What is Goddess Advent? Korea Drama

Goddess Advent (Drama) or True Beauty (2020) 여신강림

Adults say.
Eighteen…I am the age that shines brightly with just being.
However, reality can never shine through existence alone.
Even more in a small space called a school that cannot be free from Eopyeong.

There is a girl, Ju-kyung, who was bullied for being ugly.
Ju-kyung, who was thoroughly out on the inner and outer boundaries divided by appearance, was the
magic of makeup in order to be recognized for existence! Transforms into a goddess through

But… why aren’t you happy?
Because I am the age they love with makeup, I was the age that
was hated by everyone before makeup,
so this story is the
sad and tearful face of the 18 girls who are desperately concealed to be loved . It can be said that it is a flag.

This girl with a laughable secret meets a boy with a wound as deep as herself.
Comforting and comforting.. loving.. being loved again.
I get the courage to go back to the world where I ran away from fear.

Pleasant and warm. Through this heartbreaking, sometimes heartbreaking story
, this girl with zero self-esteem will love both her’before’ and’after’!
No more bowing your head in front of the nerdy children!
Don’t hesitate even in front of love and be proud
I want to show her growing up as a girl full of self-esteem.