pro-government. He claimed to have only one son Yingzheng under his knees. He must be hoped that he will become a dragon and plan to arrange the crowning of the crown next year. Lu Buwei responded repeatedly on the surface, with mixed feelings in his heart. Hearing what Zhao Ji said, she couldn’t help thinking of her two younger sons, and she was unhappy.

The Meng family brothers informed Ying Zheng about this, and all three of them were delighted except for Li Si. Yingzheng thinking and hunting are imminent, immediately notify Qiang Yun, Wang Jian, Yang Duan and Ying Chengxun to go together.

Everyone participated in the hunting conference, and it was unexpected that they won the horse riding skills and won the prizes. It happened that a wild horse appeared on the hunting ground at this time, and Ying Zheng wanted to tame it. However, he was unable to start, and was thrown to the ground on the spot. On the contrary, he successfully surrendered. Ying Zheng repeated the lottery and rewarded him with ten altars of wine and ten carts of food and grass. Everyone danced for him. Only Lu Buwei and Li Si looked heavy.

Han Ni learned that Ying Chengyun had surrendered the wild horses, worried that it would damage King Qin’s face, and immediately urged him to dedicate the wild horses to Yingzheng. However, Ying Chengxiang is still young, simple and straightforward, and not only does not follow the words, he even rushed to the palace of the Queen Mother of Huayang.

In May, Huang, and June, Daqin showed the same party divergence that had not been seen for many years. In the past few years, Zhao Ji ruled the country and the Xiangbang ruled, and winning the clan family won less than half of the benefits. Now the clan under the banner of the people, in fact, intends to make profit for themselves, and then draw courtiers and people to support Yingzheng.

Lu Buwei has been isolated, but he believes that Li Si’s genius can become a good minister in ruling the country, otherwise he will become a traitor and bring disaster to future generations. In order to prevent Yingzheng from being deceived by others and not knowing the decision, Lu Buwei decided to take advantage of Zhao Ji’s weakness, and from it, a chess game concerning the world’s big plans was gradually formed.

When Fan Yuqi learned that Lu Buwei and Ying Zheng agreed to Mengyu’s march to attack Zhao, he looked a little greedy, and planned to recommend himself to accompany him. As soon as he left, the ministers sent Meng Yu and watched the army fly away. On the way back to the palace, the people stood by the roadside and talked a lot. Yingzheng didn’t know what they were talking about, so he sent Fan to inquire about it. Lu Buwei seemed to have known it long ago, and immediately invited Master Yao Jia to come to the mansion to narrate.

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