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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 44 Recap

Wei Xiaobao asked Xuanzhen Taoist and Xu Tianchuan to pretend to be guards, and took them to the guillotine overnight to help the officers and soldiers repair the facilities here. Wei Xiaobao secretly arrested Feng Xifan and pretended to be Mao Shiba.

Wei Xiaobao came to supervise the beheading of the platform on time, Duolong was also the supervising officer. Mao Shiba was taken in. He cursed Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao ordered to verify his body. Mao Shiba repeatedly claimed that he was dizzy and did not want to see blood. Put a sleeve on his head. It was noon. Wei Xiaobao took the token and announced that Mao Shiba would be killed. The axe lifted the knife and fell. Wei Xiaobao sneezed at Duolong, and Duolong hurried down to wash his face.

The emperor was joking with Wei Xiaobao’s three children. Wei Xiaobao came back to the emperor and couldn’t wait to leave with his wife and children. The emperor confirmed that he had killed Mao Shishi. Wei Xiaobao stubbornly did not dare to look at the emperor’s eyes, and the emperor was face to face. Speaking of Feng Xifan’s disappearance inexplicably last night, Wei Xiaobao argued in every possible way, and the emperor sent him to search for Feng Xifan’s whereabouts.

Wei Xiaobao was restless to return home. Su Quan could smell the other men as soon as he entered the door. Qian Laoben, Taoist Xuanzhen and Xu Tianchuan came out from behind the screen. Wei Xiaobao walked away the seven ladies in a few words and learned that they had already taken Mao Shi. Wei Xiaobao was relieved when he was sent out of the city on the eighth day. Xu Tianchuan recommended Wei Xiaobao to be the head of the World Club. Wei Xiaobao declined in every possible way. Xu Tianchuan wanted the disciples of the World Club to follow Wei Xiaobao into the palace and kill the emperor.

Wei Xiaobao persuaded Xu Tianchuan to give up as soon as possible. The guards in the imperial palace are strict. They can’t succeed at all and will die. Xu Tianchuan wants to persuade them to leave the capital as soon as possible. Xu Tianchuan wants to get rid of the emperor. Wei Xiaobao is in a dilemma. The villain, Qian Laoben, Xu Tianchuan, and Xuanzhen Taoist persuade Wei Xiaobao to remind him not to forget that he is also a Han Chinese. Wei Xiaobao didn’t know how to choose, so the three of them agreed to wait patiently.

Wei Xiaobao was depressed and did not eat or drink, but just sat there in a daze. Princess Jianning and the others were distraught. Wei Xiaobao considered repeatedly and decided to pretend to be sick at home from tomorrow. When the emperor heard the news of Wei Xiaobao’s illness, he didn’t believe it at all. Passo Etu took the imperial doctor to see Wei Xiaobao. He saw Wei Xiaobao lying on the bed dying, sweating profusely, and his wife was crying sadly.

The imperial doctor found that Wei Xiaobao’s pulse was normal, but his blood was congested. He prescribed a prescription on the spot. Suo Etu hurried back to his life. Wei Xiaobao got off the bed covered with hot stones. Thanks to his preparation, he escaped from the imperial doctor. The inspection was fooled. Qian Laoben, came to him and Taoist Xuanzhen later, Wei Xiaobao had to do the same thing again, lying in bed and pretending to be sick, Taoist Xuanzhen gave him a pulse, and found that his whole body was hot, and hurried away with Xu Tianchuan and Taoist Qian.

A few days later, Wei Xiaobao came to see the emperor, and the emperor urged him to supervise the disappearance of Feng Xifan. Wei Xiaobao made all kinds of excuses. The emperor exposed him to Ginkgo Hutong to find people in Tiandihui, and said they forced Wei Xiaobao to assassinate him. The emperor also guessed that Wei Xiaobao was pretending to be sick and reminded him again not to step on two boats, otherwise he would not be caught in a dilemma.

The emperor thought he was a good emperor, and did not understand why the people of Tiandihui had to kill him. The emperor received the memorial of the impeachment of Wei Xiaobao by a hundred officials, and taught Wei Xiaobao severely. , The emperor asked Wei Xiaobao to find a way to block Baiguan’s mouth as soon as possible, otherwise he could do nothing.

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