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Ultimate Notes (TV Series)

Introduction to Ultimate Note Online:
“Ultimate Notes” is co-directed by Zou Xi, Ma Xiaogang, and Wei Lizhou, starring Zeng Shunxi, Xiao Yuliang, Hanikezi, modern brothers Liu Yuning, Fan Ming, Wang Jinsong, Liu Xuehua specially invited starring, and Cheng Fangxu, Liu Yuhan, and Liu Ruoyan starring Youth adventure drama. The play tells a series of stories after the Genting Temple incident. Wu Xie learned from his third uncle about the hidden secrets of the Xisha Sea, and the grievances between the Warring States silk book and the old nine gates, and the story of receiving two videotapes from Qiling. .

Wu Xie, who was originally only interested in the experience of the third uncle, returned from the adventure and received a mysterious videotape and found that he was involved in a conspiracy. He explored the Golmud Sanatorium alone, and came across Zhang Qiling and others, and formed a team of six to travel together. A mysterious meteorite was accidentally found in the Palace of the Queen Mother of the West, but I didn’t want the third uncle to suddenly disappear and Zhang Qiling’s memory loss.

To help Zhang Qiling retrieve his memory, everyone explored and found that the ancient building of Zhang’s family was the key, but because of Jude Kao’s intervention end. Mrs. Huo suddenly came forward to join forces with Wu Xie and others to replicate the nine-door joint operation that year and once again went to Zhangjia Ancient Mansion to explore the truth. Unexpectedly, there was an accident in the action and everyone was in crisis. So far the mystery is unsolved, and the forces of all parties are out of balance, and Wu Xie is forced to wear a mask and pretend to be the third uncle.

Ultimate Note – 終極筆記
Directors: Zou Xi, Ma Xiaogang, Wei Lizhou
Screenwriter: Tian Liangliang, Zhang Yuanang
Broadcast date: December 10, 2020
Starring: Zeng Shunxi / Cheng Fangxu / Xiao Yuliang / Liu Yuhan / Wan Peixin / Hanikezi
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