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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 43 Recap

Wei Xiaobao was puzzled. He had a close relationship with Mao Shiba. He did not expect him to go to the house to seek revenge. Su Quan reminded Wei Xiaobao to think about the emperor’s decree. It clearly stated that Wei Xiaobao had killed Chen Jinnan and Feng Jizhong, and Wei Xiaobao was successful. Confused and did not listen carefully, he learned the whole story and hurriedly went to Mao Shiba to explain.

Wei Xiaobao went to see Mao Shiba and made it clear that he had not been sentenced to Tiandihui, nor did he kill Chen Jinnan. Mao Shiba didn’t believe it at all, and even cursed Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao couldn’t argue with him, and wanted to take him to Zheng Keshuang to confront him. At this moment, Duolong brought the bodyguard to see Wei Xiaobao, and Wei Xiaobao reminded Mao Shiba not to make any noise to avoid being arrested.

Wei Xiaobao came to see Duolong tremblingly. Duolong was ordered to take away the anti-thief Mao Shiba. Wei Xiaobao lied that Mao Shiba was a lunatic. Duolong didn’t believe it at all. He sent someone to search for Mao Shiba and took him away on the spot. Wei Xiaobao Anxious, he tremblingly came into the palace to see the emperor, complaining that the emperor should not frame him for killing Chen Jinnan. The emperor deliberately did this to let him completely sever the relationship with the world. The emperor also sent Wei Xiaobao as the supervisor and beheaded Mao Shiba Shatou. Wei Xiaobao hurriedly knelt down to beg for mercy and bargained with the emperor. The emperor was furious and gave him a severe lesson.

The emperor asked Wei Xiaobao to take the killing of Mao Shiba to show his loyalty to him. Wei Xiaobao had to agree. The emperor also passed Wei Xiaobao not to blackmail Zheng Keshuang. Zheng Keshuang repeatedly filed complaints. Wei Xiaobao has sent people to blackmail him for several million taels of silver. Return it to Zheng Keshuang as soon as possible, and the emperor reminds him to be careful, otherwise the higher he stands, the worse he will fall.

Wei Xiaobao went out of the palace in despair. Duolong couldn’t wait to hand over the one million taels of silver bills he had asked for from Zheng Keshuang. Wei Xiaobao didn’t want to return it. Early the next morning, Zheng Keshuang and Feng Xifan came to Wei Xiaobao to collect debts, and they also brought a plaque saying “Debt Collection”. Wei Xiaobao gritted his teeth with anger. Zheng Keshuang reluctantly sneered at Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao was irritated. Unexpectedly, the emperor took pictures of Pioneer Camp. The officers and soldiers came to protect him. Wei Xiaobao didn’t buy it at all. The seven wives also supported him. Zheng Keshuang had to leave first.

Someone sent Wei Xiaobao a banner saying “Swear to kill the traitor who sells the teacher and ask for glory”. Wei Xiaobao was worried about being called for revenge. He also put on armor at home and carried a blue dragon and moon knife to protect his body. Su Quan persuaded him to eat something, Wei Xiaobao Unable to eat, Shuang’er, A Ke and others also tried to persuade them. Zheng Keshuang also sent Jiading to hang up the “Debt Collection by Order” sign at the gate of the mansion, and Wei Xiaobao gritted his teeth with anger.

Wei Xiaobao guessed that it was a blood book written by Taoist Xuanzhen and others. He took the two children to Ginkgo Hutong overnight to find them. They only allowed Wei Xiaobao to enter the door and locked them outside. Qian Laoben, Xu Tianchuan and Taoist Xuanzhen believed that Wei Xiaobao was killed. After Chen Jinnan, he yelled at him. The emperor admitted that he had killed Feng Jizhong, because he was the emperor’s eyeliner and they didn’t believe it at all, so Wei Xiaobao took them to see Zheng Keshuang.

Wei Xiaobao took a cart full of gold and silver treasures to repay Zheng Keshuang’s debts. He casually talked about the cause of Chen Jinnan’s death. Wei Xiaobao wanted to kill Zheng Keshuang and Feng Xifan to avenge Chen Jinnan. Zheng Keshuang ridiculed him and spoke badly. Feng Xifan was just about to return to the house when Xu Tianchuan With a sword killed, Wei Xiaobao hurried to take people home, worried about causing trouble.

As soon as Wei Xiaobao returned home, he received the emperor’s imperial decree and asked him to be the officer in charge of beheading Mao Shishiba. The emperor also told his seven wives and children to go to Cining Palace with his children, trying to secretly cry out and see The emperor wanted to drive him to a dead end, and he took his wife and children hostage.

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