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The Stage 装台 Episode 18 Plot

Before Zhang Dahu’s full feast arrived, Tie Kou began to look for money to put the table and bricks into his pocket. Then he could buy a new car. Shunzi, who was lying on the hospital bed, was still reluctant to operate. Under Sufen’s stern eyes, Shunzi finally admitted that he actually didn’t want Sufen to leave. He put his arms around his wife’s waist, clinging like a child, Sufen leaned over his ear and told him that he would not go. The husband and wife are you and me. A group of brothers came to see Shunzi with gifts and banquet meals. When asked about the current situation, they all chose to report the good and not the worry, and did not mention the behavior of the iron buckle.

The surgeon who came by riding a battery car was Dr. Xu from Chengzhong Village. He was used to perform hemorrhoid surgery in private hospitals in nearby villages. Shunzi was afraid that this quack doctor would cause the root cause of her illness. In addition, the patient screamed from the patient who had a hemorrhoid surgery in the next bed. Shunzi got up from the bed in fright and asked Sufen to ride him on three wheels and flee back. To Zhangjiatun.

After this fright, Shunzi actually felt that his illness was much better. He limped to look for the iron buckle and found his brother who was playing bricks. Shunzi’s anger suddenly came up. This awkward thing fell on her knees, and because of this, she fell ill and shouldn’t take the brothers out of her anger. The patience of Da Que’er and others has reached its peak, and the wages must be paid. Tie Kou saw that it aroused the anger of the public, and hurriedly pushed the matter over to Lao Zhang’s head, pretending to go to Zhang’s family to discuss wages and take the opportunity to escape.

This big family deserves to be a big family. People can understand the principle of not being punished if they are beaten, and they can easily give the money to Lao Zhang and the iron buckle. If the two mules in the village want to marry their relatives and want to do a big deal, the stage does not need to be demolished for the time being. The play is sung as usual, and the cost is still his big family. It is regarded as a contribution. Tie Kou and Lao Zhang divided the money when they went out. The two wages were not enough to fill Tie Kou’s appetite, and they even wanted to ask the second mule for another piece of money.

The money for installing the platform was secretly deducted by iron deductions, and only earned a few hard money for making bricks. Of course Shunzi was not happy, but the iron clasp insisted that Zhang Dahu had deducted it. He expected Shunzi and they would not dare to argue with Zhang’s family again. I took Qian Shunzi and gave them to the second generation. He has been arguing with his father recently and is also nervous, which can be regarded as helping him through a difficult situation.

The second generation smiled moved, and his usual kindness always got favor. The second-generation father came to the noodle shop. He explained that Chrysanthemum gave herself the pregnancy slip in front of the company’s staff that day, and he could only drive her away for the sake of face. Furthermore, he has finally earned the family business and is always worried that his son will be deceived. The second generation’s legs are tilted, and the true father between people does not believe it. After all, it is a word of money.

The days went by like this, and the Shunzi still kept working hard every day. But Dundun is not feeling well here. He brought a pistol home to see his father, but was thrown out with gifts. The brothers in the village all came to see the beautiful daughter-in-law brought back by Dundun. Dundun was afraid that they would take advantage. Similarly, the two sides opened the battle without saying a word. The people in this village are all martial arts, and they are all taught by a master, and no one can do it. Not recognized by Dundun’s father, the pistol simply distributed the gifts to these brothers. As long as someone in the village recognized him, their lives would go on likewise.

Dundun, who was kicked out of the house, squatted by the river gnawing on dry food, just a constant distress. Both the pistol and Dun Dun came out of the poor village, and the pistol interrupted and took Dun Dun back to his home if he couldn’t enter the home. The matter was so tricky that he couldn’t leave her alone. He asked the pistol if he really wanted to follow him forever. The pistol sneered and said that it was not enough for a lifetime to take advantage of it. He still wanted to take it for a few lifetimes.

Tiekou bought a new car with the money in his pocket, Shunzi squatted on the steps and raised the wages of Zhangjiabao’s installation. Tiekou rebuffed and unceremoniously refused, and got rid of a barren iron cock. Towards the end of the year, the Qin Opera Troupe was also preparing for a New Year’s performance. Watching Yang Bo walking towards Sufen to help fix the banner text, Da Que’er reminded Shun Zi to find a way to quit him.

Da Que’er had already seen Yang Bo. I have evil thoughts about Sufen, and I am worried about other people’s wives. But Yang Bo had saved himself after all. Shunzi remembered the experience of his first two wives, and sighed at what and what he was like, and he couldn’t keep what he should go. How can a young and energetic big queer understand the truth of being over half a hundred years old, and only think that things in life are the same as eating, whoever swallows it first.

The two police officers came to the regiment to look for iron clasps and inquired about things. The monkey followed the police all the way to tell about Zhangjiatun’s affairs. He owed the wages of the migrant workers and bought a new car, saying it was acting on his own with Sister Dan. Who can believe if you save money.

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