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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 43 Recap

As soon as Guan Zhenlei and his companions sent the patient to the hospital for emergency treatment, they received an emergency mission from a pregnant woman. Guan Zhenlei heard that it was the address of Li Bei’s house. He rushed over if he could not eat the pancakes. He saw Li Beiting as soon as he entered the door. He was sweating profusely on the sofa with his pregnant belly, and Guan Zhenlei was instantly dumbfounded. He stood still on the spot, Li Bei gently held his hand, and Guan Zhenlei woke up.

Doctor Hu gave Li Bei a simple check and found out that her condition was urgent and she was in danger of bleeding at any time. Guan Zhenlei hurriedly carried Li Bei onto a stretcher and carried Li Bei to an ambulance with his companions. Guan Zhenlei was not on the way. Stopping to talk to Li Bei, Li Bei found out that he was working as a stretcher in the 120 ambulance, and smiled with relief.

When the ambulance was halfway there, there was a serious traffic jam in front of him. Seeing Li Bei’s blood pressure dropped sharply, Guan Zhenlei hurriedly jumped out of the car to check in front. He saw two vehicles colliding, and Guan Zhenlei begged the drivers who were stuck on both sides to give way. He tried his best to push the car that caused the accident to the side, but he was too weak to push. Guan Zhenlei’s hand was stabbed and blood shed all over the ground, but he still refused to give up. The drivers came to help. Push the car aside together.

Guan Zhenlei commanded the vehicles on both sides of the road to evade and ran to the front to open a passage for the ambulance. Li Bei was sent to a nearby maternity hospital. Guan Zhenlei was exhausted. Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo witnessed what Guan Zhenlei did. For what he did, I was grateful to him and advised him to bandage the wound first. Guan Zhenlei wanted to know if the child in Li Bei’s stomach belonged to him. Su Cheng then came and learned that Li Bei’s mother and son were safe, so he hurried to go through the procedures, Guan Zhenlei Had to leave silently.

There was a pouring rain in the sky, and Guan Zhenlei stood in the rain, letting the cold rain hit him wantonly. He remembered the scenes with Li Bei. Seeing Li Bei was about to become a mother, he was anxious to beat his chest. Guan Zhenlei called Guan Yuqing overnight and wanted to invite her out for a drink. Guan Yuqing wanted to refuse. Guan Zhenlei claimed to have something to tell her, and Guan Yuqing reluctantly agreed.

Guan Yuqing came to the bar and saw that Guan Zhenlei was using wine to pour her sorrow. Guan Yuqing was both distressed and angry. Guan Zhenlei confided to her the distress in her heart. Guan Yuqing affirmed that he has made progress recently, and then kindly persuades him. Guan Yuqing admits to He was too strict, just wanting him to grow up as soon as possible, and the two brothers and sisters were relieved.

Guan Yuqing saw Xu Qingfeng waiting for her as soon as she went out. She could no longer control the grief in her heart. She threw herself into Xu Qingfeng’s arms and wailed loudly. Guan Yuqing regretted being too harsh on Guan Zhenlei and should love him in another way. Xu Qingfeng tried his best to comfort her, Guan Yuqing only relieved a little bit. Xu Qingfeng wanted to send Guan Zhenlei home. Guan Zhenlei just came out. He politely declined Xu Qingfeng’s kindness and called him his brother-in-law from the bottom of his heart. Xu Qingfeng felt very relieved.

Xu Xiulan and Gao Jianling cherish every day. They arranged the schedule to a full. Gao Jianling asked Xu Xiulan to persuade Guan Yongnian to attend the children’s wedding. Xu Xiulan called Guan Yongnian. Guan Yongnian never said a word. Xu Xiulan tried to persuade him to return. Explaining the stakes to her, Guan Yongnian can’t tell, he also wants to hold Guan Yuqing’s hand into the wedding hall, but so far, Guan Yuqing and Xu Qingfeng have not invited him.

Chen Zhijun led the team members to make unremitting efforts and finally won the top five projects in Thailand. Chen Zhijun returned home and returned to his homeland. The company boss praised him and prepared a celebration banquet for them. Chen Zhijun also heard that Lan Qiaoqiao was in Lao Wang’s The company repeated its tricks and deceived several men. They took Lan Qiaoqiao to court. Lan Qiaoqiao was tried for fraud. Chen Zhijun wanted the boss to take a few days off to deal with personal matters.

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