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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 45 End Recap

Xu Tianchuan, Xuanzhen Taoist and Qian Laoben pretended to be officers and soldiers of the Pioneer Battalion to enter the palace with Wei Xiaobao, looking for a chance to assassinate the emperor. Wei Xiaobao advised them to give up as soon as possible. Chu, Wei Xiaobao didn’t want them to die, but they had decided.

Wei Xiaobao took Xu Tianchuan three people into the palace and found that the city gate was open and the castle tower was full of archers. Wei Xiaobao didn’t want to watch them die. He yelled at them and vowed to have nothing to do with the World Congress from now on. Wei Xiaobao threatened to order When the archer shoots arrows at the three of them, they will be beaten into a sieve, and the palace gate will be closed. Xu Tianchuan, Taoist Xuanzhen and Lao Ben Qian flee in fright.

Wei Xiaobao came to return to the emperor. The emperor had known that Xu Tianchuan and the others had already made careful preparations for the assassination. He did not expect that Wei Xiaobao would let them go. The emperor removed his title as General Fuyuan and only retained one. Waiting for the title of Duke Lu Ding, the emperor decided to tell the world that Wei Xiaobao and Tiandihui had completely broken, so as to block the mouth of Baiguan, Wei Xiaobao was dumbfounded, he was loyal to the emperor, and did not want to be with the brothers of Tiandihui As an enemy.

Wei Xiaobao was willing to be beaten up by the emperor. The emperor became angry and forced Wei Xiaobao to go to the storehouse. He pressed Wei Xiaobao step by step. Wei Xiaobao did not fight back or dodge. Wei Xiaobao was beaten with a bruised nose and swollen face. He couldn’t bear it, and fought with the emperor. The two refused to yield to each other. The fight was inextricably difficult, and it ended in Wei Xiaobao’s failure.

The emperor punished Wei Xiaobao to shake the fan for him. Wei Xiaobao endured the pain of his body and did so. The emperor calmed down. Before leaving, he reminded him to remember to come to court tomorrow. When Wei Xiaobao saw the emperor lying on the bed contentedly, he secretly made up his mind to leave the capital. . When Wei Xiaobao went out to see the guards, they turned a blind eye to Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao was instantly discouraged, looked back at the familiar palace, and left resolutely.

That night, Wei Xiaobao convened seven wives for a family meeting. They decided to learn to write and make a fuss from tomorrow. Princess Jianning couldn’t help laughing and persuaded him to give up as soon as possible. Su Quan persuaded Wei Xiaobao to resign from the emperor and resign from heaven and earth. As the master of incense, live her little life with peace of mind, Princess Jianning is not reconciled, and wants Wei Xiaobao to be a prince.

Wei Xiaobao considered repeatedly and decided to leave the capital overnight. Before leaving, he wanted to do a little bit of damage. Wei Xiaobao brought Shuang’er and Zeng Rou to the location of Tiandihui overnight, and after leading Xu Tianchuan, Qian Laoben and others, set a torch there. Burned. Princess Jianning and others packed their luggage early, and when Wei Xiaobao and the others came back to meet, the family secretly left the capital in a carriage.

Early the next morning, Duo Longlai reported to the emperor that Wei Xiaobao and his family had disappeared. The emperor was furious. He looked through Wei Xiaobao’s paintings and thought of the scenes of their past together, with mixed feelings in his heart. The emperor found the secret road leading to the outside according to the map drawn by Wei Xiaobao and forced Zhang Kangnian to jump down to see what happened.

Wei Xiaobao took his family and took the big boat all the way south, recalling that he had been tossing for so many years, and the result was nothing. He decided to wander the world.


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